Azure 备份的 Azure Policy 内置定义Azure Policy built-in definitions for Azure Backup

此页是 Azure 备份的 Azure Policy 内置策略定义的索引。This page is an index of Azure Policy built-in policy definitions for Azure Backup. 有关其他服务的其他 Azure Policy 内置定义,请参阅 Azure Policy 内置定义For additional Azure Policy built-ins for other services, see Azure Policy built-in definitions.

每个内置策略定义链接(指向 Azure 门户中的策略定义)的名称。The name of each built-in policy definition links to the policy definition in the Azure portal. 使用“版本”列中的链接查看 Azure Policy GitHub 存储库上的源。Use the link in the Version column to view the source on the Azure Policy GitHub repo.

Azure 备份Azure Backup

名称Name 说明Description 效果Effect(s) 版本Version GitHubGitHub
应为虚拟机启用 Azure 备份Azure Backup should be enabled for Virtual Machines 此策略可帮助审核是否为所有虚拟机启用了 Azure 备份服务。This policy helps audit if Azure Backup service is enabled for all Virtual machines. Azure 备份是一个经济高效的一键式备份解决方案,可简化数据恢复,并且比其他云备份服务更易于启用。Azure Backup is a cost-effective, one-click backup solution simplifies data recovery and is easier to enable than other cloud backup services. AuditIfNotExists、DisabledAuditIfNotExists, Disabled 链接Link
将某个位置的 VM 的备份配置到同一位置中的现有中央保管库Configure backup on VMs of a location to an existing central Vault in the same location 此策略将给定位置的虚拟机上的 Azure 备份保护配置到同一位置中的现有中央保管库。This policy configures Azure Backup protection on VMs in a given location to an existing central vault in the same location. 它仅适用于尚未配置备份的那些 VM。It applies to only those VMs that are not already configured for backup. 建议将此策略分配给不超过 200 个 VM。It is recommended that this policy is assigned to not more than 200 VMs. 如果将此策略分配给超过 200 个 VM,它可能会导致备份在定义的计划过去几小时后才被触发。If the policy is assigned for more than 200 VMs, it can result in the backup getting triggered a few hours beyond the defined schedule. 此策略将进行增强以支持更多 VM 映像。This policy will be enhanced to support more VM images. deployIfNotExists、auditIfNotExists、disableddeployIfNotExists, auditIfNotExists, disabled 链接Link
将恢复服务保管库的诊断设置部署到资源专有类别的 Log Analytics 工作区。Deploy Diagnostic Settings for Recovery Services Vault to Log Analytics workspace for resource specific categories. 部署恢复服务保管库的诊断设置,以便将数据流式传输到资源专有类别的 Log Analytics 工作区。Deploy Diagnostic Settings for Recovery Services Vault to stream to Log Analytics workspace for Resource specific categories. 如果未启用任何资源专有类别,则会新建诊断设置。If any of the Resource specific categories are not enabled, a new diagnostic setting is created. deployIfNotExistsdeployIfNotExists 1.0.0-preview1.0.0-preview 链接Link

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