在 Azure Stack Hub 中管理更新Manage updates in Azure Stack Hub

原始设备制造商 (OEM) 提供的完整和快速更新、修补程序以及驱动程序与固件更新都有助于让 Azure Stack Hub 保持最新状态。Full and express updates, hotfixes, as well as driver and firmware updates from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) all help keep Azure Stack Hub up to date. 本文介绍不同类型的更新、其预期发布时间,以及在何处可以找到有关当前版本的详细信息。This article explains the different types of updates, when to expect their release, and where to find more about the current release.


无法将 Azure Stack Hub 更新包应用于 Azure Stack 开发工具包 (ASDK)。You can't apply Azure Stack Hub update packages to the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK). 更新包专为集成系统所设计。The update packages are designed for integrated systems. 有关信息,请参阅重新部署 ASDKFor information, see Redeploy the ASDK.

更新包类型Update package types

集成系统有三种类型的更新包:There are three types of update packages for integrated systems:

  • Azure Stack Hub 软件更新Azure Stack Hub software updates. Azure 会负责 Microsoft 软件更新包的端到端服务生命周期。Azure is responsible for the end-to-end servicing lifecycle for the Microsoft software update packages. 这些包可以包括最新的 Windows Server 安全更新、非安全更新和 Azure Stack Hub 功能更新。These packages can include the latest Windows Server security updates, non-security updates, and Azure Stack Hub feature updates. 可以直接从 Microsoft 下载这些更新包。You download theses update packages directly from Microsoft.

    每个更新包都有对应的类型:“完整”或“快速”。 Each update package has a corresponding type: Full or Express.

    完整更新包更新缩放单元中的物理主机操作系统,需要的维护时段更长。Full update packages update the physical host operating systems in the scale unit and require a larger maintenance window.

    快速更新包有范围限制,不更新基础的物理主机操作系统。Express update packages are scoped and don't update the underlying physical host operating systems.

  • Azure Stack Hub 修补程序Azure Stack Hub hotfixes. Microsoft 提供 Azure Stack Hub 的修补程序(通常是预防性或时效性的程序)来解决特定问题。Microsoft provides hotfixes for Azure Stack Hub that address a specific issue that's often preventive or time-sensitive. 发布的每个修补程序都附带相应的 Microsoft 知识库文章,其中详细描述了问题、原因和解决方法。Each hotfix is released with a corresponding Microsoft Knowledge Base article that details the issue, cause, and resolution. 可以像下载和安装普通的 Azure Stack Hub 完整更新包一样下载和安装修补程序。You download and install hotfixes just like the regular full update packages for Azure Stack Hub. 修补程序是累积性的,在几分钟内即可完成安装。Hotfixes are cumulative and can install in minutes.

    从版本 2005 开始,更新到新的主版本(如 1.2002.x 到 1.2005.x)时,会自动安装新的主版本中的最新修补程序(如果有)。Starting with build 2005, when you update to a new major version (for example, 1.2002.x to 1.2005.x), the latest hotfixes (if any) in the new major version are installed automatically. 在此之后,如果发布了适用于你的内部版本的修补程序,则应安装它。From that point forward, if a hotfix is released for your build, you should install it.

  • OEM 硬件供应商提供的更新OEM hardware-vendor-provided updates. Azure Stack Hub 硬件合作伙伴负责硬件相关固件和驱动程序更新包的端到端服务生命周期(包括指导)。Azure Stack Hub hardware partners are responsible for the end-to-end servicing lifecycle (including guidance) for the hardware-related firmware and driver update packages. 此外,对于硬件生命周期主机上的所有软件和硬件,Azure Stack Hub 硬件合作伙伴拥有并维护指导。In addition, Azure Stack Hub hardware partners own and maintain guidance for all software and hardware on the hardware lifecycle host. OEM 硬件供应商在自己的下载站点上托管这些更新包。The OEM hardware vendor hosts these update packages on their own download site.

