适用于 SQL API 的 Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK:发行说明和资源Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK for SQL API: Release notes and resources

适用于: SQL API

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当前受支持的平台Current supported platform Python 2.7Python 3.6+Python 2.7 and Python 3.6+

版本历史记录Release history

Bug 修复Bug fixes

  • 修复了在使用 query_iterable 按页获取结果时未遵守延续令牌的 bug。Fixed bug where continuation token is not honored when query_iterable is used to get results by page.
  • 修复了未遵守资源令牌以进行文档读取和删除的 bug。Fixed bug where resource tokens not being honored for document reads and deletes.

新功能New features

  • 添加了对在查询更改源时传递 partitionKey 的支持。Added support for passing partitionKey while querying Change-Feed.

  • 对“延迟”索引模式添加了弃用警告。Added deprecation warning for "lazy" indexing mode. 后端不再允许使用此模式创建容器,而是将它们设置为一致。The backend no longer allows creating containers with this mode and will set them to consistent instead.

新功能New features

  • 添加了在创建新容器时设置分析存储 TTL 的功能。Added the ability to set the analytical storage TTL when creating a new container.

Bug 修复Bug fixes

  • 修复了对将 dicts 作为 get_client API 的输入的支持。Fixed support for dicts as inputs for get_client APIs.
  • 修复了查询迭代器中的 Python 2/3 兼容性。Fixed Python 2/3 compatibility in query iterators.
  • 修复了类型提示错误。Fixed type hint error.
  • 修复了选项标头未添加到 upsert_item 函数的 bug。Fixed bug where options headers were not added to upsert_item function.
  • 修复了在项中使用非字符串 ID 时引发的错误。Fixed error raised when a non-string ID is used in an item. 它现在引发 TypeError 而不是 AttributeError。It now raises TypeError rather than AttributeError.

  • 稳定版。Stable release.
  • 将 HttpLoggingPolicy 添加到管道,以传入请求和响应标头的自定义记录器。Added HttpLoggingPolicy to pipeline to enable passing in a custom logger for request and response headers.


  • 为媒体 API 修复了 synchronized_request 中的 bug。Fixed bug in synchronized_request for media APIs.
  • 由于不支持媒体请求,因此从 ConnectionPolicy 中删除了 MediaReadMode 和 MediaRequestTimeout。Removed MediaReadMode and MediaRequestTimeout from ConnectionPolicy as media requests are not supported.


  • azure.cosmos.errors 模块已弃用,并替换为 azure.cosmos.exceptionazure.cosmos.errors module deprecated and replaced by azure.cosmos.exceptions

  • 访问条件参数(access_conditionif_matchif_none_match)已弃用,现在使用单独的 match_conditionetag 参数。The access condition parameters (access_condition, if_match, if_none_match) have been deprecated in favor of separate match_condition and etag parameters.

  • 修复了路由映射提供程序中的 bug。Fixed bug in routing map provider.

  • 添加了查询 Distinct、Offset 和 Limit 支持。Added query Distinct, Offset, and Limit support.

  • 默认文档查询执行上下文现在用于Default document query execution context now used for

    • 更改源查询Change Feed queries
    • 单个分区查询(选项中显示了 partitionkeypartitionKeyRangeIdsingle partition queries (partitionkey, partitionKeyRangeId is present in options)
    • 非文档查询Non-document queries
  • 多个分区上出现聚合错误,“启用跨分区查询”设置为 true,但无“value”关键字Errors out for aggregates on multiple partitions, with enable cross partition query set to true, but no "value" keyword present

  • 命中其他方案的查询计划终结点以获取查询计划Hits query plan endpoint for other scenarios to fetch query plan

  • 添加了对 Cosmos 实体对象的 __repr__ 支持。Added __repr__ support for Cosmos entity objects.

  • 已更新的文档。Updated documentation.


  • 为所有操作添加了对 timeout 关键字参数的支持,用于指定绝对超时时间(以秒为单位),操作必须在该时间内完成。Added support for a timeout keyword argument to all operations to specify an absolute timeout in seconds within which the operation must be completed. 如果超过超时值,将引发 azure.cosmos.errors.CosmosClientTimeoutErrorIf the timeout value is exceeded, a azure.cosmos.errors.CosmosClientTimeoutError will be raised.

  • 添加了新的 ConnectionRetryPolicy,用于在 HTTP 连接错误期间管理重试行为。Added a new ConnectionRetryPolicy to manage retry behavior during HTTP connection errors.

