Azure Stack Hub 服务、计划、套餐和订阅概述Azure Stack Hub services, plans, offers, subscriptions overview

Azure Stack Hub 是一种混合云平台,通过它可从数据中心提供服务。Azure Stack Hub is a hybrid cloud platform that lets you deliver services from your datacenter. 服务包括虚拟机 (VM)、SQL Server 数据库、SharePoint、Exchange,甚至 Azure 市场项Services include virtual machines (VMs), SQL Server databases, SharePoint, Exchange, and even Azure Marketplace items. 作为服务提供商,可以向租户提供服务。As a service provider, you can offer services to your tenants. 在企业或政府机构中,你可以向员工提供本地服务。Within a business or government agency, you can offer on-premises services to your employees.


Azure Stack Hub 操作员可以使用套餐、计划和订阅来配置及交付服务。As an Azure Stack Hub operator, you configure and deliver services by using offers, plans, and subscriptions. 套餐包含一个或多个计划,而每个计划包含一个或多个配置有配额的服务。Offers contain one or more plans, and each plan includes one or more services, each configured with quotas. 通过创建计划并将其组合成不同的套餐,用户可以订阅该套餐和部署资源。By creating plans and combining them into different offers, users can subscribe to your offers and deploy resources. 此结构可让你管理:This structure lets you manage:

  • 用户可以访问的服务和资源。Which services and resources your users can access.
  • 用户可以使用的资源量。The amount of resources that users can consume.
  • 可以访问资源的区域。Which regions have access to the resources.

若要交付服务,请遵循以下概要步骤:To deliver a service, follow these high-level steps:

  1. 使用以下服务规划服务套餐:Plan your service offering, using:

    • 基础服务,例如计算、存储、网络或 Key Vault。Foundational services, like compute, storage, networking, or Key Vault.
    • 增值服务,例如事件中心、应用服务、SQL Server 或 MySQL Server。Value-add services, like Event Hubs, App Service, SQL Server, or MySQL Server.
  2. 创建包含一个或多个服务的计划。Create a plan that consists of one or more services. 创建计划时,需选择或创建配额,用于定义计划中每个服务的资源限制。When creating a plan, select or create quotas that define the resource limits of each service in the plan.

  3. 创建包含一个或多个计划的套餐。Create an offer that has one or more plans. 套餐可以包含基本计划和可选的附加计划。The offer can include base plans and optional add-on plans.

创建套餐之后,用户可以订阅该套餐,以访问服务并部署资源。After you've created the offer, your users can subscribe to it to access the services and deploy resources. 用户可以根据需要订阅任意数量的产品/服务。Users can subscribe to as many offers as they want. 下图显示了某个用户订阅两个产品/服务的简单示例。The following figure shows a simple example of a user who has subscribed to two offers. 每个套餐包含一个或两个计划,每个计划可让用户访问特定的服务。Each offer has a plan or two, and each plan gives them access to specific services.



你可以提供基础结构即服务 (IaaS) 服务,使用户能够构建按需计算基础结构,并通过 Azure Stack Hub 用户门户进行预配和管理。You can offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) services that enable your users to build an on-demand computing infrastructure, provisioned and managed from the Azure Stack Hub user portal.

还可以通过 Microsoft 和第三方提供商为 Azure Stack Hub 部署平台即服务 (PaaS) 服务。You can also deploy Platform as a Service (PaaS) services for Azure Stack Hub from Microsoft and third-party providers. 可以部署的 PaaS 服务包括但不限于:The PaaS services that you can deploy include, but aren't limited to:

还可以合并服务,以便为不同的用户集成和构建复杂的解决方案。You can also combine services to integrate and build complex solutions for different users.


为了帮助管理云容量,可以使用预配置的配额,或者为计划中的每个服务创建新配额。To help manage your cloud capacity, you can use pre-configured quotas, or create a new quota for each service in a plan. 配额定义用户订阅可以部署或使用的资源上限。Quotas define the upper resource limits that a user subscription can provision or consume. 例如,配额可能允许用户最多创建五个 VM。For example, a quota might allow a user to create up to five VMs.


