Azure Stack Hub 集成系统连接模型Azure Stack Hub integrated systems connection models

如果你有兴趣购买 Azure Stack Hub 集成系统,则需要了解几个数据中心集成注意事项,以便 Azure Stack Hub 部署确定系统将如何适应数据中心。If you're interested in purchasing an Azure Stack Hub integrated system, you need to understand several datacenter integration considerations for Azure Stack Hub deployment to determine how the system will fit into your datacenter. 此外,还需要确定如何将 Azure Stack Hub 集成到混合云环境。In addition, you need to decide how you'll integrate Azure Stack Hub into your hybrid cloud environment. 本文概述了这些主要决策,包括 Azure 连接模型、标识存储选项和计费模型选项。This article provides an overview of these major decisions including Azure connection models, identity store options, and billing model options.

如果你决定购买一个集成系统,原始设备制造商 (OEM) 硬件供应商可帮助更详细地指导你完成规划过程。If you decide to purchase an integrated system, your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware vendor will help guide you through the planning process in more detail. OEM 硬件供应商还会执行实际部署。The OEM hardware vendor also performs the actual deployment.

选择 Azure Stack Hub 部署连接模型Choose an Azure Stack Hub deployment connection model

可以选择在已连接到 Internet(和 Azure)时或断开连接时部署 Azure Stack Hub。You can choose to deploy Azure Stack Hub either connected to the internet (and to Azure) or disconnected. 若要从 Azure Stack Hub(包括 Azure Stack Hub 和 Azure 之间的混合方案)获得最大效益,请在连接到 Azure 时进行部署。Deploy connected to Azure to get the most benefit from Azure Stack Hub, including hybrid scenarios between Azure Stack Hub and Azure. 此选择定义了哪些选项可用于标识存储(Azure Active Directory 或 Active Directory 联合身份验证服务)和计费模型(基于“提前支付”计费或基于容量计费),如以下图和表中所总结:This choice defines which options are available for your identity store (Azure Active Directory or Active Directory Federation Services) and billing model (pay in advance based billing or capacity-based billing) as summarized in the following diagram and table:

Azure Stack Hub 部署和计费方案


这是关键决策点!This is a key decision point! 选择 Active Directory 联合身份验证服务 (AD FS) 还是 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 是在部署时必须进行的一次性决策。Choosing Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) or Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a one-time decision that you must make at deployment time. 以后,除非重新部署整个系统,否则将无法更改此设置。You can't change this later without re-deploying the entire system.

选项Options 已连接到 AzureConnected to Azure 已与 Azure 断开连接Disconnected from Azure
Azure ADAzure AD 支持
AD FSAD FS 支持 支持
基于使用的计费Consumption-based billing 支持
基于容量的计费Capacity-based billing 支持 支持
授权Licensing 企业协议或云解决方案提供商Enterprise Agreement or Cloud Solution Provider 企业协议Enterprise Agreement
修补和更新Patch and update 可以直接从 Internet 将更新包下载到 Azure Stack HubUpdate package can be downloaded directly from the Internet to Azure Stack Hub 必选Required

还需要可移动媒体Also requires removable media
和独立的连接设备and a separate connected device
注册Registration 自动Automated 必选Required

还需要可移动媒体Also requires removable media
和独立的连接设备and a separate connected device

选定 Azure Stack Hub 部署要使用的 Azure 连接模型后,必须对标识存储和计费方法做出其他与连接相关的决策。After you've decided on the Azure connection model to be used for your Azure Stack Hub deployment, additional connection-dependent decisions must be made for the identity store and billing method.

后续步骤Next steps

已连接 Azure 的 Azure Stack Hub 部署决策Azure connected Azure Stack Hub deployment decisions

与 Azure 断开连接的 Azure Stack Hub 部署决策Azure disconnected Azure Stack Hub deployment decisions