  • 添加了新的构造函数和每个操作的配置关键字参数:Added new constructor and per-operation configuration keyword arguments:

    • retry_total - 最大重试次数。retry_total - Maximum retry attempts.
    • retry_backoff_max - 最大重试等待时间(以秒为单位)。retry_backoff_max - Maximum retry wait time in seconds.
    • retry_fixed_interval - 固定的重试间隔(以毫秒为单位)。retry_fixed_interval - Fixed retry interval in milliseconds.
    • retry_read - 最大套接字读取重试次数。retry_read - Maximum number of sockets read retry attempts.
    • retry_connect - 最大连接错误重试次数。retry_connect - Maximum number of connection error retry attempts.
    • retry_status - 出现错误状态代码时的最大重试次数。retry_status - Maximum number of retry attempts on error status codes.
    • retry_on_status_codes - 在出现时要执行重试操作的特定状态代码的列表。retry_on_status_codes - A list of specific status codes to retry on.
    • retry_backoff_factor - 计算重试尝试之间的间隔时间时要纳入的因素。retry_backoff_factor - Factor to calculate wait time between retry attempts.


  • 分别将 create_database_if_not_exists()create_container_if_not_exists 功能添加到了 CosmosClient 和数据库。Added create_database_if_not_exists() and create_container_if_not_exists functionalities to CosmosClient and Database respectively.


  • 版本 4.0.0b2 是我们以构建适合 Python 语言最佳做法的客户端库为目标的第二个迭代产物。Version 4.0.0b2 is the second iteration in our efforts to build a client library that suits the Python language best practices.

重大更改Breaking changes

  • 客户端连接已调整为使用 azure.core.pipeline 中定义的 HTTP 管道。The client connection has been adapted to consume the HTTP pipeline defined in azure.core.pipeline.

  • 交互式对象现已重命名为代理。Interactive objects have now been renamed as proxies. 这包括:This includes:

    • Database -> DatabaseProxy
    • User -> UserProxy
    • Container -> ContainerProxy
    • Scripts -> ScriptsProxy
  • CosmosClient 的构造函数已更新:The constructor of CosmosClient has been updated:

    • auth 参数已重命名为 credential,现在将直接采用一个身份验证类型。The auth parameter has been renamed to credential and will now take an authentication type directly. 这意味着可以传入主键值、资源令牌字典或权限列表。This means the primary key value, a dictionary of resource tokens, or a list of permissions can be passed in. 但仍支持旧字典格式。However the old dictionary format is still supported.

    • connection_policy 参数已变为仅关键字的参数,并仍受支持,且现在可以传入策略的每个单独属性作为显式关键字参数:The connection_policy parameter has been made a keyword only parameter, and while it is still supported, each of the individual attributes of the policy can now be passed in as explicit keyword arguments:

      • request_timeout
      • media_request_timeout
      • connection_mode
      • media_read_mode
      • proxy_config
      • enable_endpoint_discovery
      • preferred_locations
      • multiple_write_locations
  • 已向 CosmosClient 添加新构造函数,以便可以实现从 Azure 门户中检索到的连接字符串来创建。A new constructor has been added to CosmosClient to enable creation via a connection string retrieved from the Azure portal.

  • 某些 read_all 操作已重命名为 list 操作:Some read_all operations have been renamed to list operations:

    • CosmosClient.read_all_databases -> CosmosClient.list_databases
    • Container.read_all_conflicts -> ContainerProxy.list_conflicts
    • Database.read_all_containers -> DatabaseProxy.list_containers
    • Database.read_all_users -> DatabaseProxy.list_users
    • User.read_all_permissions -> UserProxy.list_permissions
  • 所有采用 request_optionsfeed_options 参数的操作都已转变为使用仅关键字的参数。All operations that take request_options or feed_options parameters, these have been moved to keyword only parameters. 此外,在仍然支持这些选项字典的同时,也支持将字典中每个单独的选项作为显式关键字参数。In addition, while these options dictionaries are still supported, each of the individual options within the dictionary are now supported as explicit keyword arguments.

  • 错误层次结构现继承自 azure.core.AzureErrorThe error hierarchy is now inherited from azure.core.AzureError:

    • HTTPFailure 已重名为 CosmosHttpResponseErrorHTTPFailure has been renamed to CosmosHttpResponseError
    • JSONParseFailure 已删除,并替换为 azure.core.DecodeErrorJSONParseFailure has been removed and replaced by azure.core.DecodeError
    • 为特定响应代码添加了其他错误:Added additional errors for specific response codes:
      • 状态 404 CosmosResourceNotFoundErrorCosmosResourceNotFoundError for status 404
      • 状态 409 CosmosResourceExistsErrorCosmosResourceExistsError for status 409
      • 状态 412 CosmosAccessConditionFailedErrorCosmosAccessConditionFailedError for status 412
  • CosmosClient 现在可以在上下文管理器中运行,以便处理关闭客户端连接的操作。CosmosClient can now be run in a context manager to handle closing the client connection.

  • 可迭代的响应(例如,查询响应和列表响应)现在是 azure.core.paging.ItemPaged 类型。Iterable responses (for example, query responses and list responses) are now of type azure.core.paging.ItemPaged. 方法 fetch_next_block 已替换为辅助迭代器,该迭代器由 by_page 方法访问。The method fetch_next_block has been replaced by a secondary iterator, accessed by the by_page method.


版本 4.0.0b1 是我们以创建适合 Python 语言最佳做法的用户友好型客户端库为目标的第一个预览版本。Version 4.0.0b1 is the first preview of our efforts to create a user-friendly client library that suits the Python language best practices. 有关此内容的详细信息以及其他 Azure SDK 库的预览版本,请访问 https://aka.ms/azure-sdk-preview1-pythonFor more information about this, and preview releases of other Azure SDK libraries, please visit https://aka.ms/azure-sdk-preview1-python.

中断性变更:新 API 设计Breaking changes: New API design

  • 操作现在作用于特定的客户端:Operations are now scoped to a particular client:

    • CosmosClient:此客户端处理帐户级操作。CosmosClient: This client handles account-level operations. 这包括管理服务属性和列出帐户中的数据库。This includes managing service properties and listing the databases within an account.
    • Database:此客户端处理数据库级操作。Database: This client handles database-level operations. 这包括创建和删除容器、用户和存储过程。This includes creating and deleting containers, users, and stored procedures. 可以在 cosmosClient` 实例中按名称对其进行访问。It can be accessed from a cosmosClient` instance by name.
    • Container:此客户端处理特定容器的操作。Container: This client handles operations for a particular container. 这包括查询和插入项以及管理属性。This includes querying and inserting items and managing properties.
    • User:此客户端处理特定用户的操作。User: This client handles operations for a particular user. 这包括添加和删除权限和管理用户属性。This includes adding and deleting permissions and managing user properties.

    可以使用 get_<child>_client 方法向下导航客户端层次结构来访问这些客户端。These clients can be accessed by navigating down the client hierarchy using the get_<child>_client method. 有关新 API 的完整详细信息,请参阅参考文档For full details on the new API, please see the reference documentation.

  • 按名称而不是按 ID 来访问客户端。Clients are accessed by name rather than by ID. 无需串联字符串来创建链接。No need to concatenate strings to create links.

  • 不再需要从各个模块导入类型和方法。No more need to import types and methods from individual modules. 可在 azure.cosmos 包中直接使用公共 API 外围应用。The public API surface area is available directly in the azure.cosmos package.

  • 单个请求属性可以作为关键字参数提供,而不用构造单独的 RequestOptions 实例。Individual request properties can be provided as keyword arguments rather than constructing a separate RequestOptions instance.

  • 添加了对 MultiPolygon 数据类型的支持Added Support for MultiPolygon Datatype
  • 修复了会话读取重试策略中的 BugBug Fix in Session Read Retry Policy
  • 针对解码 base 64 字符串时的不正确填充问题修复了 BugBug Fix for Incorrect padding issues while decoding base 64 strings

  • 修复了 LocationCache 中的 BugBug fix in LocationCache
  • 修复了终结点重试逻辑 BugBug fix endpoint retry logic
  • 修正了文档Fixed documentation

  • 添加了多区域写入支持Multi-regions write support added
  • 命名变更Naming changes
    • DocumentClient 到 CosmosClientDocumentClient to CosmosClient
    • 集合到容器Collection to Container
    • 文档到项目Document to Item
    • 包名称已更新为“azure-cosmos”Package name updated to "azure-cosmos"
    • 命名空间已更新为“azure.cosmos”Namespace updated to "azure.cosmos"

  • 添加了对代理的支持Added support for proxy
  • 添加了对读取更改源的支持Added support for reading change feed
  • 添加了对集合配额标头的支持Added support for collection quota headers
  • 针对大型会话令牌问题修复了 BugBugfix for large session tokens issue
  • 修复了 ReadMedia API 的 BugBugfix for ReadMedia API
  • 修复了分区键范围缓存中的 BugBugfix in partition key range cache

  • 添加了对连接问题的默认重试的支持。Added support for default retries on connection issues.

  • 将文档更新为了引用 Azure Cosmos DB 而非 Azure DocumentDB。Updated documentation to reference Azure Cosmos DB instead of Azure DocumentDB.

  • 聚合字典 bug 修复bugfix for aggregate dict
  • 用于在资源链接中裁剪斜杠的 bug 修复bugfix for trimming slashes in the resource link
  • Unicode 编码测试tests for unicode encoding

  • 添加了对每分钟请求单位数 (RU/m) 功能的支持。Added support for Request Unit per Minute (RU/m) feature.
  • 添加了对名为 ConsistentPrefix 的新一致性级别的支持。Added support for a new consistency level called ConsistentPrefix.

  • 添加了对聚合查询(COUNT、MIN、MAX、SUM、AVG)的支持。Added support for aggregation queries (COUNT, MIN, MAX, SUM, and AVG).
  • 添加了在对 DocumentDB 模拟器运行时禁用 SSL 验证的选项。Added an option for disabling SSL verification when running against DocumentDB Emulator.
  • 删除了依赖请求模块精确是 2.10.0 的限制。Removed the restriction of dependent requests module to be exactly 2.10.0.
  • 将分区集合上的最小吞吐量从 10,100 RU/s 降低到 2500 RU/s。Lowered minimum throughput on partitioned collections from 10,100 RU/s to 2500 RU/s.
  • 添加了在存储过程执行期间对启用脚本日志记录的支持。Added support for enabling script logging during stored procedure execution.
  • 此版本中的 REST API 版本已升级到“2017-01-19”。REST API version bumped to '2017-01-19' with this release.

  • 对文档注释进行编辑性更改。Made editorial changes to documentation comments.

  • 添加了对 Python 3.5 的支持。Added support for Python 3.5.
  • 添加了对连接池使用请求模块的支持。Added support for connection pooling using the requests module.
  • 添加了会话一致性支持。Added support for session consistency.
  • 添加了对分区集合的 TOP/ORDERBY 查询支持。Added support for TOP/ORDERBY queries for partitioned collections.

  • 添加了对限制请求的重试策略支持。Added retry policy support for throttled requests. (限制请求收到请求速率太大的异常,错误代码 429。)默认情况下,遇到错误代码 429 时,DocumentDB 会针对每个请求重试九次,具体取决于响应标头中的 retryAfter 时间。(Throttled requests receive a request rate too large exception, error code 429.) By default, DocumentDB retries nine times for each request when error code 429 is encountered, honoring the retryAfter time in the response header. 如果想要忽略重试之间由服务器返回的 retryAfter 时间,现在可以对 ConnectionPolicy 对象设置固定的重试间隔时间,并将其作为 RetryOptions 属性的一部分。A fixed retry interval time can now be set as part of the RetryOptions property on the ConnectionPolicy object if you want to ignore the retryAfter time returned by server between the retries. DocumentDB 现在对每个要中止的请求等待最多 30 秒(不考虑重试计数),并返回错误代码为 429 的响应。DocumentDB now waits for a maximum of 30 seconds for each request that is being throttled (irrespective of retry count) and returns the response with error code 429. 还可以在 ConnectionPolicy 对象的 RetryOptions 属性中替代该时间。This time can also be overridden in the RetryOptions property on ConnectionPolicy object.

  • DocumentDB 现在将 x-ms-throttle-retry-count 和 x-ms-throttle-retry-wait-time-ms 作为每个请求的响应标头返回,以表示限制重试计数和重试之间请求所等待的累计时间。DocumentDB now returns x-ms-throttle-retry-count and x-ms-throttle-retry-wait-time-ms as the response headers in every request to denote the throttle retry count and the cumulative time the request waited between the retries.

  • 删除了 document_client 类上公开的 RetryPolicy 类以及相应的属性 (retry_policy),改为引入了在 ConnectionPolicy 对象上公开 RetryOptions 属性的 RetryOptions 类,该类可用于覆盖一些默认的重试选项。Removed the RetryPolicy class and the corresponding property (retry_policy) exposed on the document_client class and instead introduced a RetryOptions class exposing the RetryOptions property on ConnectionPolicy class that can be used to override some of the default retry options.

  • 添加了对异地复制数据库帐户的支持。Added the support for geo-replicated database accounts.
  • 测试修补程序以将多区域主机和 masterKey 移到各个测试类中。Test fixes to move the multiple-regional host and masterKey into the individual test classes.

  • 添加了对文档生存时间 (TTL) 功能的支持。Added the support for Time To Live(TTL) feature for documents.

  • 与服务器端分区相关的 bug 修复,以允许在分区键路径中使用特殊字符。Bug fixes related to server-side partitioning to allow special characters in partition key path.

  • 添加了对服务器端分区集合功能的支持。Added the support for server-side partitioned collections feature.

  • 将客户端分片框架添加到 SDK。Added Client-side sharding framework to the SDK. 实现了 HashPartionResolver 和 RangePartitionResolver 类。Implemented HashPartionResolver and RangePartitionResolver classes.

  • 实现 Upsert。Implement Upsert. 添加了新的 UpsertXXX 方法以支持 Upsert 功能。New UpsertXXX methods added to support Upsert feature.
  • 实现基于 ID 的路由。Implement ID-Based Routing. 无公共 API 更改,全部均为内部更改。No public API changes, all changes internal.

  • 跳过了发布以使版本号与其他 SDK 符合Release skipped to bring version number in alignment with other SDKs

  • 支持地理空间索引。Supports GeoSpatial index.
  • 验证所有资源的 ID 属性。Validates ID property for all resources. 资源的 ID 不能包含 ?, /, #, \\ 字符或以空格结尾。Ids for resources cannot contain ?, /, #, \\ characters or end with a space.
  • 将新标头“索引转换进度”添加到 ResourceResponse。Adds new header "index transformation progress" to ResourceResponse.

  • 实现 V2 索引策略Implements V2 indexing policy

  • 支持代理连接Supports proxy connection

发布和停用日期Release & retirement dates

Azure 会在停用 SDK 时至少提前 12 个月发出通知,以便用户顺利转换为更高版本/受支持版本。Azure provides notification at least 12 months in advance of retiring an SDK in order to smooth the transition to a newer/supported version. 新特性和功能以及优化仅添加到当前 SDK,因此建议始终尽早升级到最新的 SDK 版本。New features and functionality and optimizations are only added to the current SDK, as such it is recommended that you always upgrade to the latest SDK version as early as possible.


在 2022 年 8 月 31 日之后,Azure Cosmos DB 将不再进行 bug 修复,也不再支持适用于 SQL API 的 1.x 和 2.x 版的 Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK。After 31 August 2022, Azure Cosmos DB will no longer make bug fixes or provide support to versions 1.x and 2.x of the Azure Cosmos DB Python SDK for SQL API. 如果你不想升级,则从 1.x 或 2.x 版 SDK 发送的请求将继续由 Azure Cosmos DB 服务处理。If you prefer not to upgrade, requests sent from version 1.x and 2.x of the SDK will continue to be served by the Azure Cosmos DB service.

版本Version 发布日期Release Date 停用日期Retirement Date 2020 年 10 月 9 日Oct 09, 2020 --- 2020 年 8 月 10 日Aug 10, 2020 --- 2020 年 5 月 20 日May 20, 2020 --- 2018 年 11 月 15 日Nov 15, 2018 --- 2018 年 10 月 4 日Oct 04, 2018 --- 2018 年 9 月 8 日Sept 08, 2018 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2018 年 5 月 8 日May 08, 2018 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2017 年 12 月 21 日December 21, 2017 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2017 年 11 月 10 日November 10, 2017 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2017 年 9 月 29 日Sep 29, 2017 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2017 年 5 月 10 日May 10, 2017 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2017 年 5 月 1 日May 01, 2017 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2016 年 10 月 30 日October 30, 2016 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2016 年 9 月 29 日September 29, 2016 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2016 年 7 月 7 日July 07, 2016 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2016 年 6 月 14 日June 14, 2016 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2016 年 4 月 26 日April 26, 2016 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2016 年 4 月 8 日April 08, 2016 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2016 年 3 月 29 日March 29, 2016 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2016 年 1 月 3日January 03, 2016 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2015 年 10 月 6 日October 06, 2015 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2015 年 10 月 6 日October 06, 2015 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2015 年 8 月 6 日August 06, 2015 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2015 年 7 月 9 日July 09, 2015 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2015 年 5 月 25 日May 25, 2015 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022 2015 年 4 月 7 日April 07, 2015 2022 年 8 月 31 日August 31, 2022
0.9.4-prelease0.9.4-prelease 2015 年 1 月 14日January 14, 2015 2016 年 2 月 29 日February 29, 2016
0.9.3-prelease0.9.3-prelease 2014 年 12 月 9 日December 09, 2014 2016 年 2 月 29 日February 29, 2016
0.9.2-prelease0.9.2-prelease 2014 年 11 月 25 日November 25, 2014 2016 年 2 月 29 日February 29, 2016
0.9.1-prelease0.9.1-prelease 2014 年 9 月 23 日September 23, 2014 2016 年 2 月 29 日February 29, 2016
0.9.0-prelease0.9.0-prelease 2014 年 8 月 21 日August 21, 2014 2016 年 2 月 29 日February 29, 2016


