迁移到 Azure 创作资源的步骤Steps to migrate to the Azure authoring resource

从语言理解 (LUIS) 门户中,迁移你拥有的所有应用以使用 Azure 创作资源。From the Language Understanding (LUIS) portal, migrate all the apps you own to use the Azure authoring resource.


  • 可选:通过导出每个应用或使用导出 API,对 LUIS 门户的应用列表中的应用进行备份。Optionally, backup the apps from the LUIS portal's apps list by exporting each app or use the export API.
  • 可选:保存每个应用的协作者列表。Optionally, save each app's collaborator's list. 在迁移过程中,可向所有协作者发送电子邮件。All collaborators can be sent an email as part of the migration process.
  • 必需:需要具备 Azure 订阅Required, you need to have an Azure subscription. 订阅过程中需要帐单信息。A part of the subscription process does require billing information. 但是,如果使用 LUIS,可以使用免费 (F0) 定价层。However, you can use Free (F0) pricing tiers when you use LUIS. 随着使用量的增加,你最终可能会发现需要付费层。You may eventually find you need a paid tier, as your usage increases.

如果没有 Azure 订阅,请进行注册If you do not have an Azure subscription, sign up.

访问迁移过程Access the migration process

每周一次,系统都会提示你迁移应用。On a weekly basis, you are prompted to migrate your apps. 无需迁移即可取消此窗口。You can cancel this window without migrating. 如果要在下一个计划的时间段之前迁移,可以从 LUIS 门户顶部工具栏上的“Azure”图标开始迁移过程。If you want to migrate before the next scheduled period, you can begin the migration process from the Azure icon on the top tool bar of the LUIS portal.

“迁移”图标Migration icon

应用所有者开始迁移过程App owner begins the migration process

如果你是任何 LUIS 应用的所有者,则可以使用该迁移过程。The migration process is available if you are the owner of any LUIS apps.

  1. 登录 LUIS 门户并同意使用条款。Sign in to LUIS portal and agree to the terms of use.

  2. 使用“迁移”弹出窗口可以继续迁移或稍后进行迁移。The migration pop-up window allows you to continue the migration or migrate later. 选择“立即迁移”。Select Migrate now. 如果选择稍后迁移,那么你有 9 个月的时间可用于迁移到 Azure 中新的创作密钥。If you choose to migrate later, you have 9 months to migrate to the new authoring key in Azure.


  3. (可选)如果你的任何应用有协作者,则系统会提示你向他们发送一封电子邮件,让他们了解迁移情况。Optionally, if any of your apps have collaborators, you are prompted to send them an email letting them know about the migration. 这是可选步骤。This is an optional step.

    一旦你将帐户迁移到 Azure,你的应用将不再可供协作者使用。Once you have migrated your account to Azure, your apps will no longer be available to collaborators.

    对于每个协作者和应用,会打开默认的电子邮件应用程序,显示一封格式简单的电子邮件。For each collaborator and app, the default email application opens with a lightly formatted email. 可以在发送电子邮件之前对其进行编辑。You can edit the email before sending it.

    电子邮件模板包含确切的应用 ID 和应用名称。The email template includes the exact app ID and app name.

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I will be migrating my LUIS account to Azure. Consequently, you will no longer have access to the following app:
    App Id: <app-ID-omitted>
    App name: Human Resources
    Thank you
  4. 选择创建 LUIS 创作资源,具体方法是选择使用现有的创作资源或创建新的创作资源。Choose to create a LUIS authoring resource by selecting to use an existing authoring resource or to create a new authoring resource.

    创建创作资源Create authoring resource

  5. 在下一个窗口中,输入资源密钥信息。In the next window, enter your resource key information. 输入信息后,选择“创建资源”。After you enter the information, select Create resource. 每个区域的每个订阅可以有 10 个免费创作资源。You can have 10 free authoring resources per region, per subscription.


