Azure Cosmos DB 中的 SELECT 子句SELECT clause in Azure Cosmos DB

每个查询按 ANSI SQL 标准由 SELECT 子句和可选的 FROMWHERE 子句组成。Every query consists of a SELECT clause and optional FROM and WHERE clauses, per ANSI SQL standards. 通常,将枚举 FROM 子句中的源,WHERE 子句对该源应用一个筛选器,以检索 JSON 项的子集。Typically, the source in the FROM clause is enumerated, and the WHERE clause applies a filter on the source to retrieve a subset of JSON items. 然后,SELECT 子句在 select 列表中投影请求的 JSON 值。The SELECT clause then projects the requested JSON values in the select list.


SELECT <select_specification>  

<select_specification> ::=
      | [DISTINCT] <object_property_list>
      | [DISTINCT] VALUE <scalar_expression> [[ AS ] value_alias]  

<object_property_list> ::=
{ <scalar_expression> [ [ AS ] property_alias ] } [ ,...n ]  


  • <select_specification>

    要为结果集选择的属性或值。Properties or value to be selected for the result set.

  • '*'

    指定应当在不进行任何更改的情况下检索值。Specifies that the value should be retrieved without making any changes. 指定如果处理的值是一个对象,则将检索所有属性。Specifically if the processed value is an object, all properties will be retrieved.

  • <object_property_list>

    指定要检索的属性的列表。Specifies the list of properties to be retrieved. 每个返回值都是具有指定属性的对象。Each returned value will be an object with the properties specified.


    指定应当检索 JSON 值而非整个 JSON 对象。Specifies that the JSON value should be retrieved instead of the complete JSON object. 不同于 <property_list>,这不会将投影的值包装在对象中。This, unlike <property_list> does not wrap the projected value in an object.


    指定应删除投影属性的重复项。Specifies that duplicates of projected properties should be removed.

  • <scalar_expression>

    表示待计算值的表达式。Expression representing the value to be computed. 有关详细信息,请参阅标量表达式部分。See Scalar expressions section for details.


只有 FROM 子句仅声明了一个别名时,SELECT * 语法才有效。The SELECT * syntax is only valid if FROM clause has declared exactly one alias. SELECT * 提供了标识投影,在不需要投影时可能十分有用。SELECT * provides an identity projection, which can be useful if no projection is needed. 只有当指定了 FROM 子句并且仅引入了单个输入源时,SELECT * 才有效。SELECT * is only valid if FROM clause is specified and introduced only a single input source.

SELECT <select_list>SELECT * 是“语法糖”,可另外使用简单的 SELECT 语句表示,如下所示。Both SELECT <select_list> and SELECT * are "syntactic sugar" and can be alternatively expressed by using simple SELECT statements as shown below.

  1. SELECT * FROM ... AS from_alias ...

    等效于:is equivalent to:

    SELECT from_alias FROM ... AS from_alias ...

  2. SELECT <expr1> AS p1, <expr2> AS p2,..., <exprN> AS pN [other clauses...]

    等效于:is equivalent to:

    SELECT VALUE { p1: <expr1>, p2: <expr2>, ..., pN: <exprN> }[other clauses...]


以下 SELECT 查询示例从 id 匹配 AndersenFamilyFamilies 中返回 addressThe following SELECT query example returns address from Families whose id matches AndersenFamily:

    SELECT f.address
    FROM Families f
    WHERE = "AndersenFamily"

结果有:The results are:

      "address": {
        "state": "WA",
        "county": "King",
        "city": "Seattle"

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