何时更新When to update

这三种类型的更新按以下频率发布:The three types of updates are released with the following cadence:

  • Azure Stack Hub 软件更新Azure Stack Hub software updates. Microsoft 每年都会发布多个完整的快速软件更新包。Microsoft releases multiple full and express software update packages per year.

  • Azure Stack Hub 修补程序Azure Stack Hub hotfixes. 修补程序是随时可发布的时效性版本。Hotfixes are time-sensitive releases that can be released at any time. 如果要从某个主版本升级到另一个主版本(例如 1.2002.x 到 1.2005.x),新的主版本中最新的修补程序(如果有)会自动安装。If you are upgrading from one major version to another (for example, 1.2002.x to 1.2005.x), the latest hotfixes (if any) in the new major version are installed automatically.

  • OEM 硬件供应商提供的更新OEM hardware vendor-provided updates. OEM 硬件供应商会根据需要发布更新。OEM hardware vendors release their updates on an as-needed basis.

若要继续获得支持,必须在 Azure Stack Hub 环境中保留支持的 Azure Stack Hub 软件版本。To continue to receive support, you must keep your Azure Stack Hub environment on a supported Azure Stack Hub software version. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Azure Stack Hub 服务策略For more information, see Azure Stack Hub Servicing Policy.

如何知道推出了更新How to know an update is available

更新通知根据多种因素而异,例如,是否与 Internet 建立了连接,以及更新的类型。Notice of updates varies on a couple of factors, such as your connection to the internet and the type of update.

  • Microsoft 软件更新和修补程序Microsoft software updates and hotfixes

    Microsoft 软件更新和修补程序的更新警报会显示在已连接到 Internet 的 Azure Stack Hub 实例的“更新”边栏选项卡中。An update alert for Microsoft software updates and hotfixes will appear in the Update blade for Azure Stack Hub instances that are connected to the internet. 如果未显示“更新”边栏选项卡,请重启基础结构管理控制器 VM。If the Update blade isn't displayed, restart the infrastructure management controller VM.

    如果在实例未连接的情况下希望获得每个修补程序版本的通知,请订阅 RSSATOM 源。If your instance isn't connected and you would like to be notified about each hotfix release, subscribe to the RSS or ATOM feed.

  • OEM 硬件供应商提供的更新OEM hardware vendor-provided updates

    OEM 更新取决于制造商。OEM updates depend on your manufacturer. 需要与 OEM 建立信道,以便了解需要应用的来自 OEM 的更新。You'll need to establish a communication channel with your OEM so that you can be aware of updates from your OEM that need to be applied. 有关 OEM 和 OEM 更新过程的详细信息,请参阅应用 Azure Stack Hub 原始设备制造商 (OEM) 更新For more information about the OEMs and the OEM update process, see Apply Azure Stack Hub original equipment manufacturer (OEM) updates.

主版本到主版本Major version to major version

主版本到主版本的更新必须分步进行:当前环境只能更新到下一个主版本,无法跳过主版本更新。An update from major version to major version must be step by step: the current environment can only update to the next major version, and you can't skip a major version update.

例如,如果 Azure Stack Hub 环境为 1908.x,而最新的可用更新版本为 2002.x,需要从 1908 更新到 1910,然后再更新到 2002。For example, if your Azure Stack Hub environment is 1908.x, and the latest available update version is 2002.x, you should update from 1908 to 1910, then update to 2002.

从版本 2005 开始,更新到新的主版本(如 1.2002.x 到 1.2005.x)时,会自动安装新的主版本中的最新修补程序(如果有)。Starting with build 2005, when you update to a new major version (for example, 1.2002.x to 1.2005.x), the latest hotfixes (if any) in the new major version are installed automatically.

