Office 365 外部共享与 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2B 协作Office 365 external sharing and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2B collaboration

在 Azure AD B2B 协作和 Office 365 外部共享(OneDrive、SharePoint Online、统一组等)中,均使用 Azure AD B2B 对外部用户进行身份验证。In both Azure AD B2B collaboration and Office 365 external sharing (OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Unified Groups, etc.), external users are authenticated by using Azure AD B2B.

Azure AD B2B 与 SharePoint Online 中的外部共享有何区别?How does Azure AD B2B differ from external sharing in SharePoint Online?

OneDrive/SharePoint Online 具有单独的邀请管理器。OneDrive/SharePoint Online has a separate invitation manager. 在 Azure AD 开发其外部共享支持之前,OneDrive/SharePoint Online 中已开始支持外部共享。Support for external sharing in OneDrive/SharePoint Online started before Azure AD developed its support. 随着时间推移,OneDrive/SharePoint Online 外部共享已积累了多个功能和使用该产品的内置共享模式的数百万名用户。Over time, OneDrive/SharePoint Online external sharing has accrued several features and many millions of users who use the product's in-built sharing pattern. 但是,OneDrive/SharePoint Online 外部共享的工作方式与 Azure AD B2B 协作的工作方式之间有一些细微的差异。However, there are some subtle differences between how OneDrive/SharePoint Online external sharing works and how Azure AD B2B collaboration works. 可以在外部共享概述中详细了解 OneDrive/SharePoint Online 外部共享。You can learn more about OneDrive/SharePoint Online external sharing in External sharing overview. 该过程在以下方面通常不同于 Azure AD B2B:The process generally differs from Azure AD B2B in these ways:

  • OneDrive/SharePoint Online 在用户兑换其邀请后将用户添加到目录中。OneDrive/SharePoint Online adds users to the directory after users have redeemed their invitations. 因此,在兑换之前,在 Azure AD 门户中看不到用户。So, before redemption, you don't see the user in Azure AD portal. 如果另一个站点在此期间邀请了用户,会生成一个新的邀请。If another site invites a user in the meantime, a new invitation is generated. 但是,使用 Azure AD B2B 协作时,在邀请时会立即添加用户,以便他们显示在任何位置。However, when you use Azure AD B2B collaboration, users are added immediately on invitation so that they show up everywhere.

  • OneDrive/SharePoint Online 中的兑换体验看起来不同于 Azure AD B2B 协作中的体验。The redemption experience in OneDrive/SharePoint Online looks different from the experience in Azure AD B2B collaboration. 在用户兑换邀请后,体验看起来相似。After a user redeems an invitation, the experiences look alike.

  • 可以从 OneDrive/SharePoint Online 共享对话框选取 Azure AD B2B 协作邀请的用户。Azure AD B2B collaboration invited users can be picked from OneDrive/SharePoint Online sharing dialog boxes. OneDrive/SharePoint Online 邀请的用户在他们兑换其邀请后也会显示在 Azure AD 中。OneDrive/SharePoint Online invited users also show up in Azure AD after they redeem their invitations.

  • 许可要求不同。The licensing requirements differ. 对于每个付费 Azure AD 许可证,最多可以让 5 名来宾用户访问你的付费 Azure AD 功能。For each paid Azure AD license, you can let up to 5 guest users access your paid Azure AD features. 若要详细了解许可,请参阅 Azure AD B2B 许可SharePoint Online 外部共享概述中的“什么是外部用户?”To learn more about licensing, see Azure AD B2B licensing and "What is an external user?" in the SharePoint Online external sharing overview.

若要通过 Azure AD B2B 协作管理 OneDrive/SharePoint Online 中的外部共享,请将 OneDrive/SharePoint Online 外部共享设置设为“仅允许与组织的目录中已存在的外部用户共享”。To manage external sharing in OneDrive/SharePoint Online with Azure AD B2B collaboration, set the OneDrive/SharePoint Online external sharing setting to Allow sharing only with the external users that already exist in your organization's directory. 用户可以转到外部共享站点,从管理员已添加的外部协作者中进行选取。Users can go to externally shared sites and pick from external collaborators that the admin has added. 管理员可以通过 B2B 协作邀请 API 添加外部协作者。The admin can add the external collaborators through the B2B collaboration invitation APIs.

OneDrive/SharePoint Online 外部共享设置

启用外部共享后,默认情况下,搜索现有来宾用户的功能在 SharePoint Online (SPO) 人员选取器中处于“关闭”状态以匹配旧行为。After enabling external sharing, the ability to search for existing guest users in the SharePoint Online (SPO) people picker is OFF by default to match legacy behavior.

可使用“ShowPeoplePickerSuggestionsForGuestUsers”设置在租户和网站集级别启用此功能。You can enable this feature by using the setting 'ShowPeoplePickerSuggestionsForGuestUsers' at the tenant and site collection level. 可使用 Set-SPOTenant 和 Set-SPOSite cmdlet 设置此功能,这将允许用户搜索目录中的所有现有来宾用户。You can set the feature using the Set-SPOTenant and Set-SPOSite cmdlets, which allow members to search all existing guest users in the directory. 租户范围中的更改不会影响已经预配的 SPO 站点。Changes in the tenant scope do not affect already provisioned SPO sites.

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