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Azure 允许你使用内置的 SQL Server 映像部署虚拟机 (VM)。Azure allows you to deploy a virtual machine (VM) with an image of SQL Server built in. 本文汇总了 Azure 虚拟机上的 SQL Server 的最新版本中与新功能和改进相关的文档更改。This article summarizes the documentation changes associated with new features and improvements in the recent releases of SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.

2021 年 3 月March 2021

更改Changes 详细信息Details
性能最佳做法刷新Performance best practices refresh 我们已经重写、刷新并更新了性能最佳做法文档,将一篇文章拆分为包含以下内容的系列:清单VM 大小指南存储指南收集基线说明We've rewritten, refreshed, and updated the performance best practices documentation, splitting one article into a series that contain: a checklist, VM size guidance, Storage guidance, and collecting baseline instructions.


更改Changes 详细信息Details
Azure SQL 系列Azure SQL family Azure 虚拟机上的 SQL Server 现在是 Azure SQL 产品系列的一部分。SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines is now a part of the Azure SQL family of products. 查看我们的新外观Check out our new look! 产品未发生任何更改,更改文档是为了使 Azure SQL 产品决策更为容易。Nothing has changed in the product, but the documentation aims to make the Azure SQL product decision easier.
分布式网络名称 (DNN)Distributed network name (DNN) Windows Server 2016+ 上的 SQL Server 2019 现在以预览版形式支持使用分布式网络名称而非 Azure 负载均衡器将流量路由到故障转移群集实例 (FCI)。SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server 2016+ is now previewing support for routing traffic to your failover cluster instance (FCI) by using a distributed network name rather than using Azure Load Balancer. 此支持简化了连接到 Azure 中的高可用性 (HA) 解决方案的操作。This support simplifies and streamlines connecting to your high-availability (HA) solution in Azure.
使用 Azure 共享磁盘的 FCIFCI with Azure shared disks 现在可以使用 Azure 共享磁盘部署故障转移群集实例 (FCI)It's now possible to deploy your failover cluster instance (FCI) by using Azure shared disks.
重新组织的 FCI 文档Reorganized FCI docs 为了清晰明了,有关 Azure VM 上 SQL Server 的故障转移群集实例的文档已重新编写并重新组织。The documentation around failover cluster instances with SQL Server on Azure VMs has been rewritten and reorganized for clarity. 我们已拆分了一些配置内容,例如群集配置最佳做法、如何为 SQL Server FCI 准备虚拟机,以及 Azure 负载均衡器配置方法。We've separated some of the configuration content, like the cluster configuration best practices, how to prepare a virtual machine for a SQL Server FCI, and how to configure Azure Load Balancer.
AG 的 DNNDNN for AG 你现在可以为 SQL Server 2019 CU8 及更高版本配置分布式网络名称 (DNN) 侦听器来替换传统的 VNN 侦听器,这样就不再需要使用 Azure 负载均衡器。You can now configure a distributed network name (DNN) listener) for SQL Server 2019 CU8 and later to replace the traditional VNN listener, negating the need for an Azure Load Balancer.


更改Changes 详细信息Details
性能优化的存储配置Performance-optimized storage configuration 现在,在创建新的 SQL Server VM 时,可实现完全自定义存储配置You can now fully customize your storage configuration when creating a new SQL Server VM.
适用于 FCI 的高级文件共享Premium file share for FCI 现在可使用高级文件共享而非存储空间直通原始方法来创建故障转移群集实例。You can now create a failover cluster instance by using a Premium file share instead of the original method of Storage Spaces Direct.
Azure 专用主机Azure Dedicated Host 可在 Azure 专用主机上运行 SQL Server VM。You can run your SQL Server VM on Azure Dedicated Host.
将 SQL Server VM 迁移到其他区域SQL Server VM migration to a different region 使用 Azure Site Recovery 将 SQL Server VM 从一个区域迁移到另一个区域Use Azure Site Recovery to migrate your SQL Server VM from one region to another.
Azure 门户中的新 SQL Server VM 管理New SQL Server VM management in the Azure portal 现在有一种方法可以管理 Azure 门户中的 SQL Server VM。There's now a way to manage your SQL Server VM in the Azure portal. 有关详细信息,请参阅在 Azure 门户中管理 SQL Server VMFor more information, see Manage SQL Server VMs in the Azure portal.
扩展了对 SQL Server 2008 和 2008 R2 的支持Extended support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 通过“按原样”迁移到 Azure VM,扩展对 SQL Server 2008 和 SQL Server 2008 R2 的支持Extend support for SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 by migrating as is to an Azure VM.
门户增强功能Portal enhancement 改进了 Azure 门户的 SQL Server VM 部署体验,从而提高了可用性。The Azure portal experience for deploying a SQL Server VM has been revamped to improve usability. 有关详细信息,请参见简要的快速入门和更详尽的操作指南,以部署 SQL Server VM。For more information, see the brief quickstart and more thorough how-to guide to deploy a SQL Server VM.

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