Azure Active Directory 报告延迟Azure Active Directory reporting latencies

延迟是 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 报告数据在 Azure 门户中显示所需的时间。Latency is the amount of time it takes for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) reporting data to show up in the Azure portal. 本文列出了不同类型报告的预期延迟。This article lists the expected latency for the different types of reports.

活动报表Activity reports

有两种类型的活动报告:There are two types of activity reports:

  • 登录 - 提供有关托管应用程序的使用情况和用户登录活动的信息Sign-ins - Provides information about the usage of managed applications and user sign-in activities
  • 审核日志 - 提供有关用户和组、托管应用程序和目录活动的系统活动信息Audit logs - Provides system activity information about users and groups, managed applications and directory activities

下表列出了活动报表的延迟信息。The following table lists the latency information for activity reports.


延迟 (95%) 是指报告 95% 的日志所用的时间,延迟 (99%) 是指报告 99% 的日志所用的时间。Latency (95th percentile) refers to the time by which 95% of the logs will be reported, and Latency (99th percentile) refers to the time by which 99% of the logs will be reported.

报表Report 延迟 (95%)Latency (95th percentile) 延迟 (99%)Latency (99th percentile)
审核日志Audit logs 2 分钟2 mins 5 分钟5 mins
登录Sign-ins 2 分钟2 mins 5 分钟5 mins

获得高级许可证后多久可看见活动数据?How soon can I see activities data after getting a premium license?

如果已经拥有免费许可证的活动数据,则可在升级时立即看到这些数据。If you already have activities data with your free license, then you can see it immediately on upgrade. 升级到高级许可证后,如果没有任何数据,则需要在一到两天后,数据才会显示在报告中。If you don’t have any data, then it will take one or two days for the data to show up in the reports after you upgrade to a premium license.

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