Azure Stack Hub 服务策略Azure Stack Hub servicing policy

本文介绍 Azure Stack Hub 集成系统的服务策略,以及必须如何做才能使系统保持受支持状态。This article describes the servicing policy for Azure Stack Hub integrated systems and what you must do to keep your system in a supported state.

下载集成系统的更新包Download update packages for integrated systems

Microsoft 会发布完整的更新包和修补程序包来解决特定问题。Microsoft releases both full update packages and hotfix packages to address specific issues.

完整的更新包托管在安全的 Azure 终结点中。Full update packages are hosted in a secure Azure endpoint. 可以使用 Azure Stack Hub 更新下载程序工具手动下载它们。You can download them manually using the Azure Stack Hub Updates downloader tool. 如果缩放单元已连接,则更新会以“可用更新”的形式自动显示在管理员门户中。If your scale unit is connected, the update appears automatically in the administrator portal as Update available. 有关每次发布的详细信息,可以单击本文更新包发布频率部分的任何发布。For more information about each release, you can click any release from the Update package release cadence section of this article.

修补程序更新包托管在同一个安全的 Azure 终结点中。Hotfix update packages are hosted in the same secure Azure endpoint. 可以使用每篇相应的修补程序知识库文章(例如,Azure Stack Hub 修补程序 1.1809.12.114)中的嵌入式链接下载它们。You can download them using the embedded links in each of the respective hotfix KB articles; for example, Azure Stack Hub Hotfix 1.1809.12.114. Azure Stack Hub 操作员可以按照在 Azure Stack Hub 中应用更新中的过程下载 .xml 和 .zip 文件并将其导入,这与操作完整的每月更新包类似。Similar to the full, monthly update packages, Azure Stack Hub operators can download the .xml and .zip files and import them using the procedure in Apply updates in Azure Stack Hub. 使用已连接缩放单元的 Azure Stack Hub 操作员会看到修补程序自动出现在管理员门户中,并会看到消息“有可用更新”。Azure Stack Hub operators with connected scale units will see the hotfixes automatically appear in the administrator portal with the message Update available.

如果缩放单元未连接,并且希望收到有关每个修补程序版本的通知,请订阅 RSS 源以获取有关每个修补程序版本的通知。If your scale unit isn't connected and you want to be notified about each hotfix release, subscribe to the RSS feed to be notified about each hotfix release.

更新包类型Update package types

集成系统有两种类型的更新包:There are two types of update packages for integrated systems:

  • Microsoft 软件更新Microsoft software updates. Microsoft 会负责 Microsoft 软件更新包的端到端服务生命周期。Microsoft is responsible for the end-to-end servicing lifecycle for the Microsoft software update packages. 这些包可以包括最新的 Windows Server 安全更新、非安全更新和 Azure Stack Hub 功能更新。These packages can include the latest Windows Server security updates, non-security updates, and Azure Stack Hub feature updates. 可以直接从 Microsoft 下载这些更新包。You can download theses update packages directly from Microsoft.

  • OEM 硬件供应商提供的更新OEM hardware vendor-provided updates. Azure Stack Hub 硬件合作伙伴负责硬件相关固件和驱动程序更新包的端到端服务生命周期(包括指导)。Azure Stack Hub hardware partners are responsible for the end-to-end servicing lifecycle (including guidance) for the hardware-related firmware and driver update packages. 此外,对于硬件生命周期主机上的所有软件和硬件,Azure Stack Hub 硬件合作伙伴拥有并维护指导。In addition, Azure Stack Hub hardware partners own and maintain guidance for all software and hardware on the hardware lifecycle host. OEM 硬件供应商在自己的下载站点上托管这些更新包。The OEM hardware vendor hosts these update packages on their own download site.

更新包发布频率Update package release cadence

Microsoft 预期一年中多次发布软件更新包。Microsoft expects to release software update packages multiple times throughout the year.

OEM 硬件供应商会根据需要发布更新。OEM hardware vendors release their updates on an as-needed basis. 请咨询 OEM 以获取硬件的最新更新。Check with your OEM for the latest updates to hardware.

管理更新概述文档中,可以了解如何规划和管理更新,以及如何确定当前版本。Find documentation on how to plan for and manage updates, and how to determine your current version in Manage updates overview.

有关特定更新(包括其下载方法)的信息,请参阅该更新的发行说明:For information about a specific update, including how to download it, see the release notes for that update:


有时,Microsoft 会为 Azure Stack Hub 提供修补程序(通常是预防性或时效性的程序)来解决特定问题。Occasionally, Microsoft provides hotfixes for Azure Stack Hub that address a specific issue that's often preventative or time-sensitive. 发布的每个修补程序都附带相应的 Microsoft 知识库 (KB) 文章,其中详细说明了该修补程序中解决的问题。Each hotfix is released with a corresponding Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) article that details the issues addressed in that hotfix.

