Azure AD Connect:有关实例的特殊注意事项Azure AD Connect: Special considerations for instances

Azure AD Connect 最常用于全球范围内的 Azure AD 和 Office 365 实例。Azure AD Connect is most commonly used with the world-wide instance of Azure AD and Office 365. 但也有其他实例,这些实例对 URL 具有不同的要求并且具有其他的特殊注意事项。But there are also other instances and these have different requirements for URLs and other special considerations.

德国 Microsoft 云Microsoft Cloud Germany

德国 Microsoft 云是由德国数据信托运营的最高等级的云。The Microsoft Cloud Germany is a sovereign cloud operated by a German data trustee.

Azure 政府版云Azure Government cloud

Azure 政府版云是用于美国政府的云。The Azure Government cloud is a cloud for US government.

后续步骤Next steps

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