Application Insights 中的更多遥测More telemetry from Application Insights

将 Application Insights 添加到 ASP.NET 代码后,可执行一些操作来获取更多遥测。After you have added Application Insights to your ASP.NET code, there are a few things you can do to get even more telemetry.

操作Action 用户所得What you get
(IIS 服务器)在每台服务器计算机上安装状态监视器(IIS servers) Install Status Monitor on each server machine.
(Azure Web 应用)在 Web 应用的 Azure 控制面板中,打开“Application Insights”边栏选项卡。(Azure web apps) In the Azure control panel for the web app, open the Application Insights blade.
性能计数器Performance counters
异常 - 详细的堆栈跟踪Exceptions - detailed stack traces
将 JavaScript 代码片段添加到网页。Add the JavaScript snippet to your web pages 页面性能,浏览器异常,AJAX 性能。Page performance, browser exceptions, AJAX performance. 自定义客户端遥测。Custom client-side telemetry.
创建可用性 Web 测试Create availability web tests 当站点不可用时接收警报Get alerts if your site becomes unavailable
确保 buildinfo.config 由 MSBuild 生成Ensure buildinfo.config is generated by MSBuild 生成批注指标图表Build annotations in metric charts
写入自定义事件和指标Write custom events and metrics 对业务活动和指标进行计数,跟踪详细使用情况等。Count business events and metrics, track detailed usage, and more.