什么是 Azure Stack 开发工具包 (ASDK)?What is the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK)?

Azure Stack Hub 集成系统的大小范围为 4 到 16 个节点,由硬件合作伙伴和 Azure 共同提供支持。Azure Stack Hub integrated systems range in size from 4-16 nodes, and are jointly supported by a hardware partner and Azure. 使用 Azure Stack Hub 集成系统可为生产工作负荷启用新方案。Use Azure Stack Hub integrated systems to enable new scenarios for your production workloads. 如果你是 Azure Stack Hub 操作员,想要管理集成系统基础结构并提供服务,请参阅我们的操作员文档If you're an Azure Stack Hub operator who manages the integrated systems infrastructure and offers services, see our operator documentation.

ASDK 用于对 Azure Stack Hub 进行单节点部署,可以免费下载和使用。The ASDK is a single-node deployment of Azure Stack Hub that you can download and use for free. 所有 ASDK 组件都安装在单个主计算机上运行的虚拟机 (VM) 中,该计算机必须满足或超过最低硬件要求All ASDK components are installed in virtual machines (VMs) running on a single host computer that must meet or exceed the minimum hardware requirements. ASDK 旨在提供一个环境,你可以在其中评估 Azure Stack Hub,并在非生产环境中使用与 Azure 一致的 API 和工具开发新型应用。The ASDK is meant to provide an environment in which you can evaluate Azure Stack Hub and develop modern apps using APIs and tooling consistent with Azure in a non-production environment.


不应在生产环境中使用 ASDK 或为其提供支持。The ASDK isn't intended to be used or supported in a production environment.

由于所有 ASDK 组件都部署到单个主计算机,因此可用的物理资源有限。Because all of the ASDK components are deployed to a single host computer, there are limited physical resources available. 进行 ASDK 部署时,Azure Stack Hub 基础结构 VM 和租户 VM 共存于同一服务器计算机上。With ASDK deployments, both the Azure Stack Hub infrastructure VMs and tenant VMs coexist on the same server computer. 此配置不应用于规模或性能评估。This configuration isn't intended for scale or performance evaluation.

ASDK 旨在为以下人员提供 Azure 一致性混合云体验:The ASDK is designed to provide an Azure-consistent hybrid cloud experience for:

  • 管理员(Azure Stack Hub 操作员):ASDK 是适用于评估和了解可用 Azure Stack Hub 服务的资源。Administrators (Azure Stack Hub Operators): The ASDK is a great resource to evaluate and learn about the available Azure Stack Hub services.
  • 开发人员:ASDK 可以用来在本地(开发/测试环境)开发混合应用或新型应用。Developers: The ASDK can be used to develop hybrid or modern apps on-premises (dev/test environments). 这种灵活性提供了在 Azure Stack Hub 产品部署之前或部署时开发体验的可重复性。This flexibility offers repeatability of development experience before, or alongside, Azure Stack Hub production deployments.

ASDK 和多节点 Azure Stack Hub 的差异ASDK and multi-node Azure Stack Hub differences

单节点 ASDK 部署与多节点 Azure Stack Hub 部署在几个重要方面有所不同:Single-node ASDK deployments differ from multi-node Azure Stack Hub deployments in a few important ways:

说明Description ASDKASDK 多节点 Azure Stack HubMulti-node Azure Stack Hub
缩放Scale 所有组件都安装在一个单节点服务器计算机上。All components are installed on a single-node server computer. 大小范围为 4-16 节点。Can range in size from 4-16 nodes.
复原能力Resilience 单节点配置不提供高可用性Single-node configuration doesn't provide high availability 支持高可用性功能。High availability capabilities are supported.
联网Networking ASDK 主机路由所有 ASDK 网络流量。The ASDK host routes all ASDK network traffic. 无其他切换要求。There are no additional switch requirements. 需要在多节点部署中使用更复杂的网络路由基础架构,包括架顶 (TOR)、基板管理控制器 (BMC) 和边界(数据中心网络)交换机。More complex network routing infrastructure in multi-node deployments is necessary including Top-Of-Rack (TOR), Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), and border (datacenter network) switches.
修补和更新过程Patch and update process 若要改用新版 ASDK,必须在 ASDK 主计算机上重新部署 ASDK。To move to a new version of the ASDK, you must redeploy the ASDK on the ASDK host computer. 修补和更新过程用于更新已安装的 Azure Stack Hub 版本。Patch and update process used to update the installed Azure Stack Hub version.
支持Support MSDN Azure Stack 论坛。MSDN Azure Stack forum. Azure 支持不适用于非生产环境。Azure Support is not available for non-production environments. MSDN Azure Stack 论坛和完全支持。MSDN Azure Stack forum and full support.

了解可用的服务Learn about available services

作为 Azure Stack Hub 操作员,你需要了解哪些服务可以提供给用户。As an Azure Stack Hub Operator, you need to know which services you can make available to your users. Azure Stack Hub 支持部分 Azure 服务,而随着时间的推移,受支持服务的列表会不断变化。Azure Stack Hub supports a subset of Azure services and the list of supported services will continue to evolve over time.

基本服务Foundational services

默认情况下,在部署 ASDK 时,Azure Stack Hub 包含以下“基本服务”:By default, Azure Stack Hub includes the following "foundational services" when you deploy the ASDK:

  • 计算Compute
  • 存储Storage
  • 网络Networking
  • 密钥保管库Key Vault

有了这些基本服务,在向用户提供基础结构即服务 (IaaS) 时就可以尽量减少配置。With these foundational services, you can offer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) to your users with minimal configuration.

其他服务Additional services

目前支持下述额外的平台即服务 (PaaS) 服务:Currently, the following additional Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) services are supported:

  • 应用服务App Service
  • Azure FunctionsAzure Functions
  • SQL 和 MySQL 数据库SQL and MySQL databases


这些服务在提供给用户之前,需要进行额外的配置,并且不是在安装 ASDK 时默认提供的。These services require additional configuration before you can make them available to your users and aren't available by default when you install the ASDK.

后续步骤Next steps

若要开始评估 Azure Stack Hub,需要先下载最新 ASDK 并准备 ASDK 主计算机。To get started evaluating Azure Stack Hub, you need to first download the latest ASDK and prepare the ASDK host computer. 然后,可以安装 ASDK 并登录到管理员和用户门户以开始使用 Azure Stack Hub。Then you can install the ASDK and sign in to the admin and user portals to start using Azure Stack Hub.