Azure Functions 定价Azure Functions pricing

Azure Functions 有三种定价计划。Azure Functions has three kinds of pricing plans. 请选择最适合自己的那种:Choose the one that best fits your needs:

  • 消耗计划:Azure 提供了所有必要的计算资源。Consumption plan: Azure provides all of the necessary computational resources. 你不必担心资源管理,只需为你的代码运行的时间付费。You don't have to worry about resource management, and only pay for the time that your code runs.

  • 高级计划:你指定多个预热实例,这些实例始终处于联机状态,并随时可以立即响应。Premium plan: You specify a number of pre-warmed instances that are always online and ready to immediately respond. 函数运行时,Azure 会提供所需的任何其他计算资源。When your function runs, Azure provides any additional computational resources that are needed. 你需要为持续运行的预热实例以及在 Azure 缩放应用时使用的任何其他实例付费。You pay for the pre-warmed instances running continuously and any additional instances you use as Azure scales your app in and out.

  • 应用服务计划:将函数像 Web 应用一样运行。App Service plan: Run your functions just like your web apps. 如果已对其他应用程序使用应用服务,可以按相同的计划运行你的函数,不用另外付费。If you use App Service for your other applications, your functions can run on the same plan at no additional cost.

有关托管计划的详细信息,请参阅 Azure Functions 托管计划比较For more information about hosting plans, see Azure Functions hosting plan comparison. 完整的定价详细信息可在 Functions 定价页中找到。Full pricing details are available on the Functions Pricing page.