Azure Stack Hub 更新活动清单Azure Stack Hub update activity checklist

查看此清单,以便准备 Azure Stack Hub 更新。Review this checklist in order to prepare for an Azure Stack Hub update. 本文包含 Azure Stack Hub 操作员的更新相关活动的清单。This article contains a checklist of update-related activities for Azure Stack Hub operators.

准备 Azure Stack Hub 更新Prepare for Azure Stack Hub update

                      活动                                            Activity                       详细信息Details
查看已知问题Review known issues 已知问题列表List of known issues.
查看安全更新Review security updates 安全更新列表List of security updates.
查看加载项资源提供程序更新Review add-on resource provider updates 应用服务App Service
事件中心Event Hubs
应用最新的 OEM 包Apply latest OEM package 请与 OEM 联系,以确保你的系统满足系统要更新到的 Azure Stack Hub 版本的最低 OEM 包要求。Contact your OEM to ensure your system meets the minimum OEM package requirements for the Azure Stack Hub version your system is being updated to. 确保 OEM 包与要更新到的 Azure Stack Hub 版本兼容。Ensure your OEM package is compatible with the Azure Stack Hub version you are updating to. 如果 OEM 包与要更新到的 Azure Stack Hub 版本不兼容,则必须在运行 Azure Stack Hub 更新之前,先执行 OEM 包更新。If your OEM package is not compatible with the Azure Stack Hub version you are updating to, you will need to perform an OEM package update before running an Azure Stack Hub update. 有关说明,请参阅“应用 Azure Stack Hub 原始设备制造商 (OEM) 更新”。For instructions, see "Apply Azure Stack Hub original equipment manufacturer (OEM) updates."
可选:配置日志自动收集Optional: Configure automatic log collection 建议在 Azure Stack Hub 环境的基础上配置日志自动收集,以便在需要开具支持票证时简化收集系统日志的过程。It is recommended that you configure automatic log collection on your Azure Stack Hub environment to streamline the process of collecting system logs in the event that you need to open a support ticket. 若要配置自动收集日志的功能,请参阅主动发送日志中的说明。To configure automatic log collection, see the instructions in Send logs proactively.
应用最新修补程序Apply latest hotfixes 应用适用于当前安装版本的最新修补程序。Apply the latest hotfixes that apply to the currently installed release. 有关最新修补程序的列表,请参阅发行说明中的“修补程序”部分。For a list of the latest hotfixes, see the release notes Hotfixes section.
运行 Capacity Planner 工具Run capacity planner tool 请确保使用最新版本的 Azure Stack Hub Capacity Planner 工具来执行工作负荷规划和大小调整。Make sure to use the latest version of the Azure Stack Hub Capacity Planner tool to perform your workload planning and sizing. 最新版本包含 bug 修复,并提供与每个 Azure Stack Hub 更新一起发布的新功能。The latest version contains bug fixes and provides new features that are released with each Azure Stack Hub update.
运行 Test-AzureStackRun Test-AzureStack 运行 Test-AzureStack -Group UpdateReadiness 确定操作问题。Run Test-AzureStack -Group UpdateReadiness to identify operational issues. 可通过特权终结点会话 (PEP) 访问 Cmdlet。The cmdlet is accessible through the Privileged Endpoint Session (PEP). 有关详细信息,请参阅验证 Azure Stack Hub 系统状态For more information, see Validate Azure Stack Hub system state.
解决问题Resolve issues 解决 Test-AzureStack 确定的任何操作问题。Resolve any operational issues identified by Test-AzureStack.
可用更新Update available 只有在联网场景中,Azure Stack Hub 部署才会定期检查安全的终结点,并在已发布云更新的情况下自动通知你。In connected scenarios only, Azure Stack Hub deployments periodically check a secured endpoint and automatically notify you if an update is available for your cloud. 断开连接的客户可以根据此处所述的过程下载和导入新包。Disconnected customers can download and import new packages using the process described here.
计划维护时段并通知用户Schedule a maintenance window and notify your users 应向用户通知任何维护操作,并尽可能将正常维护时段安排在非工作时间。You should notify users of any maintenance operations, and schedule normal maintenance windows during non-business hours if possible. 维护操作可能会影响现有的租户工作负载,并导致新的租户操作(例如,创建、重新配置或删除 VM)失败,无论操作是从门户启动还是以编程方式从 Azure 资源管理器API 启动。Maintenance operations can affect existing tenant workloads and cause new tenants operations (for example, creating, reconfiguring, or deleting VMs) to fail - whether the operation is initiated from the portal or programmatically from the Azure Resource Manager API. 其他操作(例如备份)在更新完成之前也可能不可用。Other operations such as backup may also be unavailable until the update is complete. 对于 Azure Stack Hub 快速更新和完整更新,可以查看发行说明,预测一下要应用的版本进行更新所需的时间。For Azure Stack Hub express and full updates, you can check the release notes for a forecast of how long the update is expected to take for the version you are applying.

在 Azure Stack Hub 更新期间During Azure Stack Hub update

活动Activity 详细信息Details
管理更新Manage the update 使用运营商门户管理 Azure Stack Hub 中的更新Manage updates in Azure Stack Hub using the operator portal.
监视更新Monitor the update 如果运营商门户不可用,请使用特权终结点监视 Azure Stack Hub 中的更新If the operator portal is unavailable, monitor updates in Azure Stack Hub using the privileged endpoint.
恢复更新Resume updates 在修复失败的更新后,使用特权终结点恢复 Azure Stack Hub 中的更新After remediating a failed update, resume updates in Azure Stack Hub using the privileged endpoint.


在更新期间不要运行 Test-AzureStack,因为这会导致更新停止。Do not run Test-AzureStack during an update, as this causes the update to stall.

无论节点的状态如何,都不要在更新期间运行节点修复。Do not run node repair during an update regardless of its state. 如果需要在更新过程中进行节点修复,请联系 Azure 支持。Please contact Azure Support if node repair is needed during update.

Azure Stack Hub 更新后After Azure Stack Hub update

活动Activity 详细信息Details
应用最新修补程序Apply latest hotfixes 应用适用于已更新版本的最新修补程序。Apply the latest hotfixes applicable to the updated version.
检索加密密钥Retrieve encryption keys 检索静态数据加密密钥,并将其安全存储在 Azure Stack Hub 部署的外部。Retrieve the data at rest encryption keys and securely store them outside of your Azure Stack Hub deployment. 请遵照有关如何检索密钥的说明操作。Follow the instructions on how to retrieve the keys.
重新启用多租户Re-enable multi-tenancy 对于多租户 Azure Stack Hub,请确保在成功更新后配置所有来宾目录租户In case of a multi-tenanted Azure Stack Hub, make sure you configure all guest directory tenants after a successful update.

后续步骤Next steps