Azure SQL Edge 安全合作伙伴Azure SQL Edge security partners

本文重点介绍使用安全解决方案的 Microsoft 合作伙伴公司,通过使用 Azure SQL Edge 为 IoT Edge 部署提供端到端安全解决方案。This article highlights Microsoft partners companies with security solutions to provide end to end security solutions for your IoT Edge deployments using Azure SQL Edge.

安全合作伙伴Security partners

PartnerPartner 说明Description 链接Links
DH2i DH2i 采用一种创新的全新方法,通过使组织能够使用其软件定义的外围 (SDP) 始终安全和始终可用的 IT 基础结构来实现网络连接。DH2i takes an innovative new approach to networking connectivity by enabling organizations with its Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Always-Secure and Always-On IT Infrastructure. 用于 IoT 的 DxOdyssey 将其扩展到边缘设备,从而允许从边缘设备到数据中心和云的无缝访问。DxOdyssey for IoT extends this to edge devices, allowing seamless access from the edge devices to the data center and cloud. 此 SDP 模块可在 x64 和 arm64 体系结构的容器中的任何 IoT 设备上运行。This SDP module runs on any IoT device in a container on x64 and arm64 architecture. 启用后,组织可以在设备和中心之间创建应用程序级别的安全专用隧道,而无需 VPN 或公开公共的开放端口。Once enabled, organizations can create secure, private application-level tunnels between devices and hubs without the requirement of a VPN or exposing public, open ports. 此 SDP 模块是专门为 IoT 用例而构建的,其中边缘设备必须与任何其他设备、资源、应用程序或云进行通信。This SDP module is purpose-built for IoT use cases where edge devices must communicate with any other devices, resources, applications, or clouds. 最低硬件要求:Linux x64 和 arm64 OS,1 GB RAM,100 MB 存储空间Minimum hardware requirements: Linux x64 and arm64 OS, 1 GB of RAM, 100 Mb of storage 网站市场文档支持Website Marketplace Documentation Support

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