Azure Cosmos DB 白皮书Azure Cosmos DB whitepapers

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可以通过这些白皮书更深入地了解 Azure Cosmos DB 概念。Whitepapers allow you to explore Azure Cosmos DB concepts at a deeper level. 本文提供了 Azure Cosmos DB 的可用白皮书的列表。This article provides you with a list of available whitepapers for Azure Cosmos DB.

白皮书Whitepaper 说明Description
Azure Cosmos DB 的架构不可知索引Schema-Agnostic Indexing with Azure Cosmos DB 本白皮书介绍了 Azure Cosmos DB 的索引子系统。This paper describes Azure Cosmos DB's indexing subsystem. 本白皮书介绍了 Azure Cosmos DB 功能,例如文档呈现、查询语言、文档索引方法、核心索引支持和早期生产体验。This paper includes Azure Cosmos DB capabilities such as document representation, query language, document indexing approach, core index support, and early production experiences.
Azure Cosmos DB 和个人数据Azure Cosmos DB and personal data 本白皮书为下列 Azure Cosmos DB 客户提供指导:管理基于云的数据库、本地数据库或同时管理两者的客户;和需要确保其数据库系统中的个人数据按照当前规则进行处理且得到保护的客户。This paper provides guidance for Azure Cosmos DB customers managing a cloud-based database, an on-premises database, or both, and who need to ensure that the personal data in their database systems is handled and protected in accordance with current rules.