Azure AD 联合身份验证兼容性列表Azure AD federation compatibility list

Azure Active Directory 为 Microsoft 365 和其他 Microsoft Online 服务提供增强的应用程序访问安全性,以便在不需要任何第三方解决方案的情况下实施混合部署和仅限云的部署。Azure Active Directory provides enhanced application access security for Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft Online services for hybrid and cloud-only implementations without requiring any third-party solution. 与大多数 Microsoft Online 服务一样,Microsoft 365 可与 Azure Active Directory 集成,以利用目录服务、身份验证和授权。Microsoft 365, like most of Microsoft’s Online services, is integrated with Azure Active Directory for directory services, authentication, and authorization.

IDP 验证IDP Validation

如果组织使用第三方联合解决方案,则可使用 Microsoft 365 等 Microsoft Online 服务为本地 Active Directory 用户配置单一登录,前提是第三方联合解决方案可与 Azure Active Directory 兼容。If your organization uses a third-party federation solution, you can configure single sign-on for your on-premises Active Directory users with Microsoft Online services, such as Microsoft 365, provided the third-party federation solution is compatible with Azure Active Directory. 有关兼容性的问题,请联系标识提者。For questions regarding compatibility, please contact your identity provider. 若想查看经 Microsoft 测试发现与 Azure AD 兼容的标识提供者列表,请参阅 Azure AD 标识提供程序兼容性文档If you would like to see a list of identity providers who have previously been tested for compatibility with Azure AD, by Microsoft, see Azure AD identity provider compatibility docs.


Microsoft 不再提供验证测试来验证独立标识提者与 Azure Active Directory 是否兼容。Microsoft no longer provides validation testing to independent identity providers for compatibility with Azure Active Directory. 若想测试产品的互操作性,请参阅这些指南If you would like to test your product for interoperability please refer to these guidelines.

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