Azure Stack Hub 的容量计划概述Capacity planning for Azure Stack Hub overview

评估 Azure Stack Hub 解决方案时,应考虑硬件配置选择,因为它直接影响到 Azure Stack Hub 云的总体容量。When you're evaluating an Azure Stack Hub solution, consider the hardware configuration choices that have a direct impact on the overall capacity of the Azure Stack Hub cloud.

例如,需要就 CPU、内存密度、存储配置和总体解决方案规模或服务器数目进行选择。For example, you need to make choices regarding the CPU, memory density, storage configuration, and overall solution scale or number of servers. 但是,确定可用容量将不同于传统的虚拟化解决方案,因为某些容量已在使用中。However, determining usable capacity will be different than a traditional virtualization solution because some capacity is already in use. 构建 Azure Stack Hub 是为了在解决方案自身内部托管基础结构或管理组件。Azure Stack Hub is built to host the infrastructure or management components within the solution itself. 另外,解决方案的某些容量保留用于支持复原。Also, some of the solution's capacity is reserved to support resiliency. 复原的定义是:更新解决方案的软件时,必须将租户工作负载的中断降到最低程度。Resiliency is defined as the updating of the solution's software in a way to minimize disruption of tenant workloads.


可以从此容量规划信息和 Azure Stack Hub Capacity Planner 着手,进行 Azure Stack Hub 规划和配置决策。This capacity planning information and the Azure Stack Hub Capacity Planner are a starting point for Azure Stack Hub planning and configuration decisions. 该信息不能取代你自己的调查和分析。This information isn't intended to serve as a substitute for your own investigation and analysis. Azure 对于此处提供的信息不做任何明示或默示的声明或保证。Azure makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, with respect to the information provided here.

超融合性和缩放单元Hyperconvergence and the scale unit

Azure Stack Hub 解决方案是作为超融合群集构建的,包含计算和存储。An Azure Stack Hub solution is built as a hyperconverged cluster of compute and storage. 可以通过超融合性来共享群集中的硬件容量(称为“缩放单元”)。The convergence allows for the sharing of the hardware capacity in the cluster, referred to as a scale unit. 在 Azure Stack Hub 中,缩放单元为资源提供可用性和可伸缩性。In Azure Stack Hub, a scale unit provides the availability and scalability of resources. 缩放单元包含一组称为“主机”的 Azure Stack Hub 服务器。A scale unit consists of a set of Azure Stack Hub servers, referred to as hosts. 基础结构软件托管在一组虚拟机 (VM) 中,与租户 VM 共享相同的物理服务器。The infrastructure software is hosted within a set of virtual machines (VMs), and shares the same physical servers as the tenant VMs. 然后所有 Azure Stack Hub VM 可以通过缩放单元的 Windows Server 群集技术和独立的 Hyper-V 实例来管理。All Azure Stack Hub VMs are then managed by the scale unit’s Windows Server clustering technologies and individual Hyper-V instances.

缩放单元简化了 Azure Stack Hub 的获取和管理。The scale unit simplifies the acquisition and management of Azure Stack Hub. 缩放单元还可以跨 Azure Stack Hub 移动和缩放所有服务(租户和体系结构)。The scale unit also allows for the movement and scalability of all services (tenant and infrastructure) across Azure Stack Hub.

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