Azure AD Connect:设备选项Azure AD Connect: Device options

以下文档提供了有关 Azure AD Connect 中提供的各种设备选项的信息。The following documentation provides information about the various device options available in Azure AD Connect. 可使用 Azure AD Connect 配置以下两个操作:You can use Azure AD Connect to configure the following two operations:

  • 混合 Azure AD 加入:如果环境具有本地 AD 占用情况并且希望利用 Azure AD 的优势,则可实现混合 Azure AD 加入的设备。Hybrid Azure AD join: If your environment has an on-premises AD footprint and you want the benefits of Azure AD, you can implement hybrid Azure AD joined devices. 这些设备同时加入到本地 Active Directory 和 Azure Active Directory。These devices are joined both to your on-premises Active Directory, and your Azure Active Directory.
  • 设备写回:设备写回用于在设备上启用对 AD FS(2012 R2 或更高版本)保护设备的基于条件的访问Device writeback: Device writeback is used to enable Conditional Access based on devices to AD FS (2012 R2 or higher) protected devices

在 Azure AD Connect 中配置设备选项Configure device options in Azure AD Connect

  1. 运行 Azure AD Connect。Run Azure AD Connect. 在“其他任务”页中,选择“配置设备选项”。In the Additional tasks page, select Configure device options. 单击“下一步” 。Click Next. 配置设备选项Configure device options

    “概述”页显示详细信息。The Overview page displays the details. 概述Overview


    新的配置设备选项仅在版本 1.1.819.0 及较新版本中可用。The new Configure device options is available only in version 1.1.819.0 and newer.

  2. 为 Azure AD 提供凭据后,可以选择要在“设备选项”页上执行的操作。After providing the credentials for Azure AD, you can chose the operation to be performed on the Device options page. 设备操作Device operations

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