Azure 认知服务的支持和帮助选项Azure Cognitive Services support and help options

你是否刚开始探索 Azure 认知服务的功能?Are you just starting to explore the functionality of Azure Cognitive Services? 也许你正在应用程序中实现一项新功能。Perhaps you are implementing a new feature in your application. 或者,在使用该服务后,你是否对如何改进它有任何建议?Or after using the service, do you have suggestions on how to improve it? 对于认知服务,你可以通过以下方式获取支持、随时了解最新信息、提供反馈和报告 bug。Here are options for where you can get support, stay up-to-date, give feedback, and report bugs for Cognitive Services.

创建 Azure 支持请求Create an Azure support request

Azure support

浏览 Azure 支持选项的范围并选择最适合的计划,无论你是刚刚开始使用云的开发人员,还是部署业务关键型战略应用程序的大型组织。Explore the range of Azure support options and choose the plan that best fits, whether you're a developer just starting your cloud journey or a large organization deploying business-critical, strategic applications. Azure 客户可在 Azure 门户中创建和管理支持请求。Azure customers can create and manage support requests in the Azure portal.

在 Microsoft 问答上发布问题Post a question on Microsoft Q&A

若要快速地从 Microsoft 工程师、Azure 最有价值专家 (MVP) 或我们的专家社区那里获得技术产品问题的可靠答案,请在 Microsoft Q&A 上与我们联系 - 这是 Azure 的首选社区支持位置。For quick and reliable answers on your technical product questions from Microsoft Engineers, Azure Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), or our expert community, engage with us on Microsoft Q&A, Azure's preferred destination for community support.

如果通过搜索未找到你的问题的解答,请在 Microsoft 问答中提交新问题。If you can't find an answer to your problem using search, submit a new question to Microsoft Q&A. 提问时,请使用以下标记之一:Use one of the following tags when you ask your question:





在 Stack Overflow 上发布问题Post a question to Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow

要通过最大的社区开发者生态系统获取开发人员问题的解答,请在 Stack Overflow 上提问。For answers on your developer questions from the largest community developer ecosystem, ask your question on Stack Overflow.

如果确实要向 Stack Overflow 提交新问题,请在创建问题时使用以下一个或多个标记:If you do submit a new question to Stack Overflow, please use one or more of the following tags when you create the question:





在 User Voice 上提交反馈Submit feedback on User Voice


若要请求新功能,请将其发布到 UserVoice。To request new features, post them on UserVoice. 针对如何让认知服务及其 API 更好地服务于你开发的应用程序,分享你的想法。Share your ideas for making Cognitive Services and its APIs work better for the applications you develop.

服务Service 认知服务 UserVoice URLCognitive Services UserVoice URL
计算机视觉Computer Vision
内容审查器Content Moderator
语言理解 (LUIS)Language Understanding (LUIS)
语音服务Speech Services
自定义语音识别Custom Speech
文本分析Text Analytics

随时获取最新信息Stay informed

在 Azure 博客中随时了解新版本的功能或新闻,这可以帮助你了解编程错误、服务 bug 与认知服务中尚未提供的功能之间的差异。Staying informed about features in a new release or news on the Azure blog can help you find the difference between a programming error, a service bug, or a feature not yet available in Cognitive Services.

  • Azure 更新中详细了解产品更新、路线图和公告。Learn more about product updates, roadmap, and announcements in Azure Updates.
  • 有关认知服务的新闻在 Azure 博客中共享。News about Cognitive Services is shared in the Azure blog.

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