使用 Azure 备份来备份 Windows ServerUse Azure Backup to back up Windows Servers

适用于:Azure Stack HCI 版本 20H2;Windows Server 2019Applies to: Azure Stack HCI, version 20H2; Windows Server 2019

Windows Admin Center 简化了将 Windows Server 备份到 Azure 的过程。Windows Admin Center streamlines backing up Windows Servers to Azure. 此过程还可防止意外或恶意删除以及损坏,甚至可以防止勒索软件。The process also protects you from accidental or malicious deletions, corruption, and even ransomware. 若要自动进行设置,请将 Windows Admin Center 连接到 Azure 以使用 Azure 备份服务。To automate setup, you connect Windows Admin Center to Azure to use the Azure Backup service.

本文介绍了如何从 Windows Admin Center 配置 Azure 备份,以及为服务器卷和 Windows 系统状态创建备份策略。This article shows you how to configure Azure Backup, and create a Backup policy for server volumes and Windows System State from Windows Admin Center. 本指南适用于将 Azure Stack HCI 操作系统上的虚拟机 (VM) 中运行的工作负载备份到 Azure。The guidance is intended for backing up workloads running in virtual machines (VMs) on the Azure Stack HCI operating system to Azure.

若要详细了解 Azure 与 Windows Admin Center 的集成,请参阅将 Windows Server 连接到 Azure 混合服务To learn more about Azure integration with Windows Admin Center, see Connecting Windows Server to Azure hybrid services.

Azure 备份如何与 Windows Admin Center 协同工作How Azure Backup works with Windows Admin Center

Azure 备份是可以用来在 Azure 中备份、保护和还原数据的一项服务。Azure Backup is a service that you can use to back up, protect, and restore your data in Azure. Azure 备份将现有的本地或异地备份解决方案替换为可靠、安全且性价比高的基于云的解决方案。Azure Backup replaces either existing on-premises or off-premises backup solutions with a cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and cost-competitive.

若要了解详细信息,请参阅什么是 Azure 备份服务?To learn more, see What is the Azure Backup service?

Azure 备份提供多个组件,可将其下载并部署到适当的计算机、服务器或云中。Azure Backup offers multiple components that you download and deploy on the appropriate computer, server, or in the cloud. 依据要保护的内容选择部署的组件或代理。The component, or agent, that you deploy depends on what you want to protect. 无论你是要保护本地数据还是 Azure 中数据,都可以使用所有 Azure 备份组件将数据备份到 Azure 的恢复服务保管库中。All Azure Backup components can back up data to a Recovery Services vault in Azure, no matter whether you're protecting data on-premises or in Azure.

Azure 备份与 Windows Admin Center 的集成非常适用于备份本地 Windows Server 或虚拟服务器的卷和 Windows 系统状态。Azure Backup integration with Windows Admin Center is ideal for backing up volumes and the Windows System State for either on-premises Windows Servers or virtual servers. 此综合性过程会备份文件服务器、域控制器和 IIS Web 服务器。The comprehensive process backs up file servers, domain controllers, and IIS web servers.

你可以通过“备份”工具访问 Windows Admin Center 中的 Azure 备份。You access Azure Backup in Windows Admin Center via the Backup tool. 使用“备份”工具的设置、管理和监视功能,你可以快速开始备份服务器、执行备份和还原操作,以及监视 Windows Server 的总体备份运行状况。The Backup tool setup, management, and monitoring capabilities let you quickly start backing up servers, do backup and restore operations, and monitor the overall backup health of Windows Servers.


若要使用 Azure 备份,需要满足以下必备条件:The following prerequisites are required to use Azure Backup:

  • 具有至少一个有效订阅的 Azure 帐户An Azure account with at least one active subscription

  • 目标 Windows Server 必须能够通过 Internet 访问 AzureInternet access to Azure for the target Windows Servers

  • 从 Windows Admin Center 网关到 Azure 的连接A connection from the Windows Admin Center gateway to Azure

    若要了解详细信息,请参阅配置 Azure 集成To learn more, see Configuring Azure integration.

Azure 备份入门Getting started with Azure Backup

首次在 Windows Admin Center 中选择“备份”工具与 Azure 建立服务器连接时,会显示“欢迎使用 Azure 备份”页。When you first select the Backup tool in Windows Admin Center to establish a server connection to Azure, the Welcome to Azure Backup page displays. 选择“设置 Azure 备份”以启动 Azure 备份设置向导。Select Set up Azure Backup to start the Azure Backup setup wizard. 以下各部分详细说明了向导中的步骤。The following sections detail the steps in the wizard.

如果已为服务器连接配置了 Azure 备份,则选择“备份”工具会打开“备份仪表板”。If Azure Backup is already configured for a server connection, selecting the Backup tool opens the Backup Dashboard. 若要了解可以从仪表板执行的操作和任务,请参阅管理和监视部分。See the Management and monitoring section for information about operations and tasks that you can do from the dashboard.

步骤 1:登录到 Azure 门户。Step 1: Log on to the Azure portal

登录 Azure 帐户。Sign in to your Azure account.


如果你已将 Windows Admin Center 网关连接到 Azure,则你应当会自动登录到门户。If you've already connected the Windows Admin Center gateway to Azure, you should automatically log on to the portal. 选择“注销”,然后以其他用户身份登录。Select sign out to then sign in as a different user.

