LUIS 应用的 GeographyV2 预生成实体GeographyV2 prebuilt entity for a LUIS app

预构建的 geographyV2 可以检测地点。The prebuilt geographyV2 entity detects places. 由于此实体已经过训练,因此不需要将包含 GeographyV2 的陈述示例添加到应用程序意向中。Because this entity is already trained, you do not need to add example utterances containing GeographyV2 to the application intents. GeographyV2 实体支持英语区域性GeographyV2 entity is supported in English culture.


地理位置具有以下子类型:The geographical locations have subtypes:

子类型Subtype 目的Purpose
poi 兴趣点point of interest
city 城市名称name of city
countryRegion 国家/地区或区域名称name of country or region
continent 洲名称name of continent
state 省/自治区/直辖市名称name of state or province

GeographyV2 实体的解析Resolution for GeographyV2 entity

查询返回以下实体对象:The following entity objects are returned for the query:

Carol is visiting the sphinx in gizah egypt in africa before heading to texas.

以下 JSON 的 verbose 参数设置为 falseThe following JSON is with the verbose parameter set to false:

"entities": {
    "geographyV2": [
            "value": "the sphinx",
            "type": "poi"
            "value": "gizah",
            "type": "city"
            "value": "egypt",
            "type": "countryRegion"
            "value": "africa",
            "type": "continent"
            "value": "texas",
            "type": "state"

在上述 JSON 中,poi兴趣点 的缩写。In the preceding JSON, poi is an abbreviation for Point of Interest .

后续步骤Next steps

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