Azure、Azure Stack Hub 与 Azure Stack HCI 之间的差异Differences between Azure, Azure Stack Hub, and Azure Stack HCI

Microsoft 在一个 Azure 生态系统中提供 Azure 和 Azure Stack Hub 系列的服务。Microsoft provides Azure and the Azure Stack Hub family of services in one Azure ecosystem. 无论企业使用 Azure 还是本地资源,都可以结合 Azure 资源管理器使用相同的应用程序模型、自助门户和 API 来提供基于云的功能。Use the same application model, self-service portals, and APIs with Azure Resource Manager to deliver cloud-based capabilities whether your business uses Azure or on-premises resources.

本文介绍 Azure、Azure Stack Hub 和 Azure Stack HCI 的功能差异。This article describes the differences between Azure, Azure Stack Hub, and Azure Stack HCI capabilities. 它提供了常见的方案建议,帮助你在为组织交付基于 Microsoft 云的服务时做出最佳选择。It provides common scenario recommendations to help you make the best choice for delivering Microsoft cloud-based services for your organization.

Azure 生态系统概述


Azure 包括一系列不断扩增的云服务,可帮助组织解决业务难题。Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. 它允许你自由使用偏好的工具和框架,在大规模全球网络中构建、管理和部署应用。It's the freedom to build, manage, and deploy apps on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.

Azure 提供 100 多个可在 4 个区域使用的服务。Azure offers more than 100 services available in 4 regions. 有关 Azure 服务的最新列表,请参阅各区域可用的产品For the most current list of Azure services, see the Products available by region. Azure 中提供的服务按类别列出,同时会指出是否已推出正式版,或者以预览版提供。The services available in Azure are listed by category and also by whether they're generally available or available through preview.

有关全球 Azure 服务的详细信息,请参阅 Azure 入门For more information about global Azure services, see Get started with Azure.

Azure Stack HubAzure Stack Hub

Azure Stack Hub 是 Azure 的扩展,它将云计算的敏捷性和创新引入到了本地环境。Azure Stack Hub is an extension of Azure that brings the agility and innovation of cloud computing to your on-premises environment. 可以使用部署在本地的 Azure Stack Hub 来提供 Azure 一致性服务,这些服务可以连接到 Internet(和 Azure),也可以位于未连接 Internet 的离线环境中。Deployed on-premises, Azure Stack Hub can be used to provide Azure consistent services either connected to the internet (and Azure) or in disconnected environments with no internet connectivity. Azure Stack Hub 使用的底层技术与 Stack 相同,包括基础结构即服务 (IaaS)、软件即服务 (SaaS) 和可选平台即服务 (PaaS) 功能的核心组件。Azure Stack Hub uses the same underlying technologies as Azure, which includes the core components of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and optional Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities. 这些功能包括:These capabilities include:

  • 适用于 Windows 和 Linux 的 Azure VMAzure VMs for Windows and Linux
  • Azure Web 应用和 FunctionsAzure Web Apps and Functions
  • Azure Key VaultAzure Key Vault
  • Azure Resource ManagerAzure Resource Manager
  • Azure 市场Azure Marketplace
  • 容器Containers
  • 管理工具(计划、套餐、RBAC 等)Admin tools (Plans, offers, RBAC, and so on)

Azure Stack Hub 的 PaaS 功能是可选的,因为 Azure Stack Hub 不是由 Microsoft 操作,而是由客户操作。The PaaS capabilities of Azure Stack Hub are optional because Azure Stack Hub isn't operated by Microsoft—it's operated by our customers. 这意味着,如果你已准备好从最终用户抽离底层基础结构和流程,则可以向最终用户提供任何 PaaS 服务。This means you can offer whatever PaaS service you want to end users if you're prepared to abstract the underlying infrastructure and processes away from the end user. 但是,Azure Stack Hub 包含多个可选的 PaaS 服务提供程序,包括应用服务、SQL 数据库和 MySQL 数据库。However, Azure Stack Hub does include several optional PaaS service providers including App Service, SQL databases, and MySQL databases. 这些产品以资源提供程序的形式交付,因此已经是多租户性质、会通过标准 Azure Stack Hub 更新不断更新、显示在 Azure Stack Hub 门户中,并与 Azure Stack Hub 妥善集成。These are delivered as resource providers so they're multi-tenant ready, updated over time with standard Azure Stack Hub updates, visible in the Azure Stack Hub portal, and well integrated with Azure Stack Hub.