步骤 2:设置 Azure 备份Step 2: Set up Azure Backup

为 Azure 备份选择以下设置:Select the following settings for Azure Backup:

  • 订阅 ID: 所需的 Azure 订阅,可用于将 Windows Server 备份到 Azure。Subscription ID: The Azure subscription that you want to use for backing up Windows Server to Azure. 将创建所有 Azure 资产(例如 Azure 资源组和恢复服务保管库),并将其与所选订阅相关联。All Azure assets like the Azure Resource Group and the Recovery Services Vault will be created and associated with the selected subscription.
  • 保管库: 恢复服务保管库是将存储服务器备份的位置。Vault: The Recovery Services Vault is the location where your servers' backups will be stored. 你可以使用现有保管库,或者让 Windows Admin Center 新建一个。You can use either an existing vault or Windows Admin Center will create a new one.
  • 资源组: Azure 资源组是资源集合的容器。Resource Group: The Azure Resource Group is a container for a collection of resources. 恢复服务保管库创建于或包含在指定的资源组中。The Recovery Services vault is either created or contained in the specified Resource Group. 你可以使用现有资源组,或者让 Windows Admin Center 新建一个。You can use either an existing Resource Group or Windows Admin Center will create a new one.
  • 位置: 将在其中创建恢复服务保管库的 Azure 区域。Location: The Azure region where the Recovery Services Vault will be created. 建议选择与要备份的 Windows Server 距离最近的 Azure 区域。We recommend selecting the Azure region that is closest to the Windows Server that you're backing up.

步骤 3:选择备份项和计划Step 3: Select backup items and schedule

  1. 选择要从服务器备份的项。Select the items that you want to back up from your server. Windows Admin Center 允许你选择卷和 Windows 系统状态的组合,并提供你选择进行备份的数据的估计大小。Windows Admin Center lets you choose a combination of volumes and Windows System State, and provides an estimated size of the data that you've selected to back up.


    第一个备份是所有选定数据的完整备份。The first backup is a full backup of all the selected data. 后续备份是增量备份,只传输自上次备份以来发生的数据更改。Subsequent backups are incremental and transfer only changes to the data that have occurred since the previous backup.

  2. 从为你的 Windows 系统状态和卷预设的多个备份计划中进行选择。Select from multiple preset Backup Schedules for your Windows System State and volumes.

步骤 4:输入加密密码Step 4: Enter an encryption passphrase

  1. 输入最少包含 16 个字符的加密密码Enter an Encryption Passphrase that has a minimum of 16 characters. Azure 备份使用你创建和管理的加密密码来保护你的备份数据。Azure Backup secures your backup data with an encryption passphrase that you create and manage. 若要通过 Azure 备份来恢复数据,需要提供加密密码。The encryption passphrase is required to recover data from Azure Backup.


    将密码存储在安全的异地位置,例如其他服务器或 Azure Key VaultStore the passphrase in a secure offsite location, such as another server or the Azure Key Vault. Azure 不存储密码。如果你丢失或忘记了密码,则 Azure 无法检索或重置密码。Azure does not store the passphrase and cannot retrieve or reset the passphrase if it is lost or forgotten.

  2. 查看向导页上的所有设置,然后选择“应用”。Review all of the settings on the wizard page, and then select Apply.

然后,Windows Admin Center 执行以下操作:Windows Admin Center then does the following operations:

  1. 创建 Azure 资源组(如果尚不存在)。Creates an Azure Resource Group if one doesn't already exist.
  2. 根据指定的信息创建 Azure 恢复服务保管库。Creates an Azure Recovery Services Vault as specified.
  3. 在保管库中安装并注册 Microsoft Azure 恢复服务代理。Installs and registers the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent in the Vault.
  4. 根据与 Windows Server 关联的选定选项创建备份和保留计划。Creates the Backup and Retention schedule according to the selected options associated with the Windows Server.

监视和管理Management and monitoring

成功设置 Azure 备份后,当你打开现有服务器连接的“备份”工具时,会看到“备份仪表板”。After successfully setting up Azure Backup, you'll see the Backup Dashboard when you open the Backup tool for an existing server connection. 可以从该仪表板执行以下任务:You can do the following tasks from the dashboard:

  • 访问 Azure 中的保管库: 在“概览”选项卡上,选择“恢复服务保管库”以访问保管库,你可以在其中执行许多管理操作。Access the vault in Azure: On the Overview tab, select Recovery Services Vault to access the vault where you can do many management operations. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅监视和管理恢复服务保管库To learn more, see Monitor and manage Recovery Services vaults.
  • 执行即席备份: 选择“立即备份”进行即席备份。Do an ad hoc backup: Select Backup Now to make an ad hoc backup.
  • 监视作业并配置警报通知: 导航到“作业”选项卡可监视正在进行的或过去的作业,并可配置警报通知以接收有关失败的作业和其他备份警报的电子邮件。Monitor jobs and configure alert notifications: Navigate to the Jobs tab to monitor ongoing or past jobs, and configure alert notifications to receive email on failed jobs and other backup alerts.
  • 查看恢复点并恢复数据: 选择“恢复点”选项卡可以查看恢复点,选择“恢复数据”可以了解从 Azure 恢复数据的步骤。View recovery points and recover data: Select the Recovery Points tab to view recovery points, and select Recover Data for steps on how to recover your data from Azure.

后续步骤Next steps

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