Linkerd 是一种易于使用的轻型服务网格。Linkerd is an easy to use and lightweight service mesh.


Linkerd 提供了由超轻 Linkerd 专用代理挎斗组成的数据平面。Linkerd provides a data plane that is composed of ultralight Linkerd specialised proxy sidecars. 这些智能代理控制进出网格应用和工作负荷的所有网络流量。These intelligent proxies control all network traffic in and out of your meshed apps and workloads. 代理还通过 Prometheus 指标终结点公开指标。The proxies also expose metrics via Prometheus metrics endpoints.

控制平面通过以下组件管理配置和聚合遥测:The control plane manages the configuration and aggregated telemetry via the following components:

  • 控制器 - 提供用于驱动 Linkerd CLI 和仪表板的 api。Controller - Provides api that drives the Linkerd CLI and Dashboard. 为代理提供配置。Provides configuration for proxies.

  • 点击 - 对请求和响应建立实时监视。Tap - Establish real-time watches on requests and responses.

  • 标识 - 提供允许在服务之间使用 mTLS 的标识和安全功能。Identity - Provides identity and security capabilities that allow for mTLS between services.

  • Web - 提供 Linkerd 仪表板。Web - Provides the Linkerd dashboard.

下面的体系结构关系图演示了数据平面和控制平面内的各种组件如何交互。The following architecture diagram demonstrates how the various components within the data plane and control plane interact.

Linkerd 组件和体系结构概述。

选择条件Selection criteria

在为工作负荷评估 Linkerd 时,请务必了解并考虑以下方面:It's important to understand and consider the following areas when evaluating Linkerd for your workloads:

设计原理Design principles

以下设计原则指导 Linkerd 项目:The following design principles guide the Linkerd project:

  • 保持简单 - 必须易于使用和理解。Keep it Simple - Must be easy to use and understand.

  • 最大程度地减少资源需求 - 将性能和资源成本降至最低。Minimize Resource Requirements - Impose minimal performance and resource cost.

  • 只是工作 - 不中断现有应用程序,也不需要复杂的配置。Just Work - Don't break existing applications and don't require complex configuration.


Linkerd 提供了以下一组功能:Linkerd provides the following set of capabilities:

  • 网格 - 内置调试选项Mesh - built in debugging option

  • 流量管理 - 拆分、超时、重试、流入量Traffic Management - splitting, timeouts, retries, ingress

  • 安全性 - 加密 (mTLS),证书每 24 小时自动轮换一次Security - encryption (mTLS), certificates autorotated every 24 hours

  • 可观测性 - 黄金指标、点击、跟踪、服务配置文件和每路由指标、带有拓扑图的 Web 仪表板、prometheus、grafanaObservability - golden metrics, tap, tracing, service profiles and per route metrics, web dashboard with topology graphs, prometheus, grafana


Linkerd 非常适合以下方案,建议将 Linkerd 用于以下方案:Linkerd is well suited to and suggested for the following scenarios:

  • 易于使用,仅包含基本的一组功能需求Simple to use with just the essential set of capability requirements

  • 低延迟、低开销,重点关注可观测性和简单流量管理Low latency, low overhead, with focus on observability and simple traffic management

后续步骤Next steps

以下文档介绍如何在 Azure Kubernetes 服务 (AKS) 上安装 Linkerd:The following documentation describes how you can install Linkerd on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS):

还可以进一步探索 Linkerd 的功能和体系结构:You can also further explore Linkerd features and architecture: