az account Manage Azure subscription information.
az acr Manage private registries with Azure Container Registries.
az ad Manage Azure Active Directory Graph entities needed for Role Based Access Control.
az advisor Manage Azure Advisor.
az appservice Manage App Service plans.
az backup Manage Azure Backups.
az batch Manage Azure Batch.
az bot Manage Microsoft Bot Services.
az cloud Manage registered Azure clouds.
az cognitiveservices Manage Azure Cognitive Services accounts.
az configure Manage Azure CLI configuration. This command is interactive.
az cosmosdb Manage Azure Cosmos DB database accounts.
az deployment Manage Azure Resource Manager deployments at subscription scope.
az disk Manage Azure Managed Disks.
az eventhubs Manage Azure Event Hubs namespaces, eventhubs, consumergroups and geo recovery configurations - Alias.
az extension Manage and update CLI extensions.
az feature Manage resource provider features.
az feedback Send feedback to the Azure CLI Team!
az find Find Azure CLI commands.
az functionapp Manage function apps.
az group Manage resource groups and template deployments.
az hdinsight Manage HDInsight clusters.
az image Manage custom virtual machine images.
az iot Manage Internet of Things (IoT) assets.
az iotcentral Manage IoT Central assets.
az keyvault Manage KeyVault keys, secrets, and certificates.
az lock Manage Azure locks.
az login Log in to Azure.
az logout Log out to remove access to Azure subscriptions.
az mariadb Manage Azure Database for MariaDB servers.
az monitor Manage the Azure Monitor Service.
az mysql Manage Azure Database for MySQL servers.
az network Manage Azure Network resources.
az policy Manage resource policies.
az postgres Manage Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers.
az provider Manage resource providers.
az redis Manage dedicated Redis caches for your Azure applications.
az relay Manage Azure Relay Service namespaces, WCF relays, hybrid connections, and rules.
az resource Manage Azure resources.
az role Manage user roles for access control with Azure Active Directory and service principals.
az search Manage Azure Search services, admin keys and query keys.
az servicebus Manage Azure Service Bus namespaces, queues, topics, subscriptions, rules and geo-disaster recovery configuration alias.
az sf Manage and administer Azure Service Fabric clusters.
az sig Manage shared image gallery.
az signalr Manage Azure SignalR Service.
az snapshot Manage point-in-time copies of managed disks, native blobs, or other snapshots.
az sql Manage Azure SQL Databases and Data Warehouses.
az storage Manage Azure Cloud Storage resources.
az tag Manage resource tags.
az vm Manage Linux or Windows virtual machines.
az vmss Manage groupings of virtual machines in an Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS).
az webapp Manage web apps.

az configure

Manage Azure CLI configuration. This command is interactive.

az configure [--defaults]


Set default resource group, webapp and VM names.

az configure --defaults group=myRG web=myweb vm=myvm

Clear default webapp and VM names.

az configure --defaults vm='' web=''

Optional Parameters

--defaults -d

Space-separated 'name=value' pairs for common argument defaults.

az feedback

Send feedback to the Azure CLI Team!

az feedback

az find

Find Azure CLI commands.

az find --search-query


Search for commands containing 'vm' or 'secret'

az find -q vm secret

Required Parameters

--search-query -q

Query text to find.

Optional Parameters


Clear the current index and reindex the command modules.

az login

Log in to Azure.

az login [--allow-no-subscriptions]


Log in interactively.

az login

Log in with user name and password. This doesn't work with Microsoft accounts or accounts that have two-factor authentication enabled.

az login -u -p VerySecret

Log in with a service principal using client secret.

az login --service-principal -u http://azure-cli-2016-08-05-14-31-15 -p VerySecret --tenant

Log in with a service principal using client certificate.

az login --service-principal -u http://azure-cli-2016-08-05-14-31-15 -p ~/mycertfile.pem --tenant

Log in using a VM's system assigned identity

az login --identity

Log in using a VM's user assigned identity. Client or object ids of the service identity also work

az login --identity -u /subscriptions/<subscriptionId>/resourcegroups/myRG/providers/Microsoft.ManagedIdentity/userAssignedIdentities/myID

Optional Parameters


Support access tenants without subscriptions. It's uncommon but useful to run tenant level commands, such as 'az ad'.

--identity -i

Log in using the Virtual Machine's identity.

--password -p

Credentials like user password, or for a service principal, provide client secret or a pem file with key and public certificate. Will prompt if not given.


The credential representing a service principal.

--tenant -t

The AAD tenant, must provide when using service principals.


Use CLI's old authentication flow based on device code. CLI will also use this if it can't launch a browser in your behalf, e.g. in remote SSH or Cloud Shell.

--username -u

User name, service principal, or managed service identity ID.

az logout

Log out to remove access to Azure subscriptions.

az logout [--username]

Optional Parameters


Account user, if missing, logout the current active account.