在用户门户中出现可用的新配额或者强制实施更改的配额可能需要长达两小时的时间。It can take up to two hours for new quotas to be available in the user portal or before a changed quota is enforced.

可以按区域设置配额。You can set up quotas by region. 例如,为区域 A 提供计算服务的计划的配额可以是两个 VM。For example, a plan that provides compute services for Region A could have a quota of two VMs.


在 Azure Stack 开发工具包 (ASDK) 中,只有一个区域(名为 local)可用。In the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK), only one region (named local) is available.

详细了解 Azure Stack Hub 中的配额类型Learn more about quota types in Azure Stack Hub.


计划是对一个或多个服务的分组。Plans are groupings of one or more services. Azure Stack Hub 操作员可以创建计划并将其提供给用户。As an Azure Stack Hub operator, you create plans to offer to your users. 反过来,用户可以订阅套餐,以便使用其所包括的计划和服务。In turn, your users subscribe to your offers to use the plans and services they include. 创建计划时,请务必设置配额、定义基本计划,并考虑包含可选的附加计划。When creating plans, make sure to set your quotas, define your base plans, and consider including optional add-on plans.

基本计划Base plan

创建套餐时,服务管理员可以包含基本计划。When creating an offer, the service administrator can include a base plan. 当用户订阅该套餐时,默认会包括这些基本计划。These base plans are included by default when a user subscribes to that offer. 当用户订阅时,即可访问这些基本计划中指定的所有资源提供程序(附带相应的配额)。When a user subscribes, they have access to all the resource providers specified in those base plans (with the corresponding quotas).


如果一个套餐包含多个基本计划,则这些计划的组合存储容量不能超过存储配额。If an offer has multiple base plans, the combined storage capacity of the plans cannot exceed the storage quota.

附加计划Add-on plans

附加计划是添加到产品/服务的可选计划。Add-on plans are optional plans you add to an offer. 默认情况下,订阅中不包含附加计划。Add-on plans aren't included by default in the subscription. 套餐中提供的附加计划属于额外的计划(附带配额),订户可将其添加订阅中。Add-on plans are additional plans (with quotas) available in an offer that a subscriber can add to their subscriptions. 例如,可以提供具有有限资源的基本计划供试用,并为确定采用服务的客户提供具有更多实质资源的附加计划。For example, you can offer a base plan with limited resources for a trial, and an add-on plan with more substantial resources to customers who decide to adopt the service.


套餐是创建的一个或多个计划的组,使用户能够订阅这些产品/服务。Offers are groups of one or more plans that you create so that users can subscribe to them. 例如:套餐 Alpha 可以包含计划 A 和计划 B,这两个计划分别提供一组计算服务和一组存储与网络服务。For example: Offer Alpha can contain Plan A, which provides a set of compute services, and Plan B, which provides a set of storage and network services.

创建套餐时,必须至少包含一个基本计划,但也可以创建用户可添加到其订阅中的附加计划。When you create an offer, you must include at least one base plan, but you can also create add-on plans that users can add to their subscription.

计划套餐时,请记住以下几点:When you're planning your offers, keep the following points in mind:

试用版套餐:使用试用版套餐吸引新用户,然后这些用户可以再升级到其他服务。Trial offers: You use trial offers to attract new users, who can then upgrade to additional services. 若要创建试用版套餐,请创建一个较小的基本计划,其中包含一个可选的更大加载项计划。To create a trial offer, create a small base plan with an optional larger add-on plan. 或者,可以创建包含较小基本计划的试用版套餐,以及具有较大“预付”计划的单独套餐。Alternatively, you can create a trial offer consisting of a small base plan, and a separate offer with a larger "pay in advance" plan.

容量规划:你可能会担心用户占用大量资源,阻塞所有用户使用的系统。Capacity planning: You might be concerned about users who grab large amounts of resources and clog the system for all users. 若要帮助提高性能,可以配置带有配额的计划以限定使用量上限。To help performance, you can configure your plans with quotas to cap usage.

