Azure 网络性能监视器的定价变化Pricing changes for Azure Network Performance Monitor

我们听取了客户的反馈,最近已针对 Azure 中的各种监视服务推出了新的定价体验We have listened to your feedback and recently introduced a new pricing experience for various monitoring services across Azure.

以下各部分介绍了 NPM 组件的定价变化。The following sections explain the pricing changes for the NPM components.

性能监视器Performance Monitor

在旧模型中如何计收性能监视器的使用费?How was usage of Performance Monitor billed in the old model?

NPM 的计费基于以下两个组件的用量和消耗量:The billing for NPM was based on the usage and consumption of two components:

  • 节点:所有综合事务都在节点上发起和终结。Nodes: All synthetic transactions originate and terminate at the nodes. 节点也称为代理或 Microsoft 管理代理。Nodes are also referred to as agents or Microsoft Management Agents.
  • Data:各种网络测试的结果存储在 Log Analytics 工作区中。Data: The results of the various network tests are stored in the Log Analytics workspace.

在旧模型中,帐单是根据节点数和生成的数据量计算的。Under the old model, the bill was computed based on the number of nodes and the volume of data generated.

在新模型中如何计收性能监视器的使用费?How is usage of Performance Monitor charged under the new model?

NPM 中的性能监视器功能现在根据以下各项的组合计费:The Performance Monitor feature in NPM is now billed based on a combination of:

  • 监视的子网链接Subnet links monitored
  • 数据量Data volume

什么是子网链接?What is a subnet link?

性能监视器监视网络中两个或更多个位置之间的连接。Performance Monitor monitors connectivity between two or more locations on the network. 一个子网中的一组节点或代理与另一个子网中的一组节点之间的连接称为子网链接。The connection between a group of nodes or agents on one subnet, and a group of nodes on another subnet, is called a subnet link.

我有两个子网(A 和 B),并且每个子网包含多个代理。性能监视器监视从子网 A 中所有代理到子网 B 中所有代理的连接。是否根据子网间的连接数计费?I have two subnets (A and B), and I have several agents on each subnet. Performance Monitor monitors connectivity from all agents on subnet A to all agents on subnet B. Will I be charged based on the number of inter-subnet connections?

否。No. 计费时,从子网 A 到子网 B 的所有连接将统一合并成一个子网链接。For billing purposes, all connections from subnet A to subnet B are grouped together into one subnet link. 只会计收一个连接的费用。You're billed for a single connection. 性能监视器继续监视每个子网中各个代理之间的连接。Performance Monitor continues to monitor connectivity between various agents on each subnet.

监视子网链接的费用是多少?What are the costs for monitoring a subnet link?

有关监视单个子网链接需要支付的整月成本,请参阅 Ping Mesh 部分。For the cost of monitoring a single subnet link for the entire month, see the Ping Mesh section.

如何对性能监视器生成的数据收费?What are the charges for data that Performance Monitor generates?

Log Analytics 的定价页上的“数据引入”部分中提供了针对引入(将数据上传到 Azure Monitor 的 Log Analytics 工作区,以及数据处理和编制索引)收取的费用。The charge for ingestion (data upload to Log Analytics workspace in Azure Monitor, processing, and indexing) is available on the pricing page for Log Analytics, in the Data Ingestion section. 定价页上的“数据保留”部分中还提供了针对数据保留(即,在第一个月后,根据客户选项保留数据)收取的费用。The charge for data retention (that is, data retained at customer's option, beyond the first month) is also available on the pricing page, in the Data Retention section.

ExpressRoute 监视器ExpressRoute Monitor

ExpressRoute 监视器的使用费是多少?What are the charges for usage of ExpressRoute Monitor?

ExpressRoute 监视器的费用根据监视期间生成的数据量计费。Charges for ExpressRoute Monitor are billed based on the volume of data generated during monitoring. 有关详细信息,请参阅“如何对性能监视器生成的数据收费?”For more information, see "What are the charges for data that Performance Monitor generates?"

我使用 ExpressRoute 监视器来监视多条 ExpressRoute 线路。费用是否根据监视的线路数来计收?I use ExpressRoute Monitor to monitor multiple ExpressRoute circuits. Am I charged based on the number of circuits being monitored?

我们不会根据线路数或对等互连类型(例如专用对等互连、Microsoft 对等互连)来计费,You are not charged based on either the number of circuits or the type of peering (for example, private peering, Microsoft peering). 而是根据数据量计费,如前所述。You are charged based on the volume of data, as explained previously.

当 ExpressRoute 监视单条线路时,生成的数据量有多大?What is the volume of data generated when ExpressRoute monitors a single circuit?

当 ExpressRoute 监视专用对等连接时,每月生成的数据量如下:The volume of data generated per month, when ExpressRoute monitors a private peering connection, is as follows:

百分位数Percentile 数据/月 (MB)Data/month (MB)
50th50th 192192
60th60th 256256
70th70th 360360
80th80th 498498
90th90th 870870
95th95th 15601560

根据上表,位于第 50 百分位的客户需要支付 192 MB 数据的费用。According to this table, customers at the 50th percentile pay for 192 MB of data. 根据第一个月的价格 2.30 美元/GB,监视线路产生的费用是 0.43 美元 (192 * 2.30 / 1024)。At USD $2.30/GB for the first month, the cost incurred for monitoring a circuit is USD $0.43 (= 192 * 2.30 / 1024).

数据量出现差异有哪些原因?What are some reasons for variations in the volume of data?

生成的监视数据量取决于若干因素,例如:The volume of monitoring data generated depends on several factors, such as:

  • 代理数。Number of agents. 代理数增加时,容错准确性也会提高。The accuracy of fault isolation increases with an increase in the number of agents.
  • 网络中的跃点数。Number of hops on the network.
  • 源与目标之间的路径数。Number of paths between the source and the destination.

(上表中)位于较高百分位的客户通常从其本地网络中的多个有利位置监视其线路。Customers at the higher percentiles (in the preceding table) usually monitor their circuits from several vantage points on their on-premises network. 此外,多个代理会放置在网络中远离服务提供商边缘路由器的更深层位置。Multiple agents are also placed deeper in the network, farther from the service provider edge router. 代理通常放置在数据中心的多个用户站点、分支和机架中。The agents are often placed at several user sites, branches, and racks in datacenters.

服务终结点监视器Service Endpoint Monitor

服务终结点监视器的使用费是多少?What are the charges for usage of Service Endpoint Monitor?

服务终结点监视器的使用费根据以下因素计算:Charges for usage of Service Endpoint Monitor are computed based on:

  • 连接数Number of connections
  • 数据量Volume of data

什么是连接?What is a connection?

连接是在整个月份中,从单个代理测试对一个终结点(URL 或网络服务)的访问能力。A connection is a test of reachability to one endpoint (URL or network service) from a single agent for the entire month. 例如,从三个代理监视 的连接构成了三个连接。For example, monitoring a connection to from three agents constitutes three connections.

服务终结点监视器的费用是多少?What are the costs for Service Endpoint Monitor?

请参阅连接监视部分,了解监视终结点的整月费用。Refer to the Connection Monitoring section for the cost of monitoring an endpoint for the entire month. Log Analytics 的定价页上的“数据引入”部分中提供了数据费用。The charge for data is available on the pricing page for Log Analytics, in the Data Ingestion section.


Log Analytics 定价常见问题解答:常见问题解答部分提供了有关免费层、每个节点的定价和其他定价详细信息。Log Analytics Pricing FAQ: The FAQ section has information on free tier, per node pricing and other pricing details.