Microsoft 标识平台 (v2.0) 概述Microsoft identity platform (v2.0) overview

Microsoft 标识平台由 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 开发人员平台演变而来。Microsoft identity platform is an evolution of the Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) developer platform. 开发人员可以通过它来生成应用程序,从而可以采用所有 Microsoft 标识登录,以及获取令牌来调用 Microsoft Graph 等 Microsoft API 或开发人员生成的 API。It allows developers to build applications that sign in all Microsoft identities and get tokens to call Microsoft APIs, such as Microsoft Graph, or APIs that developers have built. Microsoft 标识平台包括:The Microsoft identity platform consists of:

  • 符合 OAuth 2.0 和 OpenID Connect 标准的身份验证服务,使开发人员能够对任何 Microsoft 标识进行身份验证并,包括:OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect standard-compliant authentication service that enables developers to authenticate any Microsoft identity, including:
    • 工作或学校帐户(通过 Azure AD 预配的)Work or school accounts (provisioned through Azure AD)
    • 社交或本地帐户(通过 Azure AD B2C)Social or local accounts (via Azure AD B2C)
  • 开放源代码库:Microsoft 身份验证库 (MSAL),并支持其他符合标准的库Open-source libraries: Microsoft Authentication Libraries (MSAL) and support for other standards-compliant libraries
  • 应用程序管理门户:Azure 门户中内置的注册和配置体验,以及你的所有其他 Azure 管理功能。Application management portal: A registration and configuration experience built in the Azure portal, along with all your other Azure management capabilities.
  • 应用程序配置 API 和 PowerShell:允许通过 Microsoft Graph API 和 PowerShell 以编程方式配置应用程序,以便自动执行 DevOps 任务。Application configuration API and PowerShell: which allows programmatic configuration of your applications through the Microsoft Graph API and PowerShell, so you can automate your DevOps tasks.
  • 开发人员内容:概念性和参考文档、快速入门示例、代码示例、教程以及操作指南。Developer content: conceptual and reference documentation, quickstart samples, code samples, tutorials, and how-to guides.

对于开发人员而言,Microsoft 标识平台可无缝集成到标识和安全领域的创新中,例如无密码身份验证、升级身份验证和条件访问。For developers, Microsoft identity platform offers seamless integration into innovations in the identity and security space, such as passwordless authentication, step-up authentication, and Conditional Access. 你不需要自己实现这样的功能:集成了 Microsoft 标识平台的应用程序原本就可以利用这样的创新。You don’t need to implement such functionality yourself: applications integrated with the Microsoft identity platform natively take advantage of such innovations.

使用 Microsoft 标识平台,你可以编写一次代码并影响任何用户。With Microsoft identity platform, you can write code once and reach any user. 你可以构建一次应用并使其在许多平台上运行,也可以构建充当客户端以及资源应用程序 (API) 的应用。You can build an app once and have it work across many platforms, or build an app that functions as a client as well as a resource application (API).

入门Getting started

可以轻松使用标识。Working with identity doesn’t have to be hard.

选择适合你的方案 - 每个方案路径都有一个快速入门和一个概述页面,可以通过它们在几分钟内实现正常运转:Choose a scenario that applies to you— each scenario path has a quickstart and an overview page to get you up and running in minutes:

下图概述了常见的身份验证应用方案 - 将 Microsoft 标识平台与你的应用集成时,可以使用它作为参考。The following chart outlines common authentication app scenarios - use it as a reference when integrating the Microsoft identity platform with your app.

Microsoft 标识平台中的应用程序方案Application scenarios in Microsoft identity platform

后续步骤Next steps

如果要详细了解核心身份验证概念,建议你先阅读以下主题:If you’d like to learn more about core authentication concepts, we recommend you start with these topics:

构建调用 Microsoft Graph 的富数据应用程序。Build a data-rich application that calls Microsoft Graph.

当准备好在生产环境中启动你的应用后,查看以下最佳做法:When you’re ready to launch your app into a production environment, review these best practices: