LUIS 应用的货币预生成实体Currency prebuilt entity for a LUIS app

预构建货币实体检测许多国家/地区/区域中许多面额的货币,无论 LUIS 应用语言区域是怎样的。The prebuilt currency entity detects currency in many denominations and countries/regions, regardless of LUIS app culture. 此实体已定型,因此不需要将包含货币的陈述示例添加到应用程序意向中。Because this entity is already trained, you do not need to add example utterances containing currency to the application intents. 许多语言区域都支持货币实体。Currency entity is supported in many cultures.

货币类型Types of currency

货币托管在 Recognizers-text GitHub 存储库中Currency is managed from the Recognizers-text GitHub repository

货币实体的解析Resolution for currency entity

以下 JSON 的 verbose 参数设置为 falseThe following JSON is with the verbose parameter set to false:

"entities": {
    "money": [
            "number": 10.99,
            "units": "Dollar"

后续步骤Next steps

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