Azure Active Directory B2B 协作授权指南Azure Active Directory B2B collaboration licensing guidance

借助 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 企业到企业 (B2B) 协作可以邀请外部用户(或“来宾用户”)使用你的付费 Azure AD 服务。With Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) business-to-business (B2B) collaboration, you can invite External Users (or "guest users") to use your paid Azure AD services. 某些功能是免费的,但是对于任何付费的 Azure AD 功能,你可以根据所拥有的用于租户中的雇员或非来宾用户的每个 Azure AD 版本许可证最多邀请五位来宾用户。Some features are free, but for any paid Azure AD features, you can invite up to five guest users for each Azure AD edition license that you own for an employee or a non-guest user in your tenant.


请参阅 Azure Active Directory 定价,了解有关 Azure AD 定价和 B2B 协作功能的详细信息。Refer to Azure Active Directory pricing for details about Azure AD pricing and B2B collaboration features.

B2B 来宾用户许可按照 5:1 的比例自动计算和报告。B2B guest user licensing is automatically calculated and reported based on the 1:5 ratio.

此外,来宾用户可以使用免费的 Azure AD 功能,而不用满足附加的许可要求。Additionally, guest users can use free Azure AD features with no additional licensing requirements. 即使你没有任何付费的 Azure AD 许可证,来宾用户也有权访问免费的 Azure AD 功能。Guest users have access to free Azure AD features even if you don’t have any paid Azure AD licenses.

示例:计算来宾用户许可证数Examples: Calculating guest user licenses

确定有多少个来宾用户需要访问付费的 Azure AD 服务之后,请确保提供足够数量的 Azure AD 付费许可证,以按所需的 1:5 比例涵盖来宾用户。Once you determine how many guest users need to access your paid Azure AD services, make sure you have enough Azure AD paid licenses to cover guest users in the required 1:5 ratio. 下面是一些示例:Here are some examples:

  • 你想要邀请 100 个来宾用户使用你的 Azure AD 应用或服务,并提供访问管理和预配功能。You want to invite 100 guest users to your Azure AD apps or services and provide access management and provisioning. 对于其中 50 位来宾用户,你还要求 MFA 和条件访问权限,因此对于这些功能,你将需要 10 个 Azure AD Premium P1 许可证。For 50 of those guest users, you also want to require MFA and Conditional Access, so for those features you'll need 10 Azure AD Premium P1 licenses.
  • 你想要邀请 60 个来宾用户,而这些用户都需要执行 MFA,因此,必须至少有 12 个 Azure AD Premium P1 许可证。You want to invite 60 guest users who all require MFA, so you must have at least 12 Azure AD Premium P1 licenses. 10 名员工有 Azure AD Premium P1 许可证,因此,根据 1:5 的许可比例,最多允许 50 个来宾用户。You have 10 employees with Azure AD Premium P1 licenses, which would allow up to 50 guest users under the 1:5 licensing ratio. 需要额外购买两个 Premium P1 许可证才能涵盖 10 个附加的来宾用户。You’ll need to purchase two additional Premium P1 licenses to cover 10 additional guest users.

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