Azure 多重身份验证对我而言有什么用途?What does Azure Multi-Factor Authentication mean for me?

假设 IT 部门的某位同事或者你的老板向你发送了一封电子邮件,指出他们已对你的帐户添加了附加的安全验证。So, you have gotten an email from someone in IT or your boss saying that they have added additional security verification to your account. 那么,这是什么意思呢?So what does this mean?

不要担心。Not to worry. 你的组织只是想要采取一些额外的措施,来确保使用你帐户登入的是你本人。Your organization simply wants to take extra steps to ensure that you are who you say you are when signing in. 可以通过使用用户名、密码和电话的组合实现此验证。This verification is done by using a combination of your user name and password and a phone.

因此,要做的第一件事就是完成注册过程。So the first thing you need to do is complete the registration process. 但是,在开始执行该过程之前,还需要决定几件事情。But before we start that process there are a few things to decide.

  • 通过办公电话还是手机 - 选择是使用办公电话还是手机。Office phone or mobile phone - Choose between using your office phone or your mobile phone.
  • 通过手机通话、短信还是移动应用 - 如果使用手机,请选择是接听电话、接收短信还是使用移动应用。Mobile phone call, text, or mobile app - If using a mobile phone, choose between receiving a call, a text, or using the mobile app.
  • 使用移动应用中的通知还是验证码 - 如果使用移动应用,请选择是要接收需要回复的通知还是验证码。Mobile app with a notification or verification code - If using the mobile app, choose between receiving a notification that you respond to or a verification code.


公司支持人员可能会禁用上述一个或多个选项。Your company support may disable one or more of these options. 如果是这样,这些选项在注册过程中将不可用。If so, those options will not be available during the registration process.

现在,已经确定验证方法,可以开始注册了。Now that you have decided on your verification method, it's time to register. 使用设置体验链接开始逐步完成注册过程。Use the Setup Experience link to get started with a walk-through on the enrollment process.

如何使用双重验证How to get going with two-step verification

选择这些主题之一以开始。Select one of these topics to get started.

主题Topic 说明Description
设置体验Setup Experience 介绍第一次设置多重身份验证的过程。Describes the process of setting up multi-factor authentication for the first time.
登录体验Sign-in experience 说明使用各种方法(例如电话或应用)登录时可以预期的情况。Shows what you can expect from signing in using the various methods such as phone or app.
更改设置Changing your settings 说明如何更改设置,例如电话号码或首选注册方法。Shows you how you can change your settings such as phone number or preferred enrollment method.
使用移动应用Use the mobile app Microsoft Authenticator 应用可用于 AndroidiOSThe Microsoft Authenticator app is available for Android and iOS.