Time zone configuration on MySQL on Azure

MySQL Database on Azure currently supports changing the time zone by modifying the parameter settings. To change the time zone:

  1. Sign in to the Azure Management Portal.
  2. In Configuration, select MySQL server configuration.
  3. Select time_zone.

MySQL on Azure currently defaults to using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) as the system time. You can configure offsets to update the time. For example, “+10:00” corresponds to the UTC+10 time zone, while “-06:00” corresponds to the UTC-6 time zone.

For example, if you are changing to Beijing time, you can set the time_zone parameter in the diagram below to: +08:00. Beijing time setting


Named time zones such as "Europe/Helsinki", "US/Eastern" or "MET" are not currently supported. *

See Setting MySQL Database on Azure server parameters for the specific intervals and details of other parameters.