Azure Active Directory 中的 Microsoft 帐户的登录选项Sign-in options for Microsoft accounts in Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 的 Microsoft 365 登录页支持工作或学校帐户和 Microsoft 帐户,但会根据用户的情况采取具体的支持措施。The Microsoft 365 sign-in page for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) supports work or school accounts and Microsoft accounts, but depending on the user's situation, it could be one or the other or both. 例如,Azure AD 登录页支持:For example, the Azure AD sign-in page supports:

  • 接受从两类帐户登录的应用Apps that accept sign-ins from both types of account
  • 接受来宾的组织Organizations that accept guests


若要确定组织使用的登录页是否支持 Microsoft 帐户,可以查看用户名字段中的提示文本。You can tell if the sign-in page your organization uses supports Microsoft accounts by looking at the hint text in the username field. 如果提示文本指出了“电子邮件、手机或 Skype”,则登录页支持 Microsoft 帐户。If the hint text says "Email, phone, or Skype", the sign-in page supports Microsoft accounts.


其他登录选项仅适用于个人 Microsoft 帐户,而不能用于登录到工作或学校帐户资源。Additional sign-in options work only for personal Microsoft accounts but can't be used for signing in to work or school account resources.

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