1.如何向客户通知即将停用的 SDK?1. How will customers be notified of the retiring SDK?

Azure 会在即将停用的 SDK 的支持结束之前提前 12 个月进行通知,以便协助平稳地转换到支持的 SDK。Azure will provide 12 month advance notification to the end of support of the retiring SDK in order to facilitate a smooth transition to a supported SDK. 此外,会通过各种通信渠道(Azure 管理门户、开发人员中心、博客文章以及与分配的服务管理员的直接通信)来通知客户。Further, customers will be notified through various communication channels - Azure Management Portal, Developer Center, blog post, and direct communication to assigned service administrators.

2.在这 12 个月期间,客户是否可以使用“即将”停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 来创作应用程序?2. Can customers author applications using a "to-be" retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK during the 12 month period?

可以,客户在 12 个月宽限期内具有完全访问权限,可以使用“即将”停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 创作、部署和修改应用程序。Yes, customers will have full access to author, deploy and modify applications using the "to-be" retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK during the 12 month grace period. 在 12 个月宽限期内,建议客户根据相应情况迁移到支持的较新版本 Azure Cosmos DB SDK。During the 12 month grace period, customers are advised to migrate to a newer supported version of Azure Cosmos DB SDK as appropriate.

3.在 12 个月通知期之后,客户是否可以使用已停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 创建和修改应用程序?3. Can customers author and modify applications using a retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK after the 12 month notification period?

在 12 个月通知期之后,SDK 会停用。After the 12 month notification period, the SDK will be retired. Azure Cosmos DB 平台不允许使用已停用 SDK 的应用程序对 Azure Cosmos DB 进行任何访问。Any access to Azure Cosmos DB by an applications using a retired SDK will not be permitted by the Azure Cosmos DB platform. 此外,Azure 不会对已停用的 SDK 提供客户支持。Further, Azure will not provide customer support on the retired SDK.

4.如果客户运行使用不支持的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 版本的应用程序,会发生什么情况?4. What happens to Customer's running applications that are using unsupported Azure Cosmos DB SDK version?

任何使用已停用 SDK 版本连接 Azure Cosmos DB 服务的尝试都会被拒绝。Any attempts made to connect to the Azure Cosmos DB service with a retired SDK version will be rejected.

5.新特性和功能是否会适用于所有未停用的 SDK?5. Will new features and functionality be applied to all non-retired SDKs?

新特性和功能只添加到新版本。New features and functionality will only be added to new versions. 如果使用的是未停用的旧版本 SDK,则对 Azure Cosmos DB 进行的请求仍会与以前一样正常工作,但是你无法访问任何新功能。If you are using an old, non-retired, version of the SDK your requests to Azure Cosmos DB will still function as previous but you will not have access to any new capabilities.

6.如果无法在截止日期之前更新应用程序,该怎么办?6. What should I do if I cannot update my application before a cut-off date?

我们建议尽早升级到最新 SDK。We recommend that you upgrade to the latest SDK as early as possible. SDK 标记为要停用之后,会有 12 个月来更新应用程序。Once an SDK has been tagged for retirement you will have 12 months to update your application. 如果由于任何原因而无法在此时间范围内完成应用程序更新,请在截止日期之前与 Cosmos DB 团队联系并请求其帮助。If, for whatever reason, you cannot complete your application update within this timeframe then please contact the Cosmos DB Team and request their assistance before the cutoff date.

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