Azure 门户中已弃用的磁盘指标Disk metrics deprecation in the Azure portal

已弃用的磁盘相关指标很快就会从 Azure 门户中删除。Deprecated disk-related metrics will soon be removed from the Azure portal. 我们已提供每个已弃用指标的新版本供你使用。A new version of each deprecated metric is available for you to use. 本文介绍哪些指标是新的,以及如何更新指标警报以使用新指标。This article shows you which metrics are new and how to update your metric alerts to use them.

新指标列表List of new metrics

此表列出了每个已弃用的指标及其对应的新指标。This table maps each deprecated metric to it's corresponding new metric.

已弃用的指标Deprecated metric 新(替代)指标New (replacement) metric
数据磁盘 QD(已弃用)Data Disk QD (Deprecated) 数据磁盘队列深度(预览版)Data Disk Queue Depth (Preview)
数据磁盘读取字节数/秒(已弃用)Data Disk Read Bytes/Sec (Deprecated) 数据磁盘读取字节数/秒(预览版)Data Disk Read Bytes/Sec (Preview)
数据磁盘读取操作数/秒(已弃用)Data Disk Read Operations/Sec (Deprecated) 数据磁盘读取操作数/秒(预览版)Data Disk Read Operations/Sec (Preview)
数据磁盘写入字节数/秒(已弃用)Data Disk Write Bytes/Sec (Deprecated) 数据磁盘写入字节数/秒(预览版)Data Disk Write Bytes/Sec (Preview)
数据磁盘写入操作数/秒(已弃用)Data Disk Write Operations/Sec (Deprecated) 数据磁盘写入操作数/秒(预览版)Data Disk Write Operations/Sec (Preview)
OS QD(已弃用)OS QD (Deprecated) OS 队列深度(预览版)OS Queue Depth (Preview)
OS 读取字节数/秒(已弃用)OS Read Bytes/Sec (Deprecated) OS 读取字节数/秒(预览版)OS Read Bytes/Sec (Preview)
OS 读取操作数/秒(已弃用)OS Read Operations/Sec (Deprecated) OS 读取操作数/秒(预览版)OS Read Operations/Sec (Preview)
OS 写入字节数/秒(已弃用)OS Write Bytes/Sec (Deprecated) OS 写入字节数/秒(预览版)OS Write Bytes/Sec (Preview)
OS 写入操作数/秒(已弃用)OS Write Operations/Sec (Deprecated) OS 写入操作数/秒(预览版)OS Write Operations/Sec (Preview)

迁移指标警报中的指标Migrate metrics in your metric alerts

更新指标警报以使用新指标。Update your metric alerts to use new metrics.

  1. 在 Azure 门户中搜索“警报”。In the Azure portal, search for Alerts. 然后,在“服务”部分选择“警报”。 Then, in the Services section, choose Alerts.

    警报服务Alert service

  2. 在“警报”页中,选择“管理警报规则”按钮。 In the Alerts page, choose the Manage Alert Rules button.

    管理预警规则Manage alert rules

  3. 在“资源组”下拉列表中选中“虚拟机”复选框,在“信号类型”下拉列表中选中“指标”复选框。 In the Resource group drop-down list, select the Virtual Machines checkbox, and in the Signal type drop-down-list, select the Metrics checkbox.

    筛选警报Filter alerts

  4. 在指标列表中,识别与磁盘相关的条件。In the list of metrics, identify conditions that relate to disks. 单击规则的名称。Click the name of the rule.

    该名称将作为超链接显示在表的“名称”列中。The name appears as a hyperlink in the Name column of the table.

    查找磁盘条件Find disk conditions

  5. 在“规则管理”页的“条件”部分,单击警报的条件。 In the Conditions section of the Rules management page, click the condition of the alert.

    条件将以超链接的形式显示。The condition appears as a hyperlink.

    调整条件Adjust conditions

    此时会显示“配置信号逻辑”页,条件的设置将显示在该页的“警报逻辑”部分。 The Configure signal logic page appears and the settings of the condition appear in the Alert logic section of that page.

  6. 请记下这些设置,因为它们在删除已弃用的指标后会消失。Make a record of these settings as they'll disappear when you remove the deprecated metric.

    条件规则Condition rules


    请考虑抓取这些设置的屏幕截图,或将其捕获到文本文件中。Consider capturing these settings in a screenshot or in a text file.

  7. 单击“返回信号选择页”链接。Click the Back to signal selection link.

    返回信号选择Back to signal selection

  8. 在“配置信号逻辑”页上,选择适当的替代指标(新指标)。In the Configure signal logic page, choose the appropriate replacement metric (new metric). 使用本文前面提供的表格来识别新指标的名称。Use the table that appears earlier in this article to identity the name of the new metric.


    开始在搜索栏中键入内容,以缩小指标名称列表的搜索范围。Begin typing in the search bar to narrow the list of metric names.

    选择新指标Choose new metric

  9. 选择“完成”按钮。Choose the Done button.

    设置新指标Set new metric

  10. 选择“保存”按钮提交更改。Commit your changes by choosing the Save button.

    保存新指标Save new metric