可以像下载和安装普通的 Azure Stack Hub 完整更新包一样下载和安装修补程序。Hotfixes are downloaded and installed just like the regular full update packages for Azure Stack Hub. 但是,与完整更新不同,修补程序在几分钟内即可完成安装。However, unlike a full update, hotfixes can install in minutes. 我们建议 Azure Stack Hub 操作员在安装修补程序时设置维护时段。We recommend Azure Stack Hub operators set maintenance windows when installing hotfixes. 修补程序会更新 Azure Stack Hub 云的版本,使你可以轻松确定是否已应用该修补程序。Hotfixes update the version of your Azure Stack Hub cloud so you can easily determine if the hotfix has been applied. 对于仍在支持期内的每个 Azure Stack Hub 版本,将单独提供修补程序。A separate hotfix is provided for each version of Azure Stack Hub that's still in support. 特定迭代的每个修补程序是累积性的,包含该版本以前的修补程序。Each hotfix for a specific iteration is cumulative and includes the previous hotfixes for that same version. 可以在相应的 KB 文章中详细了解特定修补程序的适用性。You can read more about the applicability of a specific hotfix in the corresponding KB article. 请参阅上一部分中的发行说明链接。See the release notes links in the previous section.

更新到新的主版本之前,请在当前的主版本中应用最新的修补程序。Before you update to the new major version, apply the latest hotfix in the current major version.

从 2005 版开始,更新到新的主版本(如 1.2005.x 到 1.2008.x)时,系统会自动安装新的主版本中最新的修补程序(如果在下载包时可用)。Starting with build 2005, when you update to a new major version (for example, 1.2005.x to 1.2008.x), the latest hotfixes (if any are available at the time of package download) in the new major version are installed automatically. 这样,你的 2008 安装将具有最新的所有修补程序。Your 2008 installation is then current with all hotfixes. 在此之后,如果发布了适用于 2008 的修补程序,则应安装它。From that point forward, if a hotfix is released for 2008, you should install it.

有关当前可用修补程序的信息,请参阅该更新的发行说明“修补程序”部分。For information about currently available hotfixes, see the release notes "Hotfixes" section for that update.

保持系统受支持Keep your system under support

为了使 Azure Stack Hub 实例保持受支持的状态,该实例必须运行最新发布的更新版本或运行之前的两个更新版本之一。For your Azure Stack Hub instance to remain in a supported state, the instance must run the most recently released update version or run either of the two preceding update versions.

你还必须与制造系统的硬件合作伙伴签订有效的支持协议。You must also have an active support agreement with the hardware partner that manufactured the system. 如果没有签订硬件支持协议,Azure 将无法为你提供支持。Azure is not able to support you without a hardware support agreement in place.

修补程序不被视为主要更新版本。Hotfixes aren't considered major update versions. 如果 Azure Stack Hub 实例落后于两个以上的更新,则认为它不符合。If your Azure Stack Hub instance is behind by more than two updates, it's considered out of compliance. 必须至少更新到最低支持版本才能获得支持。You must update to at least the minimum supported version to receive support.

例如,如果最新发布的更新版本为 1904,在此之前的两个更新包为版本 1903 和 1902,则 1902 和 1903 仍受支持,For example, if the most recently available update version is 1904, and the previous two update packages were versions 1903 and 1902, both 1902 and 1903 remain in support. 但 1901 不受支持。However, 1901 is out of support. 即使最近一到两个月没有发布任何版本,此策略也有效。The policy holds true when there's no release for a month or two. 例如,如果最新版本为 1807,但没有版本 1806,则此前的两个更新包(1805 和 1804)仍受支持。For example, if the current release is 1807 and there was no 1806 release, the previous two update packages of 1805 and 1804 remain in support.

Microsoft 软件更新包是非累积性的,其先决条件是需要前一个更新包或修补程序。Microsoft software update packages are non-cumulative and require the previous update package or hotfix as a prerequisite. 如果决定延后一个或多个更新,如果想要获取最新版本,请考虑整体运行时。If you decide to defer one or more updates, consider the overall runtime if you want to get to the latest version.

资源提供程序版本支持Resource provider version support

对于 Azure Stack Hub 资源提供程序,请务必注意,即使所使用的旧版本 Azure Stack Hub 仍处于支持窗口内,也仅支持与受支持版本的 Azure Stack Hub 相兼容的最新发布版本的给定资源提供程序。For Azure Stack Hub resource providers, it's important to note that only the most recently released version of a given resource provider that is compatible with your supported version of Azure Stack Hub is supported, even though you may be using an older version of Azure Stack Hub that is still within the support window.

有关资源提供程序兼容性的详细信息,请参阅该特定资源提供程序的发行说明。For more information about resource provider compatibility, see the release notes for that specific resource provider.

获取支持Get support

Azure Stack Hub 遵循与 Azure 相同的支持流程。Azure Stack Hub follows the same support process as Azure. 企业客户可以创建 Azure 支持请求Enterprise customers can create an Azure support request. 如果你是云解决方案提供商 (CSP) 的客户,请联系 CSP 获得支持。If you're a customer of a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), contact your CSP for support. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure 支持常见问题解答For more information, see the Azure Support FAQs.

如果在排查更新问题时需要帮助,请参阅排查 Azure Stack Hub 修补程序和更新问题的最佳做法For help with troubleshooting update issues, see Best practices for troubleshooting Azure Stack Hub patch and update issues.

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