Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心 1.2012.1.0 发行说明Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub 1.2012.1.0 release notes

这些发行说明介绍了 Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心版本 1.2012.1.0 中的改进和修复,以及任何已知问题。These release notes describe improvements and fixes in Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub version 1.2012.1.0, and any known issues.


在部署或更新事件中心资源提供程序 (RP) 之前,可能需要将 Azure Stack Hub 更新到受支持的版本(或部署最新的 Azure Stack 开发工具包)。Before deploying or updating the Event Hubs resource provider (RP), you may need to update Azure Stack Hub to a supported version (or deploy the latest Azure Stack Development Kit). 请务必先阅读 RP 发行说明,了解新功能、修补程序以及可能影响部署的任何已知问题。Be sure to read the RP release notes first, to learn about new functionality, fixes, and any known issues that could affect your deployment.

支持的 Azure Stack Hub 版本Supported Azure Stack Hub version(s) 事件中心 RP 版本Event Hubs RP version
2008 及更高版本2008 and higher 1.2012.1.0 安装 | 更新 | 发行说明1.2012.1.0 Install | Update | Release notes
2005、20082005, 2008 1.2012.0.0 安装 | 更新1.2012.0.0 Install | Update

如果安装了上面没有列出的预览版本,也建议升级到上面的某个版本。If you've installed a preview version not listed above, upgrading to one of the versions above is also recommended.

此版本中的更新Updates in this release

此版本包括以下更新:This release includes the following updates:

  • 对于 Azure 门户 SDK 开发人员,现在支持门户版本 5.0.303.7361。For Azure portal SDK developers, portal version 5.0.303.7361 is now supported.
  • 事件中心群集的内部日志记录改进。Internal logging improvements for Event Hubs clusters.

此版本中已修复的问题Issues fixed in this release

此版本包括以下修复:This release includes the following fixes:

  • 修复了事件中心群集的升级顺序,以解决一个升级问题。A fix to the upgrade order for Event Hubs clusters, to address an upgrade issue.
  • 当群集处于“正在升级”或“升级失败”状态时,针对事件中心群集的群集运行状况和备份运行状况检查不运行。The cluster health and backup health check for Event Hubs clusters were not running when clusters were in "Upgrading" or "Upgrade Failed" state. 此版本中已修复了此问题。The issue has been fixed in this release.
  • 修复了导致使用情况记录包含错误数量的一个 bug。Fixed a bug causing usage records to contain the wrong quantity. 过去,我们显示的是容量单位 (CU) 而不是核心数。Instead of cores, we were emitting capacity units (CU). 以前,1CU 群集会在每小时使用量中显示 1 个核心。Previously, a 1CU cluster would show 1 core in hourly usage. 现在,对于 1CU 群集,用户在其每小时使用量中会看到正确的数量 - 10 个核心。Users will now see the correct quantity of 10 cores for a 1 CU cluster in their hourly usage.

已知问题Known issues

此版本没有已知问题。There are no known issues for this release.

后续步骤Next steps