    创建新的创作资源时,请提供以下信息:When creating a new authoring resource, provide the following information:

    • 资源名称 - 你选择的自定义名称,用作创作和预测终结点查询的 URL 的一部分。Resource name - a custom name you choose, used as part of the URL for your authoring and prediction endpoint queries.
    • 租户 - 与 Azure 订阅关联的租户。Tenant - the tenant your Azure subscription is associated with.
    • 订阅名称 - 将对资源计费的订阅。Subscription name - the subscription that will be billed for the resource.
    • 资源组 - 你选择或创建的自定义资源组名称。Resource group - a custom resource group name you choose or create. 使用资源组可将 Azure 资源分组,以便进行访问和管理。Resource groups allow you to group Azure resources for access and management.
    • 位置 - 位置选项基于资源组选择。Location - the location choice is based on the resource group selection.
    • 定价层 - 定价层确定每秒和每月的最大事务数。Pricing tier - the pricing tier determines the maximum transaction per second and month.
  6. 验证创作资源并立即迁移Validate your authoring resource and Migrate now.


  7. 创建了创作资源后,会显示成功消息。When the authoring resource is created, the success message is shown. 选择“关闭”以关闭弹出窗口。Select Close to close the pop-up window.


    “我的应用”列表显示了已迁移到新创作资源的应用。The My apps list shows the apps migrated to the new authoring resource.

    无需知道创作资源的密钥即可继续在 LUIS 门户中编辑应用。You don't need to know the authoring resource's key to continue editing your apps in the LUIS portal. 如果你计划以编程方式编辑应用,那么你需要这些创作密钥值。If you plan to edit your apps programmatically, you need the authoring key values. 这些值显示在 LUIS 门户中的“管理”->“Azure 资源”页上,也可以在 Azure 门户中资源的“密钥”页上找到。These values are displayed on the Manage -> Azure resources page in the LUIS portal and are also available in the Azure portal on the resource's Keys page.

  8. 在访问应用之前,请选择订阅和 LUIS 创作资源,以查看可以创作的应用。Before accessing your apps, select the subscription and LUIS authoring resource to see the apps you can author.

    选择订阅和 LUIS 创作资源,以查看可以创作的应用。Select subscription and LUIS authoring resource to see the apps your can author.

应用参与者开始迁移过程App contributor begins the migration process

按照与应用所有者相同的步骤进行迁移。Follow the same steps as the app owner for migration. 此过程将创建一个 LUIS.Authoring 类型的新创作资源。The process creates a new authoring resource of kind LUIS.Authoring.

你需要迁移你的帐户,以便作为参与者添加到其他人拥有的已迁移应用。You need to migrate your account in order to be added as a contributor to migrated apps owned by others.

迁移过程完成后,将参与者添加到创作资源After the migration process, add contributors to your authoring resource

如果应用需要由他人创作,则需在 Azure 门户的创作资源中添加关联的电子邮件地址。If your apps need to be authored by other people, you need to add the associated email addresses in the Azure portal's authoring resource.

如果你是 Azure 订阅的所有者或管理员,则可将参与者添加到资源。If you're the owner or administrator of your Azure subscription, you can add a contributor to the resource.

如果你不是 Azure 订阅的所有者或管理员,则你的 Azure 帐户需要具有 Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/write 权限。If you're not the owner or administrator of your Azure subscription, your Azure account needs to have Microsoft.Authorization/roleAssignments/write permissions.

如果在执行此角色分配时遇到问题,请查看:If you have trouble with this role assignment, review:

了解如何添加参与者Learn how to add contributors.

排查迁移过程中的错误Troubleshooting errors with the migration process

如果在迁移过程中从 LUIS 门户中显示的红色通知栏收到 MissingSubscriptionRegistration 错误,请在 Azure 门户Azure CLI 中创建认知服务资源。If you receive a MissingSubscriptionRegistration error in the LUIS portal with a red notification bar during the migration process, create a Cognitive Service resource in the Azure portal or Azure CLI. 详细了解造成此错误的原因Learn more about causes of this error.

后续步骤Next steps