Azure Functions 运行时概述(预览版)Azure Functions Runtime Overview (preview)


Azure Functions 运行时预览版 2 仅支持版本 1.x 的 Azure Functions 运行时。The Azure Functions Runtime preview 2 supports only version 1.x of the Azure Functions runtime. 此预览功能不会更新为支持运行时版本 2.x 和更高版本,也没有计划在将来更新。This preview feature is not being updated to support version 2.x and higher of the runtime, and no future updates are planned.

Azure Functions 运行时(预览版)提供了一种新方法供你用来在本地利用 Azure Functions 编程模型的简单性和灵活性。The Azure Functions Runtime (preview) provides a new way for you to take advantage of the simplicity and flexibility of the Azure Functions programming model on-premises. Azure Functions 运行时基于与 Azure Functions 相同的开源代码根而构建,并且部署在本地来提供与云服务几乎完全相同的部署体验。Built on the same open source roots as Azure Functions, Azure Functions Runtime is deployed on-premises to provide a nearly identical development experience as the cloud service.

Azure Functions 运行时预览版门户

Azure Functions 运行时提供了一种方法供你用来在提交到云之前体验 Azure Functions。The Azure Functions Runtime provides a way for you to experience Azure Functions before committing to the cloud. 这样,构建的代码资产可以在迁移时随你迁移到云。In this way, the code assets you build can then be taken with you to the cloud when you migrate. 运行时还提供了新选择,例如使用本地计算机的备用计算能力在夜间运行批处理。The runtime also opens up new options for you, such as using the spare compute power of your on-premises computers to run batch processes overnight. 还可以使用组织中的设备来有条件地向本地和云中的其他系统发送数据。You can also use devices within your organization to conditionally send data to other systems, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Azure Functions 运行时由两部分组成:The Azure Functions Runtime consists of two pieces:

  • Azure Functions 运行时管理角色Azure Functions Runtime Management Role
  • Azure Functions 运行时辅助角色Azure Functions Runtime Worker Role

Azure Functions 管理角色Azure Functions Management Role

Azure Functions 管理角色提供了用于管理本地 Functions 的宿主。The Azure Functions Management Role provides a host for the management of your Functions on-premises. 此角色执行以下任务:This role performs the following tasks:

  • 托管 Azure Functions 管理门户,该门户与你在 Azure 门户中看到的是同一个。Hosting of the Azure Functions Management Portal, which is the same one you see in the Azure portal. 该门户提供一致的体验,可让你以在 Azure 门户中的相同方式来开发函数。The portal provides a consistent experience that lets you develop your functions in the same way as you would in the Azure portal.
  • 将函数分布到多个 Functions 辅助角色中。Distributing functions across multiple Functions workers.
  • 提供发布终结点,以便可以直接通过下载和导入发布配置文件从 Microsoft Visual Studio 发布函数。Providing a publishing endpoint so that you can publish your functions direct from Microsoft Visual Studio by downloading and importing the publishing profile.

Azure Functions 辅助角色Azure Functions Worker Role

Azure Functions 辅助角色部署在 Windows 容器中,它是执行函数代码的地方。The Azure Functions Worker Roles are deployed in Windows Containers and are where your function code executes. 可以在整个组织中部署多个辅助角色,此选项是客户可以利用备用计算能力的主要方式。You can deploy multiple Worker Roles throughout your organization and this option is a key way in which customers can make use of spare compute power. 许多组织中存在备用计算能力的一个示例是一直通电但很长时间未使用的计算机。One example of where spare compute exists in many organizations is machines powered on constantly but not being used for large periods of time.

最低要求Minimum Requirements

若要开始使用 Azure Functions 运行时,必须具有运行 Windows Server 2016 或 Windows 10 Creators Update 且能够访问 SQL Server 实例的计算机。To get started with the Azure Functions Runtime, you must have a machine with Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10 Creators Update with access to a SQL Server instance.

后续步骤Next Steps

安装 Azure Functions 运行时预览版Install the Azure Functions Runtime preview