Azure 中继端口设置Azure Relay port settings

下表描述 Azure 中继端口值的所需配置。The following table describes the required configuration for port values for Azure Relay.

混合连接Hybrid Connections

混合连接在端口 443 上结合使用 WebSocket 和 TLS,作为仅使用 HTTPS 的基础传输机制。Hybrid Connections uses WebSockets on port 443 with TLS as the underlying transport mechanism, which uses HTTPS only.

WCF 中继WCF Relays

绑定Binding 传输安全Transport Security 端口Port
BasicHttpRelayBinding 类(客户端)BasicHttpRelayBinding Class (client) Yes HTTPSHTTPS
BasicHttpRelayBinding 类(服务)BasicHttpRelayBinding Class (service) 任一个Either 9351/HTTP9351/HTTP
NetEventRelayBinding 类(客户端)NetEventRelayBinding Class (client) Yes 9351/HTTPS9351/HTTPS
"" No 9350/HTTP9350/HTTP
NetEventRelayBinding 类(服务)NetEventRelayBinding Class (service) 任一个Either 9351/HTTP9351/HTTP
NetTcpRelayBinding 类(客户端/服务)NetTcpRelayBinding Class (client/service) 任一个Either 5671/9352/HTTP(9352/9353,如果使用混合)5671/9352/HTTP (9352/9353 if using hybrid)
NetOnewayRelayBinding 类(客户端)NetOnewayRelayBinding Class (client) Yes 9351/HTTPS9351/HTTPS
"" No 9350/HTTP9350/HTTP
NetOnewayRelayBinding 类(服务)NetOnewayRelayBinding Class (service) 任一个Either 9351/HTTP9351/HTTP
WebHttpRelayBinding 类(客户端)WebHttpRelayBinding Class (client) Yes HTTPSHTTPS
WebHttpRelayBinding 类(服务)WebHttpRelayBinding Class (service) 任一个Either 9351/HTTP9351/HTTP
WS2007HttpRelayBinding 类(客户端)WS2007HttpRelayBinding Class (client) Yes HTTPSHTTPS
WS2007HttpRelayBinding 类(服务)WS2007HttpRelayBinding Class (service) 任一个Either 9351/HTTP9351/HTTP

后续步骤Next steps

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