授权供应商:可以授权其他人在你的环境中创建套餐。Delegated providers: You can grant others the ability to create offers in your environment. 例如,如果你是服务提供商,可以将此功能委托给经销商。For example, if you're a service provider, you can delegate this ability to your resellers. 或者,如果你是组织,则可以委托给其他部门/子公司。Or, if you're an organization, you can delegate to other divisions/subsidiaries.


用户可以通过订阅访问套餐。Subscriptions let users access your offers. 如果你是服务提供商的 Azure Stack Hub 操作员,则用户(租户)可通过订阅你的套餐来购买你的服务。If you're an Azure Stack Hub operator for a service provider, your users (tenants) buy your services by subscribing to your offers. 如果你是组织的 Azure Stack Hub 操作员,则用户(员工)可以订阅你提供的服务,而无需付费。If you're an Azure Stack Hub operator at an organization, your users (employees) can subscribe to the services you offer without paying.

用户可以在登录到 Azure Stack Hub 后,创建新的订阅并获取现有订阅的访问权限。Users create new subscriptions and get access to existing subscriptions by signing in to Azure Stack Hub. 每个订阅代表与单个套餐之间的关联。Each subscription represents an association with a single offer. 分配给一个订阅的套餐(及其计划和配额)无法与其他订阅共享。The offer (and its plans and quotas) assigned to one subscription can't be shared with other subscriptions. 用户创建的每个资源都与一个订阅相关联。Each resource that a user creates is associated with one subscription.

作为 Azure Stack Hub 操作员,你可以查看有关租户订阅的信息,但无法访问这些订阅的内容,除非你是由该订阅的租户管理员通过 RBAC 显式添加的。As an Azure Stack Hub operator, you can see information about tenant subscriptions, but you can't access the contents of those subscriptions unless you are explicitly added through RBAC by a tenant administrator of that subscription. 这使租户可以在 Azure Stack Hub 操作员和租户空间之间实施权力和职责分离。This allows tenants to enforce separation of power and responsibilities between Azure Stack Hub operator and tenant spaces.

这种情况的例外情况是,订阅所有者无法向操作员提供访问订阅的权限,这要求管理员获取订阅的所有权,如更改 Azure Stack Hub 用户订阅的账单所有者中所述。The exception to this case is a situation in which the subscription owner is unable to provide the operator with access to the subscription, which requires the administrator to take ownership of the subscription as discussed in Change the billing owner for an Azure Stack Hub user subscription.

如果 Azure Stack Hub 实例已断开连接,而你有两个不同的域,其中域 1 中的用户创建域 2 中的用户使用的订阅,则某些订阅可能会出现在管理门户中,但不会出现在用户门户中。If your Azure Stack Hub instance is disconnected and you have two different domains where users in domain 1 create subscriptions that users in domain 2 consume, some subscriptions may appear in the admin portal but not appear in the user portal. 若要解决此问题,请让域 1 中的用户为域 2 中的订阅设置正确的 RBAC。To fix this, have the users in domain 1 set the correct RBAC for the subscriptions in domain 2.

默认提供商订阅Default provider subscription

部署 ASDK 时,系统会自动创建默认提供商订阅。The default provider subscription is automatically created when you deploy the ASDK. 此订阅可用于管理 Azure Stack Hub、部署其他资源提供程序,以及为用户创建计划和套餐。This subscription can be used to manage Azure Stack Hub, deploy additional resource providers, and create plans and offers for users. 出于安全和许可的原因,不应使用此订阅来运行客户工作负荷和应用。For security and licensing reasons, it shouldn't be used to run customer workloads and apps. 无法更改默认提供程序订阅的配额。The quota of the default provider subscription can't be changed.

后续步骤Next steps

若要详细了解如何创建计划、套餐和订阅,请从创建计划开始。To learn more about creating plans, offers, and subscriptions, start with Create a plan.