除上述资源提供程序以外,还有其他 PaaS 服务可供使用,经测试它们可以用作在 IaaS 中运行的基于 Azure 资源管理器模板的解决方案In addition to the resource providers described above, there are additional PaaS services available and tested as Azure Resource Manager template-based solutions that run in IaaS. Azure Stack Hub 操作员可将其作为 PaaS 服务提供给用户,这些服务包括:As an Azure Stack Hub operator, you can offer them as PaaS services to your users including:

  • Service FabricService Fabric
  • Kubernetes 容器服务Kubernetes Container Service
  • 以太坊区块链Ethereum Blockchain
  • Cloud FoundryCloud Foundry

Azure Stack Hub 的示例用例Example use cases for Azure Stack Hub

  • 财务建模Financial modeling
  • 临床诊断和理赔数据Clinical and claims data
  • IoT 设备分析IoT device analytics
  • 零售分类优化Retail assortment optimization
  • 供应链优化Supply-chain optimization
  • 工业 IoTIndustrial IoT
  • 预见性维护Predictive maintenance
  • 智能城市Smart city
  • 公民参与Citizen engagement

若要详细了解 Azure Stack Hub,请参阅什么是 Azure Stack HubLearn more about Azure Stack Hub at What is Azure Stack Hub.

Azure Stack HCIAzure Stack HCI

Azure Stack HCI 是超融合的群集,可在本地环境使用经过验证的硬件来运行虚拟化 Windows 和 Linux 工作负载,并轻松连接到 Azure 以实现基于云的备份、恢复和监视。Azure Stack HCI is a hyperconverged cluster that uses validated hardware to run virtualized Windows and Linux workloads on-premises and easily connect to Azure for cloud-based backup, recovery, and monitoring. 最初基于 Windows Server 2019 的 Azure Stack HCI 现在作为 Azure 服务提供,并内置了基于订阅的许可模式和混合功能。Initially based on Windows Server 2019, Azure Stack HCI is now delivered as an Azure service with a subscription-based licensing model and hybrid capabilities built-in. 尽管 Azure Stack HCI 基于与 Windows Server 相同的核心操作系统组件,但它是一个全新的产品系列,专注于成为最佳的虚拟化主机。Although Azure Stack HCI is based on the same core operating system components as Windows Server, it's an entirely new product line focused on being the best virtualization host.

Azure Stack HCI 使用 OEM 合作伙伴提供的经 Microsoft 验证的硬件来确保最佳性能和可靠性。Azure Stack HCI uses Microsoft-validated hardware from an OEM partner to ensure optimal performance and reliability. 这些解决方案包括对 NVMe 驱动器、永久性内存和远程直接内存访问 (RDMA) 网络等技术的支持。The solutions include support for technologies such as NVMe drives, persistent memory, and remote-direct memory access (RDMA) networking.

Azure Stack HCI 的示例用例Example use cases for Azure Stack HCI

  • 远程或分支机构系统Remote or branch office systems
  • 数据中心整合Datacenter consolidation
  • 虚拟桌面基础结构Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • 业务关键型基础结构Business-critical infrastructure
  • 低成本存储Lower-cost storage
  • 云中的高可用性和灾难恢复High availability and disaster recovery in the cloud
  • 虚拟化企业应用,如 SQL ServerVirtualizing enterprise apps like SQL Server

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Azure Stack Hub 管理基础知识Azure Stack Hub administration basics

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