Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心的概述Overview of Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub

使用 Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心可以实现混合云方案。Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub allows you to realize hybrid cloud scenarios. 支持使用基于流式处理和事件的解决方案进行本地处理和 Azure 云处理。Streaming and event-based solutions are supported, for both on-premises and Azure cloud processing. 无论方案是混合(联网)还是离线的,解决方案都支持大规模的事件/流处理。Whether your scenario is hybrid (connected), or disconnected, your solution can support processing of events/streams at large scale. 方案仅受事件中心群集大小的约束,但你可以根据需要预配群集大小。Your scenario is only bound by the Event Hubs Cluster size, which you can provision according to your needs.

在站点上运行事件处理任务并生成事件驱动的应用程序Run event processing tasks and build event-driven applications on site

使用 Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心,可以实现如下业务方案:Using Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub, you can implement business scenarios such as:

  • AI 和机器学习工作负荷,其中的事件中心是事件流式处理引擎。AI and machine learning workloads where Event Hubs is the event streaming engine.
  • 在 Azure 数据中心之外你自己的站点中实现事件驱动的体系结构。Implement event-driven architectures in your own sites outside the Azure data centers.
  • 本地部署的 Web 应用程序的点击流分析。Clickstream analytics for your web application(s) deployed on-premises.
  • 设备遥测分析。Device telemetry analysis.
  • 通过那些使用 Apache Kafka 的开源框架(如 Apache Spark、Flink、Storm 和 Samza)进行流处理。Stream processing with open-source frameworks that use Apache Kafka such as Apache Spark, Flink, Storm, and Samza.
  • 使用计算来宾 OS 指标和事件Consume Compute guest OS metrics and events.

构建混合解决方案Build Hybrid solutions

构建在 Azure Stack Hub 上以本地方式引入和处理边缘数据的混合解决方案。Build hybrid solutions that ingest and process edge data locally on your Azure Stack Hub. 将聚合数据发送到 Azure 进行进一步处理、可视化和存储。Send aggregated data to Azure for further processing, visualization, and storage. 在适当情况下,利用 Azure 上的无服务器计算。If appropriate, leverage serverless computing on Azure.

混合解决方案关系图Hybrid solutions diagram


(Azure Stack Hub 和 Azure 上的)事件中心版本提供高度的功能奇偶一致性。The Event Hubs editions (on Azure Stack Hub and on Azure) offer a high degree of feature parity. 这种奇偶一致性意味着 SDK、示例、PowerShell、CLI 和门户提供类似的体验(差异很小)。This parity means SDKs, samples, PowerShell, CLI, and portals offer a similar experience, with few differences. 下表总结了各版本之间存在的功能可用性的大致差异。The following table summarizes the high-level differences in feature availability that exists between editions.

功能Feature Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub Azure 事件中心Azure Event Hubs
操作员管理员体验Operator administrator experience
Kafka 支持Kafka support
同一套 SDKSame set of SDKs
使用 Azure Active Directory 授予对事件中心的访问权限Authorize access to Event Hubs using Azure Active Directory
捕获功能Capture feature
异地灾难恢复Geo-disaster recovery
Azure MonitorAzure Monitor
自动膨胀功能Auto-inflate feature

还可以使用 Azure 资源管理器模板、PowerShellAzure CLI 完成 Azure 资源管理操作。Azure Resource Management operations can also be accomplished using Azure Resource Manager templates, PowerShell, and Azure CLI. 目前,PowerShell 和 Azure CLI 不支持操作员管理操作。Currently, there's no support for Operator Administration operations in PowerShell and Azure CLI.

功能文档Feature documentation

Azure 事件中心文档适用于以下两个版本的事件中心:Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心和 Azure 事件中心。The Azure Event Hubs documentation applies to both editions of Event Hubs: Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub, and Azure Event Hubs. 此文档介绍的主题涉及如何使用事件中心和活动,例如:This documentation covers topics on using Event Hubs and activities such as:

操作员文档Operator documentation

若要详细了解 Azure Stack Hub 上的事件中心操作员体验,请参阅事件中心操作员文档To learn more about the Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub operator experience, refer to the Event Hubs operator documentation. 此文档提供有关活动的信息,例如:This documentation provides information on activities such as:

  • 安装事件中心。Installing Event Hubs.
  • 使事件中心可供用户使用。Making Event Hubs available to users.
  • 获取有关该服务运行状况的信息。Getting information on the health of the service.
  • 收集日志。Collecting logs.

后续步骤Next steps

如果事件中心在订阅中不可用,请与管理员协作,在 Azure Stack Hub 资源提供程序上安装事件中心If Event Hubs isn't available in your subscription, work with your administrator to install the Event Hubs on Azure Stack Hub resource provider.

如果已安装事件中心并已准备好使用它,请参阅事件中心文档,了解有关该服务的更多详细信息。If you have Event Hubs installed and you're ready to use it, consult the Event Hubs documentation for more details on the service.