Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中心的概述Overview of IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub


Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中心目前为预览版,在预览期间可免费使用。IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub is currently in preview, and is provided free during the preview period.

通过 Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中心,可以创建混合 IoT 解决方案。IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub allows you to create hybrid IoT solutions. IoT 中心是一项托管服务,充当消息中心,用于在 IoT 应用程序与所管理的设备之间进行双向通信。IoT Hub is a managed service, acts as a central message hub for bi-directional communication between your IoT application and the devices it manages. 可以使用 Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中心,在 IoT 设备和本地解决方案后端之间建立可靠又安全的通信,生成 IoT 解决方案。You can use IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub to build IoT solutions with reliable and secure communications between IoT devices and a on-prem solution backend.


功能Feature Azure 上的 IoT 中心IoT Hub on Azure Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中心预览版 (S2/S3)IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub preview (S2/S3)
设备到云的遥测Device-to-cloud telemetry
云到设备的消息传送Cloud-to-device messaging
每设备标识Per-device identity
消息路由 1,4Message routing 1, 4
监视和诊断Monitoring and diagnostics
云到设备的消息传送Cloud-to-device messaging
设备管理、设备孪生、模块孪生Device management, device twin, module twin
孪生通知、设备生命周期事件Twin notifications, device life cycle events
边缘分层部署Edge layered deployment 即将推出coming
管理员门户 2Administrator portal 2
机密轮换 2Secret rotation 2
容量管理 2Capacity management 2
备份和还原 3Backup & restore 3
DeviceConnected、DeviceDisconnected、ASC 4DeviceConnected, DeviceDisconnected, ASC 4
设备模块配置Device module configuration 即将推出coming
设备流式处理、IoT 即插即用、作业、文件上传 5Device streaming, IoT plug and play, jobs, file upload 5
使用事件网格监视设备连接状态 4Monitor device connection state using Event Grid 4
故障转移 6Failover 6

1 仅限于内置终结点、事件中心和存储。1 Limited to built-in endpoints, Event Hubs and Storage. Azure Stack Hub 不提供服务总线。Service Bus is not available on Azure Stack Hub.
2 供操作员在 ASH 上管理 IoT 中心。2 For operators to manage IoT Hub on ASH.
3 预览版中提供备份。3 Backup is available in preview release. 正式版将支持还原。Restore will be supported in GA.
4 依赖于 Azure Stack Hub 中不提供的其他服务。4 Depends on other services that are not available on Azure Stack Hub.
5 在迁移到 Azure Stack Hub 的路线图中。5 In the roadmap to bring to Azure Stack Hub.
6 在 Azure Stack Hub 中不适用。6 Not applicable on Azure Stack Hub.

Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中心提供的 APIAPI available for IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub

APIAPIs Azure Stack Hub 上的 IoT 中心IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub
Apply Configuration On DeviceApply Configuration On Device
Configuration CreateConfiguration Create
Configuration DeleteConfiguration Delete
Configuration ReadConfiguration Read
Configuration Read ManyConfiguration Read Many
Configuration Service ApplyConfiguration Service Apply
Configuration UpdateConfiguration Update
Device Direct Invoke MethodDevice Direct Invoke Method
Unregister DeviceUnregister Device
Get DevicesGet Devices
Update Module TwinUpdate Module Twin
D2C Get TwinD2C Get Twin
导入设备Import Devices
Get TwinGet Twin
Unregister ModuleUnregister Module
更新设备Update Device
Update ModuleUpdate Module
Query DevicesQuery Devices
导出设备Export Devices
Back up and Restore – ADMBack up and Restore – ADM
Replace TwinReplace Twin
Back up and Restore – DSSBack up and Restore – DSS
D2C Notify DesiredPropertiesD2C Notify DesiredProperties
D2C Patch ReportedPropertiesD2C Patch ReportedProperties
Get Module TwinGet Module Twin
Module D2C Get TwinModule D2C Get Twin
获取模块Get Module
Module D2C Notify DesiredPropertiesModule D2C Notify DesiredProperties
Module D2C Patch ReportedPropertiesModule D2C Patch ReportedProperties
Module Direct Invoke MethodModule Direct Invoke Method
Update TwinUpdate Twin
Bulk Device OperationsBulk Device Operations
Device to Cloud TelemetryDevice to Cloud Telemetry
注册设备Register Device
Register ModuleRegister Module
Replace Module TwinReplace Module Twin
Get DeviceGet Device
Partition Move/Role ChangePartition Move/Role Change

Azure Cloud 上的 IoT 中心和 Azure Stack 上的 IoT 中心的区别Differences between IoT Hub on Azure Cloud and IoT Hub on Azure Stack

方面Aspect Cloud 上的 IoT 中心IoT Hub on Cloud Stack 上的 IoT 中心IoT Hub on Stack
消息消耗Message Consumption /iot-hub/iot-hub-devguide-messages-read-builtin/iot-hub/iot-hub-devguide-messages-read-builtin 默认情况下,消息将路由到与事件中心兼容的内置面向服务的终结点 (messages/events) 中。By default, messages are routed to the built-in service-facing endpoint (messages/events) that is compatible with Event Hubs. 在 Azure 云上,可以通过提供 IoT 中心连接字符串或事件中心连接字符串从终结点访问消息。On Azure cloud, you can access the messages from the end point by providing either IoT Hub connection string or Event Hub connection string. 但是,在 Azure Stack Hub 上,只支持事件中心连接字符串。However, on Azure Stack hub, only event hub connection string is supported.

后续步骤Next Steps

如果 IoT 中心在订阅中不可用,请与管理员协作,在 Azure Stack Hub 资源提供程序上安装 IoT 中心If IoT Hub isn't available in your subscription, work with your administrator to install the IoT Hub on Azure Stack Hub resource provider.

若要了解如何使用 IoT 中心,请参阅 Azure IoT 中心文档To learn how to use IoT Hub, refer to the Azure IoT Hub documentation.