az account

Manage Azure subscription information.


az account alias

Manage subscription alias.

az account alias create

Create Alias Subscription.

az account alias delete

Delete Alias.

az account alias list

List Alias Subscriptions.

az account alias show

Get Alias Subscription.

az account alias wait

Place the CLI in a waiting state until a condition of the account alias is met.

az account subscription

Manage subscriptions.

az account subscription cancel

Cancel subscription.

az account subscription enable

Enable subscription.

az account subscription list

Get all subscriptions for a tenant.

az account subscription list-location

This operation provides all the locations that are available for resource providers; however, each resource provider may support a subset of this list.

az account subscription rename

Rename subscription.

az account subscription show

Get details about a specified subscription.

az account tenant

Manage tenant.

az account tenant list

Get the tenants for your account.