主版本中的修补程序Hotfixes within major versions

在同一主版本号内,Azure Stack Hub 可能会发布多个修补程序。Within the same major version number, Azure Stack Hub may release multiple hotfixes. 修补程序是累积的,最新的修补程序包包括该版本过去的所有修补程序。Hotfixes are cumulative; the latest hotfix package includes all past hotfixes for that version. 有关详细信息,请参阅修补程序For more information, see Hotfixes.

更新过程Update process

知道有可用的更新后,使用以下步骤应用更新。Once you know you have an update, apply it by using the following steps.

Azure Stack Hub 更新过程

  1. 规划更新Plan for the update

    准备好 Azure Stack Hub,使更新过程能够尽量顺畅地进行,并尽量减轻对用户造成的影响。Prepare your Azure Stack Hub to make the update process go as smoothly as possible so that there's minimal impact on your users. 向用户通知任何可能的服务中断,然后遵循准备要更新的实例的步骤操作。Notify your users of any possible service outage and then follow the steps to prepare your instance for the update. 请务必遵循 Azure Stack Hub 更新前查检表中的所有步骤,确保完成应用更新所需的先决条件。Be sure to follow all steps in the Azure Stack Hub pre-update checklist to ensure that you've completed the required prerequisites for applying an update. 另外,请确保根据要应用的更新类型安排适当的维护时段。Also make sure to schedule an appropriate maintenance window for the update type being applied.

  2. 上传和准备更新包Upload and prepare the update package

    对于已连接到 Internet 的 Azure Stack Hub 环境,Azure Stack Hub 软件更新和修补程序会自动导入系统并做好更新准备。For internet-connected Azure Stack Hub environments, Azure Stack Hub software updates and hotfixes are automatically imported into the system and prepared for update.

    对于已断开 Internet 连接的 Azure Stack Hub 环境,以及 Internet 连接质量很差或间歇性连接的环境,更新包将通过 Azure Stack Hub 管理员门户导入 Azure Stack Hub 存储。For internet-disconnected Azure Stack Hub environments and environments with weak or intermittent internet connectivity, update packages are imported into Azure Stack Hub storage via the Azure Stack Hub administrator portal. 有关上传和准备更新包的详细步骤,请参阅上传和准备 Azure Stack Hub 更新包For more steps to upload and prepare the update package, see Upload and prepare an Azure Stack Hub update package.

    无论 Azure Stack Hub 系统是否建立了 Internet 连接,都需要手动将所有 OEM 更新包导入到环境中。All OEM update packages are manually imported into your environment, regardless of your Azure Stack Hub system's internet connectivity. 有关导入和准备更新包的详细步骤,请参阅上传和准备 Azure Stack Hub 更新包For more steps to import and prepare the update package, see Upload and prepare an Azure Stack Hub update package.

  3. 应用更新Apply the update

    使用 Azure Stack Hub 门户中的“更新”边栏选项卡应用更新。Apply the update using the Update blade in the Azure Stack Hub portal. 在更新过程中,可以监视更新进度和进行故障排除。During the update, monitor and troubleshoot the update progress. 有关详细信息,请参阅应用 Azure Stack Hub 更新For more information, see Apply an Azure Stack Hub update.

更新资源提供程序The update resource provider

Azure Stack Hub 包含用于处理 Microsoft 软件更新应用程序的更新资源提供程序。Azure Stack Hub includes an update resource provider that handles the application of Microsoft software updates. 此提供程序将检查所有物理主机、Service Fabric 应用和运行时以及所有基础结构虚拟机及其关联的服务上是否应用了更新。This provider checks that updates are applied across all physical hosts, Service Fabric apps and runtimes, and all infrastructure virtual machines and their associated services.

当更新安装时,由于更新进程以 Azure Stack Hub 中的各种子系统(例如,物理主机和基础结构虚拟机)为目标,因此你可以查看高级状态。As updates install, you can view high-level status as the update process targets the various subsystems in Azure Stack Hub (for example, physical hosts and infrastructure virtual machines).

后续步骤Next steps