Azure AD Connect 同步:再次运行安装向导Azure AD Connect sync: Running the installation wizard a second time

首次运行 Azure AD Connect 安装向导时,该向导将逐步引导配置安装。The first time you run the Azure AD Connect installation wizard, it walks you through how to configure your installation. 如果再次运行安装向导,它会提供维护选项。If you run the installation wizard again, it offers options for maintenance.


请注意,正在进行同步时,无法运行安装向导。Be aware that you cannot run the installation wizard while a synchronization is in progress. 请在启动向导之前验证同步是否未运行。Please verify that a synchronization is not running before launching the wizard.

可以在“开始”菜单中找到名为 Azure AD Connect的安装向导。You can find the installation wizard in the start menu named Azure AD Connect.


启动安装向导时,会看到包含以下选项的页:When you start the installation wizard, you see a page with these options:


如果已使用 Azure AD Connect 安装 ADFS,则会有更多选项。If you have installed ADFS with Azure AD Connect, you have even more options. ADFS 管理中记录了可用于 ADFS 的其他选项。The additional options you have for ADFS are documented in ADFS management.

请选择其中一项任务,然后单击“下一步” 继续。Select one of the tasks and click Next to continue.


打开安装向导时,同步引擎中的所有操作都会挂起。While you have the installation wizard open, all operations in the sync engine are suspended. 请确保在完成配置更改后,立即关闭安装向导。Make sure you close the installation wizard as soon as you have completed your configuration changes.

查看当前配置View current configuration

使用此选项可快速查看当前配置的选项。This option gives you a quick view of your currently configured options.


单击“上一步” 可以回退。Click Previous to go back. 如果选择“退出” ,将关闭安装向导。If you select Exit, you close the installation wizard.

自定义同步选项Customize synchronization options

此选项可用于更改同步配置。This option is used to make changes to the sync configuration. 会在自定义配置安装路径中看到一部分选项。You see a subset of options from the custom configuration installation path. 即使最初使用的是快速安装,也会看到此选项。You see this option even if you used express installation initially.

初始安装中的其他选项既无法更改,也不能使用。The other options from the initial installation cannot be changed and are not available. 这些选项包括:These options are:

  • 更改用于 userPrincipalName 和 sourceAnchor 的属性。Change the attribute to use for userPrincipalName and sourceAnchor.
  • 更改不同林中对象的联接方法。Change the joining method for objects from different forest.
  • 启用基于组的筛选。Enable group-based filtering.

刷新目录架构Refresh directory schema

如果已更改其中一个本地 AD DS 林中的架构,则应使用此选项。This option is used if you have changed the schema in one of your on-premises AD DS forests. 例如,可能已安装 Exchange,或升级到包含设备对象的 Windows Server 2012 架构。For example, you might have installed Exchange or upgraded to a Windows Server 2012 schema with device objects. 在这种情况下,需指示 Azure AD Connect 从 AD DS 再次读取架构并更新其缓存。In this case, you need to instruct Azure AD Connect to read the schema again from AD DS and update its cache. 此操作还会重新生成同步规则。This action also regenerates the Sync Rules. 举例来说,如果添加 Exchange 架构,配置中就会添加 Exchange 的同步规则。If you add the Exchange schema, as an example, the Sync Rules for Exchange are added to the configuration.

选择此选项时,会列出配置中的所有目录。When you select this option, all the directories in your configuration are listed. 可以保留默认设置,并刷新所有林或取消选择其中某些林。You can keep the default setting and refresh all forests or unselect some of them.


配置暂存模式Configure staging mode

使用此选项可启用和禁用服务器上的暂存模式。This option allows you to enable and disable staging mode on the server. 暂存模式及其使用方式的详细信息可在操作中找到。More information about staging mode and how it is used can be found in Operations.

此选项显示暂存模式当前是已启用还是已禁用:The option shows if staging is currently enabled or disabled:

若要更改状态,请选择此选项,并选中或取消选中复选框。To change the state, select this option and select or unselect the checkbox.

更改用户登录Change user sign-in

通过此选项,可将用户登录方式改为密码哈希同步或联合。This option allows you to change the user sign-in method to and from password hash sync or federation. 但不能更改为“不配置” 。You cannot change to do not configure.

有关此选项的详细信息,请参阅用户登录For more information on this option, see user sign-in.

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