Azure Stack Hub 修补程序 1.2005.29.100Azure Stack Hub hotfix 1.2005.29.100


  • 添加了 PEP 以用于检索当前的注册详细信息,以及为 Remove-Registration 清理陈旧对象。Added PEP to retrieve current registration details, stale object cleanup for Remove-Registration.
  • 通过收集文件共享改进了 SDN 角色的日志收集的可靠性。Improved reliability of log collection for SDN roles by collecting on file share.

从以前的修补程序版本汇总的修补程序Fixes rolled up from previous hotfix releases

  • 修复了错误地引发警报“无法访问节点来放置 VM”的一个问题。Fixed an issue that erroneously raises an alert: "Node inaccessible for VM Placement."
  • 删除了 seedringservices 的无效修复接口。Removed invalid repair interface for seedringservices.
  • 改进了物理节点上的 SDN 网络可靠性。Improved SDN network reliability on the physical nodes.
  • 被禁用的 winrrm 运行程序Disabled winrrm runner
  • 修复了一个 bug 检查并在群集共享卷上强制实施了外部密钥保护程序。Fixed a bug check and enforced external key protectors on cluster shared volumes.
  • 修复了以下问题:由于 SRP 后台使用情况作业中的 KVS 争用情况,可能会部分还原存储帐户。Fixed an issue in which a storage account might be partially restored due to a KVS race condition in the SRP background usage job.
  • 修复了以下问题:如果隧道被移动到另一个 GW VM,然后该 VGW 被删除,则不会清理虚拟子网。Fixed an issue in which a virtual subnet was not being cleaned up if the tunnel was moved to a different GW VM and then the VGW was deleted.
  • 修复了可能会导致注册和内部机密轮换失败的一个问题。Fixed an issue that could cause registration and internal secret rotation to fail.
  • 修复了内部机密轮换中的一个问题,该问题可能会导致下一次更新失败。Fixed an issue in the internal secret rotation, which might cause a failure in the next update.
  • 为故障转储设置添加了内存特定设置。Added memory specific settings to crash dump settings.
  • 重启了 SQL VM 以缓解影响对门户进行访问的数据库访问潜在问题。Restarted SQL VMs to mitigate potential issue with database access which affects access to portal.
  • 修正了 TableServer 中的 ESENT 错误 59 事件触发的 SMB 句柄失效问题。Remediated SMB handle invalidation issue triggered by ESENT error 59 event in TableServer.
  • 以 UpdateReadiness 形式包括了 AzsInfraRoleSummary Test-Azurestack 测试。Included AzsInfraRoleSummary Test-Azurestack test as UpdateReadiness.
  • 修正了修补和更新期间的 ERCS 内存压力。Remediated ERCS memory pressure during patch & update.
  • 在内部机密轮换中包括了部署提供程序标识证书。Include deployment provider identity certificate into the internal secret rotation.
  • 改进了网络控制器的稳定性。Improved Network Controller stability.
  • 增大了网络控制器日志保留期以帮助诊断。Increased Network Controller log retention to aid in diagnosis.
  • 已默认将 Get-NetView 添加为 Get-AzureStackLog 集合的一部分。Added Get-NetView as a part of Get-AzureStackLog collection by default.
  • 修复了由于证书验证错误,市场下载可能会失败的问题。Fixed an issue where marketplace downloads could fail due to a certificate validation error.
  • 改进了 HealthAgent 二进制转换逻辑。Improved HealthAgent binary switchover logic.
  • 改进了修补和更新 (PnU) 后群集共享卷的重新平衡。Improved cluster shared volumes re-balance after Patch & Update (PnU).
  • 使用了 ADSI 来获取 HealthAgent 中的 localgroup 成员。Used ADSI to fetch localgroup members in HealthAgent.
  • 添加了当 WASP VM 在横向缩减和横向扩展期间无法使用 DNS cmdlet 同步记录和区域时丢失的记录。Added the missing records, when WASP VMs fail to synchronize records and zones by using DNS cmdlet during scale in and scale out.
  • 改进了 PnU 过程中的存储服务可靠性。Improved storage service reliability during PnU.
  • 删除了在创建内部负载均衡器时导致某个问题的公共 IP 配额验证。Removed public IP quota validation which caused an issue when creating an internal load balancer.
  • 改进了 VM 删除可靠性:确保删除无法完整创建或添加到群集的新 VM。Improved reliability of VM deletion: ensure new VMs that could not be fully created or added to the cluster are deleted.
  • 在群集共享卷上检查并强制实施密钥保护程序。Check and enforce key protectors on cluster shared volumes.
  • 修复了导致更新和管理操作失败的“访问被拒绝”问题。Fixed "access denied" issue causing update and admin operations to fail.
  • 修复了 WhsFaultScanner,使其在停滞时重启,以确保正确地为用户生成警报。Fixed WhsFaultScanner to re-launch when it gets stuck to make sure alerts are correctly generated for users.
  • 修复了阻止发出存储重新生成遥测事件的业务流程 bug。Fixed orchestration bug that prevented storage regeneration telemetry events from being emitted.
  • 修复了影响下载后续更新时的可靠性的一个问题。Fixed an issue which impacted the reliability of downloading subsequent updates.
  • 改进了基于业务流程协调程序遥测来诊断故障的能力。Improved ability to diagnose failures based on orchestrator telemetry.
  • 修复了在 2005 PnU 期间将系统存储帐户移动到系统内部订阅时的 SRP 争用情况。Fixed SRP race condition in moving system storage accounts to system internal subscription during 2005 PnU.
  • 修复了服务器延迟指标中的时间单位标度错误Fixed time unit scaling error in the server latency metrics
  • 重启了 SQL VM 以缓解影响对门户进行访问的数据库访问潜在问题。Restarted SQL VMs to mitigate potential issue with database access which affects access to portal.
  • 修复了已删除存储帐户的保留期配置被还原的问题。Fixed an issue in which the configuration of the retention period for deleted storage accounts was reverted.
  • 改进了存储 blob 和表服务的可靠性。Improved reliability of storage blob and table service.
  • 解决了 Send-AzureStackDiagnosticLog PEP cmdlet 中的问题。Addressed issue in the Send-AzureStackDiagnosticLog PEP cmdlet.
  • 增大了发生更新失败时的 HRP 修复时间。Increased the HRP repair time when an update failure occurs.

修补程序信息Hotfix information

若要应用此修补程序,必须具有 1.2005.6.53 或更高版本。To apply this hotfix, you must have version 1.2005.6.53 or later.


2005 更新的发行说明中所述,请确保在运行 Test-AzureStack(使用指定参数)时参考更新活动清单,并解决发现的任何操作问题,包括所有警告和失败。As outlined in the release notes for the 2005 update, make sure that you refer to the update activity checklist on running Test-AzureStack (with specified parameters), and resolve any operational issues that are found, including all warnings and failures. 另外,请查看处于活动状态的警报,并解决所有需要采取措施的警报。Also, review active alerts and resolve any that require action.

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