Azure Monitor 视图设计器到工作簿转换选项Azure Monitor view designer to workbooks conversion options

视图设计器是 Azure Monitor 的一项功能,它让你能够创建自定义视图,帮助你通过图表、列表和时间线将 Log Analytics 工作区中的数据可视化。View designer is a feature of Azure Monitor that allows you to create custom views to help you visualize data in your Log Analytics workspace, with charts, lists, and timelines. 这些元素已逐步淘汰,取而代之的是除这些功能外还可提供其他功能的工作簿。They are being phased out and replaced with workbooks which provide additional functionality. 本文比较了这两者之间的基本概念,以及用于将视图转换为工作簿的选项。This article compares fundamental concepts between the two and options for converting views to workbooks.

基本工作簿设计Basic workbook designs

视图设计器具有固定的静态表示形式,而工作簿可以自由地包含和修改数据的表示方式。View designer has a fixed static style of representation, while workbooks enable freedom to include and modify how the data is represented. 下图描绘了两个示例,说明了在转换视图时如何排列工作簿。The images below depict two examples of how you might arrange workbooks when converting views.

垂直工作簿 垂直Vertical workbook Vertical

选项卡式工作簿 数据类型分布选项卡 随时间推移的数据类型选项卡Tabbed workbook Data type distribution tab Data types over time tab

磁贴转换Tile conversion

视图设计器使用概览磁贴功能来表示和汇总总体状态。View designer uses the overview tile feature to represent and summarize the overall state. 它们以七个磁贴表示,既有数字也有图表。These are represented in seven tiles, ranging from numbers to charts. 在工作簿中,用户可以创建类似的可视化效果,并将其固定,类似于概览磁贴的原始样式。In workbooks, users can create similar visualizations and pin them to resemble the original style of overview tiles.


查看仪表板转换View dashboard conversion

视图设计器磁贴通常由两部分组成:一个可视化对象和一个与可视化对象中的数据相匹配的列表,例如环形和列表磁贴。View designer tiles typically consist of two sections, a visualization and a list that matches the data from the visualization, for example the Donut & List tile.


使用工作簿,用户可以选择对视图的一个或两个部分进行查询。With workbooks, we allow the user to choose to query one or both sections of the view. 在工作簿中构建查询是一个简单的两步过程。Formulating queries in workbooks is a simple two-step process. 首先,通过查询生成数据;其次,数据将呈现为可视化效果。First, the data is generated from the query, and second, the data is rendered as a visualization. 下面是一个示例,演示如何在工作簿中重新创建此视图:An example of how this view would be recreated in workbooks is as follows:


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