Azure Stack Hub 市场概述Azure Stack Hub Marketplace overview

Azure Stack Hub 市场是针对 Azure Stack Hub 自定义的服务、应用和资源的集合。Azure Stack Hub Marketplace is a collection of services, apps, and resources customized for Azure Stack Hub. 资源包括网络、虚拟机 (VM)、存储,等等。Resources include networks, virtual machines (VMs), storage, and more. 可以使用 Azure Stack Hub 市场创建新资源和部署新应用,或者浏览并选择想要使用的项。Use Azure Stack Hub Marketplace to create new resources and deploy new apps or browse and choose the items you want to use. 若要使用某个市场项,用户必须订阅一个可让他们访问该项的套餐。To use a marketplace item, users must subscribe to an offer that grants them access to that item.

作为 Azure Stack Hub 操作员,你可以确定要添加(发布)到 Azure Stack Hub 市场的项。As an Azure Stack Hub operator, you decide which items to add (publish) to Azure Stack Hub Marketplace. 可以发布数据库、应用程序服务等项。You can publish items such as databases, app services, and more. 发布使项对所有用户可见。Publishing makes items visible to all your users. 可以发布创建的自定义项,或者发布不断扩充的 Azure 市场项列表中所列的项。You can publish custom items that you create, or you can publish items from a growing list of Azure Marketplace items. 将某个项发布到 Azure Stack Hub 市场后,用户在五分钟内就能看到它。When you publish an item to Azure Stack Hub Marketplace, users can see it within five minutes.


将所有库项项目(包括映像和 JSON 文件)发布到 Azure Stack Hub 市场后,无需身份验证即可访问这些项目。All gallery item artifacts, including images and JSON files, are accessible without authentication after making them available in the Azure Stack Hub Marketplace. 有关发布自定义市场项时的其他注意事项,请参阅创建和发布市场项For more considerations when publishing custom marketplace items, see Create and publish a Marketplace item.

若要打开市场,请在管理员门户中选择“+ 创建资源” 。To open the Marketplace, in the administrator portal select + Create a resource.

在 Azure Stack Hub 管理员门户中创建资源

市场项Marketplace items

Azure Stack Hub 市场项是可供用户下载并使用的服务、应用或资源。An Azure Stack Hub Marketplace item is a service, app, or resource that your users can download and use. 所有用户都可以看到所有 Azure Stack Hub 市场项,包括计划和套餐等管理项。All Azure Stack Hub Marketplace items are visible to all your users, including administrative items such as plans and offers. 这些管理项不需要订阅即可查看,但对用户不起作用。These administrative items don't require a subscription to view, but are non-functional to users.

每个市场项具有:Every Marketplace item has:

  • 用于资源预配的 Azure 资源管理器模板。An Azure Resource Manager template for resource provisioning.
  • 元数据,例如字符串、图标和其他营销材料。Metadata, such as strings, icons, and other marketing collateral.
  • 有关在门户中显示该项的格式信息。Formatting information to display the item in the portal.

发布到 Azure Stack Hub 市场的每个项都使用 Azure 库包 (.azpkg) 格式。Every item published to the Azure Stack Hub Marketplace uses the Azure Gallery Package (.azpkg) format. 请单独地将部署或运行时资源(代码、包含软件的 .zip 文件或 VM 映像)添加到 Azure Stack Hub,而不要将其作为市场项的一部分添加。Add deployment or runtime resources (code, .zip files with software, or VM images) to Azure Stack Hub separately, not as part of the Marketplace item.

在 1803 及更高版本中,从 Azure 下载映像或上传自定义映像时,Azure Stack Hub 会将映像转换为稀疏文件。With version 1803 and later, Azure Stack Hub converts images to sparse files when they download from Azure or when you upload custom images. 此过程会在添加映像时延长时间,但可节省空间并加速这些映像的部署。This process adds time when adding an image, but saves space and speeds up the deployment of those images. 转换仅适用于新映像。Conversion only applies to new images. 现有映像不会更改。Existing images aren't changed.

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