Java 批量执行程序库:下载信息Java bulk executor library: Download information

说明Description 批量执行程序库允许客户端应用程序在 Azure Cosmos DB 帐户中执行批量操作。The bulk executor library allows client applications to perform bulk operations in Azure Cosmos DB accounts. 批量执行程序库提供 BulkImport 和 BulkUpdate 命名空间。bulk executor library provides BulkImport, and BulkUpdate namespaces. BulkImport 模块可以批量以优化方式引入文档,以便最大程度地使用为集合配置的吞吐量。The BulkImport module can bulk ingest documents in an optimized way such that the throughput provisioned for a collection is consumed to its maximum extent. BulkUpdate 模块可以作为修补程序批量更新 Azure Cosmos 容器中的现有数据。The BulkUpdate module can bulk update existing data in Azure Cosmos containers as patches.
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GitHub 中的批量执行程序库Bulk executor library in GitHub GitHubGitHub
API 文档API documentation Java API 参考文档Java API reference documentation
入门Get started 批量执行程序库 Java SDK 入门Get started with the bulk executor library Java SDK
受支持的最小运行时Minimum supported runtime Java 开发工具包 (JDK) 7+Java Development Kit (JDK) 7+

发行说明Release notes

  • 修复了,以从 JSON 中正确提取嵌套的分区键值。Fix for to correctly extract nested partition key values from json.

  • 在 BulkDelete 操作中添加了相应的功能,以便在发生特定的失败后重试,并向用户返回可重试的失败列表。Add functionality in BulkDelete operations to retry on specific failures and also return a list of failures to the user that could be retried.

  • Cosmos SDK 版本 2.4.7 的更新。Update for Cosmos SDK version 2.4.7.

  • 修复了“mergeAll”,使之能够在遇到“id”和分区键值时继续运行,以便将“id”和分区键值后面的所有已修补文档属性添加到更新的项列表。Fix for 'mergeAll' to continue on 'id' and partition key value so that any patched document properties which are placed after 'id' and partition key value get added to the updated item list.

  • 已将起始并发度更新为 1,并增加了 minibatch 的调试日志。Update start degree of concurrency to 1 and added debug logs for minibatch.