Azure Cross-Region Migration Playbook

This document provides guidance that you may find helpful as you migrate your workloads from one Azure region to another.

Migration Asessment Tool

Due to Azure China's sovereign cloud nature, its migration and expansion are complex in terms of Internet environment and policy.Users can use open source projects Asessment Tool to assess the source service and configuration consistency between environment and the objective environment and estimate the cost of migration.

Migration assessment tool is used for:

  • Understand consistency of service and configuration between the source and destination environments
  • Estimate operating costs in the destination environment
  • Generate comprehensive evaluation reports for decisions and work plans
  • Get migration tool recommendations and video guidelines

When using the migration assessment tool, users need to log in and enter subscription information for the assessment to view the assessment report. The migration guide has been engineering validated and provides a step-by-step video guide for major Azure resource migrations.The main resources include virtual machine, storage, virtual network, database, Web application, and Azure Cosmos DB.

Migration Planning Tool

Migration planning tools are used for:

  • Understand dependencies before deployed resources
  • Plan the migration sequence of resources according to their dependencies
  • Estimate the migration time based on the order in which the resources are migrated


The migration plan generated by the migration tool cannot be directly used for resource migration and needs to be discussed and finalized with the customer's architect and development team.

Currently, Azure does not provide automation tools for generating migration plans. Azure MSP partners provide relevant tools for customers to choose. Please refer to partner selection for product description.

Migration Guidance and Tools

The resources and services must be migrated sequentially according to the migration plan finally confirmed by the customer.

Partner Solutions and Services

Microsoft certified Azure MSP partners can provide Azure customers with a complete one-stop cross-region migration service.Please refer to the section Partner solutions and services for detailed introduction.