在 Privileged Identity Management 中延期或续订 Azure 资源角色分配Extend or renew Azure resource role assignments in Privileged Identity Management

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Privileged Identity Management (PIM) 提供相应的控件用于管理 Azure 资源的访问和分配生命周期。Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Privileged Identity Management (PIM) provides controls to manage the access and assignment lifecycle for Azure resources. 管理员可以使用开始和结束日期时间属性分配角色。Administrators can assign roles using start and end date-time properties. 当分配结束时间即将到来时,Privileged Identity Management 会向受影响的用户或组发送电子邮件通知。When the assignment end approaches, Privileged Identity Management sends email notifications to the affected users or groups. 此外,它还向资源管理员发送电子邮件通知,确保能够保持相应的访问权限。It also sends email notifications to administrators of the resource to ensure that appropriate access is maintained. 即使访问权限未延期,分配也可以续订,并在长达 30 天内以过期状态保持可见。Assignments might be renewed and remain visible in an expired state for up to 30 days, even if access is not extended.

谁可以延期和续订?Who can extend and renew?

只有资源管理员可以延期或续订角色分配。Only administrators of the resource can extend or renew role assignments. 受影响的用户或组可以请求延期即将过期的角色,以及请求续订已过期的角色。The affected user or group can request to extend roles that are about to expire and request to renew roles that are already expired.

何时发送通知?When are notifications sent?

对于在 14 天内过期的角色,Privileged Identity Management 会在过期前的一天向管理员和受影响用户或组发送电子邮件通知。Privileged Identity Management sends email notifications to administrators and affected user or groups of roles that are expiring within 14 days and one day prior to expiration. 分配正式过期后,会额外发送一封电子邮件。It sends an additional email when an assignment officially expires.

当即将过期或已过期的角色的用户或组请求延期或续订时,管理员会收到通知。Administrators receive notifications when a user or group assigned an expiring or expired role requests to extend or renew. 当特定管理员解决请求时,做出决定(批准或拒绝)的其他所有管理员会收到通知。When a specific administrator resolves the request, all other administrators are notified of the resolution decision (approved or denied). 然后,发出请求的用户或组会收到决定结果。Then the requesting user or group is notified of the decision.

延期角色分配Extend role assignments

以下步骤概述了请求、解决或管理角色分配延期或续订的过程。The following steps outline the process for requesting, resolving, or administering an extension or renewal of a role assignment.

自我延期即将过期的分配Self-extend expiring assignments

分配到某个角色的用户或组可以直接通过资源的“我的角色”页上的“符合条件”或“活动”选项卡,或者通过 Privileged Identity Management 门户的顶级“我的角色”页延期即将过期的角色分配。用户或组可以请求延期在后续 14 天过期的符合条件且处于活动状态(已分配)的角色。 Users or groups assigned to a role can extend expiring role assignments directly from the Eligible or Active tab on the My roles page of a resource and from the top level My roles page of the Privileged Identity Management portal.Users or groups can request to extend eligible and active (assigned) roles that expire in the next 14 days.

“Azure 资源 - 我的角色”页,其中列出了带有“操作”列的符合条件角色

如果分配结束日期时间在 14 天内,则“延期”按钮将在用户界面中变为有效链接。 When the assignment end date-time is within 14 days, the button to Extend becomes an active link in the user interface. 以下示例假设当前日期为 3 月 27 日。In the following example, assume the current date is March 27.


若要请求延期此角色分配,请选择“延期”打开请求窗体。 To request an extension of this role assignment, select Extend to open the request form.


若要查看有关原始分配的信息,请展开“分配详细信息”。 To view information about the original assignment, expand Assignment details. 输入延期请求的原因,然后选择“延期”。 Enter a reason for the extension request, and then select Extend.


我们建议详细说明为何有必要延期,以及要同意延期多久(如果知道此信息)。We recommend including the details of why the extension is necessary, and for how long the extension should be granted (if you have this information).


片刻之后,资源管理员会收到一封电子邮件通知,要求他们审阅延期请求。In a matter of moments, resource administrators receive an email notification requesting that they review the extension request. 如果已提交延期请求,门户中会显示一条 Azure 通知。If a request to extend has already been submitted, an Azure notification appears in the portal.


转到“挂起的请求”页查看请求状态或取消请求。 Go to the Pending requests page to view the status of your request or to cancel it.

“Azure 资源 - 挂起的请求”页,其中列出任何挂起的请求和“取消”链接

管理员批准的延期Admin approved extension

当用户或组提交延期角色分配的请求时,资源管理员会收到一封电子邮件通知,其中包含原始分配的详细信息,以及请求的原因。When a user or group submits a request to extend a role assignment, resource administrators receive an email notification that contains the details of the original assignment and the reason for the request. 此通知还包含一个直接链接,让管理员批准或拒绝该请求。The notification includes a direct link to the request for the administrator to approve or deny.

除了使用电子邮件中的链接以外,管理员还可以通过转到 Privileged Identity Management 管理门户,并从左窗格中选择“审批请求”来批准或拒绝请求。 In addition to using following the link from email, administrators can approve or deny requests by going to the Privileged Identity Management administration portal and selecting Approve requests in the left pane.

“Azure 资源 - 审批请求”页,其中列出请求和“批准”或“拒绝”链接

当管理员选择“批准”或“拒绝”时,将显示请求的详细信息,同时会显示一个字段,让管理员提供审核日志的业务理由。 When an Administrator selects Approve or Deny, the details of the request are shown, along with a field to provide a business justification for the audit logs.


批准延期角色分配的请求时,资源管理员可以选择新的开始日期和结束日期以及分配类型。When approving a request to extend role assignment, resource administrators can choose a new start date, end date, and assignment type. 如果管理员希望提供受限的访问权限来完成特定的任务(例如,一天的访问权限),则可能需要更改分配类型。Changing assignment type might be necessary if the administrator wants to provide limited access to complete a specific task (one day, for example). 在此示例中,管理员可将分配从“符合条件”更改为“活动”。 In this example, the administrator can change the assignment from Eligible to Active. 这意味着,他们可为请求者提供访问权限,而无需让请求者激活。This means they can provide access to the requestor without requiring them to activate.

管理员发起的延期Admin initiated extension

如果分配到某个角色的用户未请求角色分配延期,管理员可以代表该用户延期分配。If a user assigned to a role doesn't request an extension for the role assignment, an administrator can extend an assignment on behalf of the user. 角色分配的管理延期不需要审批,但在完成角色延期后,系统会向其他所有管理员发送通知。Administrative extensions of role assignment do not require approval, but notifications are sent to all other administrators after the role has been extended.

若要延期角色分配,请浏览到 Privileged Identity Management 中的资源角色或分配视图。To extend a role assignment, browse to the resource role or assignment view in Privileged Identity Management. 找到需要延期的分配。Find the assignment that requires an extension. 在操作列中选择“延期”。 Then select Extend in the action column.

“Azure 资源 - 分配”页,其中列出了带有“延期”链接的符合条件角色

续订角色分配Renew role assignments

续订已过期角色分配的过程虽然在概念上与请求延期的过程类似,但两者确实存在差异。While conceptually similar to the process for requesting an extension, the process to renew an expired role assignment is different. 分配和管理员可根据需要,使用以下步骤来续订对已过期角色的访问权限。Using the following steps, assignments and administrators can renew access to expired roles when necessary.


不再能够访问资源的用户可以访问最长 30 天的已过期分配历史记录。Users who can no longer access resources can access up to 30 days of expired assignment history. 为此,他们可以浏览到左窗格中的“我的角色”,并在 Azure 资源角色部分选择“已过期的角色”选项卡。 To do this, they browse to My Roles in the left pane, and then select the Expired roles tab in the Azure resource roles section.

“我的角色”页 -“已过期的角色”选项卡

显示的角色列表默认为“符合条件的角色”。 The list of roles shown defaults to Eligible roles. 使用下拉菜单在“符合条件”与“活动”分配角色之间切换。Use the drop-down menu to toggle between Eligible and Active assigned roles.

若要请求续订列表中的任何角色分配,请选择“续订”操作。 To request renewal for any of the role assignments in the list, select the Renew action. 然后提供请求原因。Then provide a reason for the request. 建议提供持续时间和任何附加的上下文或业务理由,以帮助资源管理员做出批准或拒绝的决定。It's helpful to provide a duration in addition to any additional context or a business justification that can help the resource administrator decide to approve or deny.


提交请求后,系统会通知资源管理员收到了一个续订角色分配的待定请求。After the request has been submitted, resource administrators are notified of a pending request to renew a role assignment.

管理员审批Admin approves

资源管理员可以通过电子邮件通知中的链接,或者在 Azure 门户中访问 Privileged Identity Management 并从左窗格中选择“审批请求”,来访问续订请求。 Resource administrators can access the renewal request from the link in the email notification or by accessing Privileged Identity Management from the Azure portal and selecting Approve requests from the left pane.

“Azure 资源 - 审批请求”页,其中列出请求和“批准”或“拒绝”链接

当管理员选择“批准”或“拒绝”时,将显示请求的详细信息,同时会显示一个字段,让管理员提供审核日志的业务理由。 When an administrator selects Approve or Deny, the details of the request are shown along with a field to provide a business justification for the audit logs.


批准续订角色分配的请求时,资源管理员必须输入新的开始日期和结束日期以及分配类型。When approving a request to renew role assignment, resource administrators must enter a new start date, end date, and assignment type.

管理员续订Admin renew

资源管理员可以通过资源左侧导航菜单中的“成员”选项卡,续订已过期的角色分配。 Resource administrators can renew expired role assignments from the Members tab in the left navigation menu of a resource. 他们也可以在资源角色的“已过期角色”选项卡中续订已过期的角色分配。 They can also renew expired role assignments from within the Expired roles tab of a resource role.

若要查看所有已过期角色分配的列表,请在“成员”屏幕中选择“已过期角色”。 To view a list of all expired role assignments, on the Members screen, select Expired roles.

“Azure 资源 - 成员”页,其中列出了带有“续订”链接的已过期角色

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