Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心概述Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub overview


Azure Stack 中心上的事件中心目前处于预览阶段,在预览期间可免费使用。Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub is currently in preview, and is provided free during the preview period.

使用 Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心可以实现混合云方案。Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub allows you to realize hybrid cloud scenarios. 支持使用基于流式处理和事件的解决方案进行本地处理和 Azure 云处理。Streaming and event-based solutions are supported, for both on-premises and Azure cloud processing. 无论方案是混合(联网)还是离线的,解决方案都支持大规模的事件/流处理。Whether your scenario is hybrid (connected), or disconnected, your solution can support processing of events/streams at large scale. 方案仅受群集大小的约束,但你可以根据需要预配群集大小。Your scenario is bound only by cluster size, which you can provision according to your needs.


请参阅 Azure Stack Hub 用户文档,以便在 Azure Stack 上的事件中心与 Azure 事件中心之间进行功能比较。See the Azure Stack Hub User documentation for a feature comparison, between Event Hubs on Azure Stack vs. Azure Event Hubs.

功能文档Feature documentation

若要详细了解事件中心用户体验,请参阅 Azure 事件中心文档To learn more about the Event Hubs user experience, refer to the Azure Event Hubs documentation. 此文档适用于两个版本的事件中心,并且包含以下主题:This documentation applies to both editions of Event Hubs, and contains topics such as:

后续步骤Next steps

在开始安装过程之前,请查看 Azure Stack Hub 上事件中心的容量规划Review Capacity planning for Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub, before beginning the installation process. 了解容量规划有助于确保用户拥有所需的容量。Understanding capacity planning will help you ensure your users have the capacity they require.