Azure 数据资源管理器参考Azure Data Explorer Reference

  • 查询语言一文提供了详细的查询语言参考。Query Language provides a detailed query language reference. 最好是从浏览页着手。The best place to start is the tour page.
  • 概念Concepts.
  • 管理一文介绍如何管理数据库。Management explains how to manage your database.
  • API 一文介绍如何以编程方式发出查询和控制命令。API explains how to emit queries and control commands programmatically.
  • 工具一文列出了一些随附工具。Tools lists some of the accompanying tools.
  • 快速入门和教程一文提供了入门所需的分步指南。Quickstarts and tutorials provide step-by-step guidance to get you up and running.